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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Edmond did not lose a word, but comprehended very little ofwhat was said. The voices soon ceased, and it seemed to himas if every one had left the cell. Still he dared not toenter, as they might have left some turnkey to watch thedead. He remained, therefore, mute and motionless, hardlyventuring to breathe. At the end of an hour, he heard afaint noise, which increased. It was the governor whoreturned, followed by the doctor and other attendants. Therewas a moment's silence, -- it was evident that the doctorwas examining the dead body. The inquiries soon commenced.
2.  "Oh, yes, sir, he told me; it appears to have been anapoplectic stroke."
3.  "But," said Andrea, "why do you not act on the advice yougave me? Why do you not realize a six months', a year'sadvance even, and retire to Brussels? Instead of living theretired baker, you might live as a bankrupt, using hisprivileges; that would be very good."
4.  "Come, you are growing discontented, you are no longerhappy; you, who only wish to live like a retired baker."Caderousse sighed. "Well, what have you to say? you haveseen your dream realized."
5.  Beauchamp bowed, and, sitting down, "Sir," said he, "I justnow accompanied M. de Morcerf, as you saw."
6.  "No, I am pleased -- so pleased that I wished tocongratulate you; but as I am not quite properly dressed, Ichose my opportunity, that I might not compromise you."


1.  "Having wished you all to witness the challenge, he nowwishes you to be present at the combat."
2.  "Ah, yes; I see," said the count, in a voice hoarse fromemotion.
3.  Monte Cristo noticed, as they descended the staircase, thatBertuccio signed himself in the Corsican manner; that is,had formed the sign of the cross in the air with his thumb,and as he seated himself in the carriage, muttered a shortprayer. Any one but a man of exhaustless thirst forknowledge would have had pity on seeing the steward'sextraordinary repugnance for the count's projected drivewithout the walls; but the Count was too curious to letBertuccio off from this little journey. In twenty minutesthey were at Auteuil; the steward's emotion had continued toaugment as they entered the village. Bertuccio, crouched inthe corner of the carriage, began to examine with a feverishanxiety every house they passed. "Tell them to stop at Ruede la Fontaine, No. 28," said the count, fixing his eyes onthe steward, to whom he gave this order. Bertuccio'sforehead was covered with perspiration; however, he obeyed,and, leaning out of the window, he cried to the coachman, --"Rue de la Fontaine, No. 28." No. 28 was situated at theextremity of the village; during the drive night had set in,and darkness gave the surroundings the artificial appearanceof a scene on the stage. The carriage stopped, the footmansprang off the box, and opened the door. "Well," said thecount, "you do not get out, M. Bertuccio -- you are going tostay in the carriage, then? What are you thinking of thisevening?" Bertuccio sprang out, and offered his shoulder tothe count, who, this time, leaned upon it as he descendedthe three steps of the carriage. "Knock," said the count,"and announce me." Bertuccio knocked, the door opened, andthe concierge appeared. "What is it?" asked he.
4.  "Indeed he does, and in a most lavish manner, I can assureyou."
5.  For a week since he had resolved to die, and during the fourdays that he had been carrying out his purpose, Edmond hadnot spoken to the attendant, had not answered him when heinquired what was the matter with him, and turned his faceto the wall when he looked too curiously at him; but now thejailer might hear the noise and put an end to it, and sodestroy a ray of something like hope that soothed his lastmoments.
6.  "No drowsiness?"


1.  Scarcely had the count's horses cleared the angle of theboulevard, than Albert, turning towards the count, burstinto a loud fit of laughter -- much too loud in fact not togive the idea of its being rather forced and unnatural."Well," said he, "I will ask you the same question whichCharles IX. put to Catherine de Medicis, after the massacreof Saint Bartholomew, `How have I played my little part?'"
2.  Several persons hurried up to M. de Villefort, who sat halfbowed over in his chair, offering him consolation,encouragement, and protestations of zeal and sympathy. Orderwas re-established in the hall, except that a few peoplestill moved about and whispered to one another. A lady, itwas said, had just fainted; they had supplied her with asmelling-bottle, and she had recovered. During the scene oftumult, Andrea had turned his smiling face towards theassembly; then, leaning with one hand on the oaken rail ofthe dock, in the most graceful attitude possible, he said:"Gentlemen, I assure you I had no idea of insulting thecourt, or of making a useless disturbance in the presence ofthis honorable assembly. They ask my age; I tell it. Theyask where I was born; I answer. They ask my name, I cannotgive it, since my parents abandoned me. But though I cannotgive my own name, not possessing one, I can tell them myfather's. Now I repeat, my father is named M. de Villefort,and I am ready to prove it."
3.  "I met him on the boulevard, on my way here," saidBeauchamp. "I think he is about to leave Paris; he was goingto his banker."
4.  "Which, I believe, does not contain one?" said Monte Cristo.
5.   "Judge for yourself," replied he. "The postscript isexplicit."
6.  "Reverend sir, I am impelled" --


1.  "Do not advance it; the father will never repay it. You donot know these ultramontane millionaires; they are regularmisers. And by whom were they recommended to you?"
2.  As soon as Barrois had left the room, Noirtier looked atValentine with a malicious expression that said many things.The young girl perfectly understood the look, and so didVillefort, for his countenance became clouded, and heknitted his eyebrows angrily. He took a seat, and quietlyawaited the arrival of the notary. Noirtier saw him seathimself with an appearance of perfect indifference, at thesame time giving a side look at Valentine, which made herunderstand that she also was to remain in the room.Three-quarters of an hour after, Barrois returned, bringingthe notary with him. "Sir," said Villefort, after the firstsalutations were over, "you were sent for by M. Noirtier,whom you see here. All his limbs have become completelyparalysed, he has lost his voice also, and we ourselves findmuch trouble in endeavoring to catch some fragments of hismeaning." Noirtier cast an appealing look on Valentine,which look was at once so earnest and imperative, that sheanswered immediately. "Sir," said she, "I perfectlyunderstand my grandfather's meaning at all times."
3.  He saw but one means of restoring lucidity and clearness tohis judgment. He turned his eyes towards the soup which thejailer had brought, rose, staggered towards it, raised thevessel to his lips, and drank off the contents with afeeling of indescribable pleasure. He had often heard thatshipwrecked persons had died through having eagerly devouredtoo much food. Edmond replaced on the table the bread he wasabout to devour, and returned to his couch -- he did notwish to die. He soon felt that his ideas became againcollected -- he could think, and strengthen his thoughts byreasoning. Then he said to himself, "I must put this to thetest, but without compromising anybody. If it is a workman,I need but knock against the wall, and he will cease towork, in order to find out who is knocking, and why he doesso; but as his occupation is sanctioned by the governor, hewill soon resume it. If, on the contrary, it is a prisoner,the noise I make will alarm him, he will cease, and notbegin again until he thinks every one is asleep."
4、  "It will be useless to announce me, mademoiselle," returnedthe Englishman. "M. Morrel does not know my name; thisworthy gentleman has only to announce the confidential clerkof the house of Thomson & French of Rome, with whom yourfather does business."
5、  "All right!" said Caderousse. "Dantes is my friend, and Iwon't have him ill-used."




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      Franz interrupted himself by saying, "My father was aroyalist; they need not have asked his sentiments, whichwere well known."

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      "Yes," said Valentine, "I will now acknowledge you areright, Maximilian; and now are you satisfied with yourbetrothal?" said the young girl sorrowfully.

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       "Now," said the count, "what will you take -- a glass ofport, sherry, or Alicante?"

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      "Yes, I do remember," replied the countess. A servantentered, summoned by Albert's ring of the bell. "Take theseflowers into the anteroom or dressing-room," said theviscount; "they make the countess ill." The footman obeyedhis orders. A long pause ensued, which lasted until all theflowers were removed. "What is this name of Monte Cristo?"inquired the countess, when the servant had taken away thelast vase of flowers, "is it a family name, or the name ofthe estate, or a simple title?"

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    {  "The Count of Monte Cristo?"

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      "Di qua," said one of the men, descending a little pathleading out of the Appian Way. Danglars followed his guidewithout opposition, and had no occasion to turn around tosee whether the three others were following him. Still itappeared as though they were stationed at equal distancesfrom one another, like sentinels. After walking for aboutten minutes, during which Danglars did not exchange a singleword with his guide, he found himself between a hillock anda clump of high weeds; three men, standing silent, formed atriangle, of which he was the centre. He wished to speak,but his tongue refused to move. "Avanti!" said the samesharp and imperative voice.}

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      The assizes, also, were about to begin, and Villefort, shutup in his room, exerted himself with feverish anxiety indrawing up the case against the murderer of Caderousse. Thisaffair, like all those in which the Count of Monte Cristohad interfered, caused a great sensation in Paris. Theproofs were certainly not convincing, since they rested upona few words written by an escaped galley-slave on hisdeath-bed, and who might have been actuated by hatred orrevenge in accusing his companion. But the mind of theprocureur was made up; he felt assured that Benedetto wasguilty, and he hoped by his skill in conducting thisaggravated case to flatter his self-love, which was aboutthe only vulnerable point left in his frozen heart.

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      "l will show you the way back myself," said the captain;"that is the least honor that I can render to yourexcellency." And taking the lighted torch from the hands ofthe herdsman, he preceded his guests, not as a servant whoperforms an act of civility, but like a king who precedesambassadors. On reaching the door, he bowed. "And now, yourexcellency," added he, "allow me to repeat my apologies, andI hope you will not entertain any resentment at what hasoccurred."

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       "Exceedingly," replied Franz.

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    {  He moved his bed, drew up the stone, rushed into thepassage, and reached the opposite extremity; the secretentrance was open. By the light of the wretched and waveringlamp, of which we have spoken, Dantes saw the old man, pale,but yet erect, clinging to the bedstead. His features werewrithing with those horrible symptoms which he already knew,and which had so seriously alarmed him when he saw them forthe first time.

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      "I was."