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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And her name?"
2.  She got a pretty letter from the manager, saying that by the timeshe got it he would be waiting for her in the park. When shecame, he shone upon her as the morning sun.
3.  He went in and examined his letters, but there was nothing fromCarrie. Fortunately, there was nothing from his wife either. Hethanked his stars that he did not have to confront thatproposition just now when he needed to think so much. He walkedthe floor again, pretending to be in an ordinary mood, butsecretly troubled beyond the expression of words.
4.  "Will you have enough to buy in anywhere else?" asked Carrie.
5.  Hurstwood was home before her. He had not thought she would beso long seeking.
6.  "I met Mrs. Vance this afternoon," she said, after a time.


1.  "Hello, Charley," said Hurstwood, looking out from his officedoor.
2.  "When will I see you again?"
3.  Carrie was indeed worth loving if ever youth and grace are tocommand that token of acknowledgment from life in their bloom.Experience had not yet taken away that freshness of the spiritwhich is the charm of the body. Her soft eyes contained in theirliquid lustre no suggestion of the knowledge of disappointment.She had been troubled in a way by doubt and longing, but thesehad made no deeper impression than could be traced in a certainopen wistfulness of glance and speech. The mouth had theexpression at times, in talking and in repose, of one who mightbe upon the verge of tears. It was not that grief was thus everpresent. The pronunciation of certain syllables gave to her lipsthis peculiarity of formation--a formation as suggestive andmoving as pathos itself.
4.  After a few moments of silence, she stood up, dry-eyed, andlooked out the window. Hurstwood was just strolling up thestreet, from the flat, toward Sixth Avenue.
5.  "Yes," he said guiltily; "Mrs. Vance."
6.  "I'll go down for a little while," he said after breakfast, "andthen I'll look around. To-morrow I'll spend the whole daylooking about. I think I can get something, now this thing's offmy hands."


1.  "No; he said he wouldn't be home for dinner."
3.  "I believe I'll turn in," said the man.
4.  "This store closes at one on Saturdays," was a pleasing andsatisfactory legend to see upon doors which she felt she ought toenter and inquire for work. It gave her an excuse, and afterencountering quite a number of them, and noting that the clockregistered 12.15, she decided that it would be no use to seekfurther to-day, so she got on a car and went to Lincoln Park.There was always something to see there--the flowers, theanimals, the lake--and she flattered herself that on Monday shewould be up betimes and searching. Besides, many things mighthappen between now and Monday.
5.   "Oh, dinner."
6.  "Not mine," he answered, pettishly. "I know I do all I can--Isay all I can--but she----"


1.  They drove back, and at 6.15 sat down to dine. It was the Sherryincident over again, the remembrance of which came painfully backto Carrie. She remembered Mrs. Vance, who had never called againafter Hurstwood's reception, and Ames.
2.  Drouet noticed this. He saw the new bow in her hair and the newway of arranging her locks which she affected one morning.
3.  For nearly a quarter of a century, in another section of thecity, Fleischmann, the baker, had given a loaf of bread to anyone who would come for it to the side door of his restaurant atthe corner of Broadway and Tenth Street, at midnight. Everynight during twenty years about three hundred men had formed inline and at the appointed time marched past the doorway, pickedtheir loaf from a great box placed just outside, and vanishedagain into the night. From the beginning to the present timethere had been little change in the character or number of thesemen. There were two or three figures that had grown familiar tothose who had seen this little procession pass year after year.Two of them had missed scarcely a night in fifteen years. Therewere about forty, more or less, regular callers. The remainderof the line was formed of strangers. In times of panic andunusual hardships there were seldom more than three hundred. Intimes of prosperity, when little is heard of the unemployed,there were seldom less. The same number, winter and summer, instorm or calm, in good times and bad, held this melancholymidnight rendezvous at Fleischmann's bread box.
4、  "Thank you," returned the manager, and, tipping his hat slightly,went away.
5、  "What?" said Hanson.




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      Carrie did not exactly fancy the suggestion, but the novelty ofthe situation, the presence of strangers, all more or lessnervous, and the desire to do anything rather than make afailure, made her timid. She walked in imitation of her mentoras requested, inwardly feeling that there was something strangelylacking.

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      "George!" exclaimed Hurstwood, weakly, "this is too much for me."

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       She fumbled her purse which contained the address slip.

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      It was when he returned from his disturbed stroll about thestreets, after receiving the decisive note from McGregor, Jamesand Hay, that Hurstwood found the letter Carrie had written himthat morning. He thrilled intensely as he noted the handwriting,and rapidly tore it open.

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    {  "You stay here now, and I'll go," he added at last.

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      The man's serious manner convinced Carrie, and she became silent,wondering.}

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      When she entered the room, however, her appearance gave himcourage. She looked simple and charming enough to strengthen thedaring of any lover. Her apparent nervousness dispelled his own.

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      "What's the matter with him?"

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       One of the watchers, this time a middle-aged man, handed him afive-cent piece.

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    {  "Who fired that?" he heard an officer exclaim. "By God! who didthat?" Both left him, running toward a certain building. Hepaused a moment and then got down.

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      Carrie did not go very far, after all. She returned and stood inthe door. The next day they went out to Garfield Park, but itdid not please her. She did not look well enough. In the shopnext day she heard the highly coloured reports which girls giveof their trivial amusements. They had been happy. On severaldays it rained and she used up car fare. One night she gotthoroughly soaked, going to catch the car at Van Buren Street.All that evening she sat alone in the front room looking out uponthe street, where the lights were reflected on the wet pavements,thinking. She had imagination enough to be moody.