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亚博苹果版手机下载【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "To give you pleasure, my sweet Renee, I promise to show allthe lenity in my power; but if the charges brought againstthis Bonapartist hero prove correct, why, then, you reallymust give me leave to order his head to be cut off." Reneeshuddered.   The old patron did not interfere, for he too had recognizedthe superiority of Dantes over the crew and himself. He sawin the young man his natural successor, and regretted thathe had not a daughter, that he might have bound Edmond tohim by a more secure alliance. At seven o'clock in theevening all was ready, and at ten minutes past seven theydoubled the lighthouse just as the beacon was kindled. Thesea was calm, and, with a fresh breeze from the south-east,they sailed beneath a bright blue sky, in which God alsolighted up in turn his beacon lights, each of which is aworld. Dantes told them that all hands might turn in, and hewould take the helm. When the Maltese (for so they calledDantes) had said this, it was sufficient, and all went totheir bunks contentedly. This frequently happened. Dantes,cast from solitude into the world, frequently experienced animperious desire for solitude; and what solitude is morecomplete, or more poetical, then that of a ship floating inisolation on the sea during the obscurity of the night, inthe silence of immensity, and under the eye of heaven?

    "Well, Blacas, what think you of this?" inquired the kingtriumphantly, and pausing for a moment from the voluminousscholiast before him.

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   Several persons hurried up to M. de Villefort, who sat halfbowed over in his chair, offering him consolation,encouragement, and protestations of zeal and sympathy. Orderwas re-established in the hall, except that a few peoplestill moved about and whispered to one another. A lady, itwas said, had just fainted; they had supplied her with asmelling-bottle, and she had recovered. During the scene oftumult, Andrea had turned his smiling face towards theassembly; then, leaning with one hand on the oaken rail ofthe dock, in the most graceful attitude possible, he said:"Gentlemen, I assure you I had no idea of insulting thecourt, or of making a useless disturbance in the presence ofthis honorable assembly. They ask my age; I tell it. Theyask where I was born; I answer. They ask my name, I cannotgive it, since my parents abandoned me. But though I cannotgive my own name, not possessing one, I can tell them myfather's. Now I repeat, my father is named M. de Villefort,and I am ready to prove it."


    But beneath this superficial calm there were in the heart ofthe young man, and perhaps in that of the old man, manyrepressed desires, many stifled sighs, which found vent whenFaria was left alone, and when Edmond returned to his cell.One night Edmond awoke suddenly, believing that he heardsome one calling him. He opened his eyes upon utterdarkness. His name, or rather a plaintive voice whichessayed to pronounce his name, reached him. He sat up in bedand a cold sweat broke out upon his brow. Undoubtedly thecall came from Faria's dungeon. "Alas," murmured Edmond;"can it be?"

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   "Well, when we quitted Naples, Captain Leclere was attackedwith a brain fever. As we had no doctor on board, and he wasso anxious to arrive at Elba, that he would not touch at anyother port, his disorder rose to such a height, that at theend of the third day, feeling he was dying, he called me tohim. `My dear Dantes,' said he, `swear to perform what I amgoing to tell you, for it is a matter of the deepestimportance.'<  "They are in the hands of the concierge, who takes care ofthe house, but here is the order I have given him to installthe count in his new possessions."

    "In the entire political world, of which you are one of theleaders."

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   The doctor analyzed the symptoms of the malady to which theprisoner had succumbed, and declared that he was dead.Questions and answers followed in a nonchalant manner thatmade Dantes indignant, for he felt that all the world shouldhave for the poor abbe a love and respect equal to his own.


<  At twenty minutes of twelve, Madame Danglars, tired ofwaiting, returned home. Women of a certain grade are likeprosperous grisettes in one respect, they seldom return homeafter twelve o'clock. The baroness returned to the hotelwith as much caution as Eugenie used in leaving it; she ranlightly up-stairs, and with an aching heart entered herapartment, contiguous, as we know, to that of Eugenie. Shewas fearful of exciting any remark, and believed firmly inher daughter's innocence and fidelity to the paternal roof.She listened at Eugenie's door, and hearing no sound triedto enter, but the bolts were in place. Madame Danglars thenconcluded that the young girl had been overcome with theterrible excitement of the evening, and had gone to bed andto sleep. She called the maid and questioned her.   "Of course -- of course," said the prisoners; -- "any onecan see he's a gentleman!"

    "Yes, a telegraph. I had often seen one placed at the end ofa road on a hillock, and in the light of the sun its blackarms, bending in every direction, always reminded me of theclaws of an immense beetle, and I assure you it was neverwithout emotion that I gazed on it, for I could not helpthinking how wonderful it was that these various signsshould be made to cleave the air with such precision as toconvey to the distance of three hundred leagues the ideasand wishes of a man sitting at a table at one end of theline to another man similarly placed at the oppositeextremity, and all this effected by a simple act of volitionon the part of the sender of the message. I began to thinkof genii, sylphs, gnomes, in short, of all the ministers ofthe occult sciences, until I laughed aloud at the freaks ofmy own imagination. Now, it never occurred to me to wish fora nearer inspection of these large insects, with their longblack claws, for I always feared to find under their stonewings some little human genius fagged to death with cabals,factions, and government intrigues. But one fine day Ilearned that the mover of this telegraph was only a poorwretch, hired for twelve hundred francs a year, and employedall day, not in studying the heavens like an astronomer, orin gazing on the water like an angler, or even in enjoyingthe privilege of observing the country around him, but allhis monotonous life was passed in watching hiswhite-bellied, black-clawed fellow insect, four or fiveleagues distant from him. At length I felt a desire to studythis living chrysalis more closely, and to endeavor tounderstand the secret part played by these insect-actorswhen they occupy themselves simply with pulling differentpieces of string."


<  "More than my life."   "You?" cried she, with tones of thrilling tenderness, "youare everywhere!" Monte Cristo took the delicate hand of theyoung girl in his, and was about to raise it to his lips,when the simple child of nature hastily withdrew it, andpresented her cheek. "You now understand, Haidee," said thecount, "that from this moment you are absolutely free; thathere you exercise unlimited sway, and are at liberty to layaside or continue the costume of your country, as it maysuit your inclination. Within this mansion you are absolutemistress of your actions, and may go abroad or remain inyour apartments as may seem most agreeable to you. Acarriage waits your orders, and Ali and Myrtho willaccompany you whithersoever you desire to go. There is butone favor I would entreat of you."






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