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ƽ̨עַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"You are very inquisitive, Mr. Holmes."He had hardly shut the door behind him when Holmes rose to put onhis overcoat. "There is something in what the fellow says aboutoutdoor work," he remarked, "so I think, Watson, that I must leave youto your papers for a little."

"So I read it."


"Quite so. Your husband, as far as you could see, had his ordinaryclothes on?"

"Tell us, then, how Cadogan West met his end before you laid himupon the roof of a railway carriage."

"Morally, Mr. Holmes. No doubt you are right. But surely not inthe eyes of the law. A man cannot be condemned for a murder at whichhe was not present, and which he loathes and abhors as much as you do.The instant that he heard of it he made a complete confession to me,so filled was he with horror and remorse. He lost not an hour inbreaking entirely with the murderer. Oh, Mr. Holmes, you must savehim- you must save him! I tell you that you must save him!" The Dukehad dropped the last attempt at self-command, and was pacing theroom with a convulsed face and with his clenched hands raving in theair. At last he mastered himself and sat down once more at his desk."I appreciate your conduct in coming here before you spoke to anyoneelse," said he. "At least, we may take counsel how far we can minimizethis hideous scandal."

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"But how do you know he'll be there when we return?"

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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"Later, perhaps. I think we will walk down together and have alook at the scene of the tragedy."

"That is the name," he said. "You cannot effect an arrest untilto-morrow night at the earliest. I should prefer that you do notmention my name at all in connection with the case, as I choose tobe only associated with those crimes which present some difficultyin their solution. Come on, Watson." We strode off together to thestation, leaving Lestrade still staring with a delighted face at thecard which Holmes had thrown him.

"Yes, he bought a considerable estate in Hampshire some five yearsago. Possibly you have already heard of the tragic end of his wife?""Of course. I remember it now. That is why the name is familiar. ButI really know nothing of the details."


"Her health, Mr. Holmes. She seems to be wasting away. And there'ssomething terrible on her mind. 'Murder!' she cries. 'Murder!' Andonce I heard her: 'You cruel beast! You monster!' she cried. It was inthe night, and it fair rang through the house and sent the shiversthrough me. So I went to her in the morning. 'Mrs. Ronder,' I says,'if you have anything that is troubling your soul, there's theclergy,' I says, 'and there's the police. Between them you shouldget some help.' 'For God's sake, not the police!' says she, 'and theclergy can't change what is past. And yet,' she says, 'it would easemy mind if someone knew the truth before I died.' 'Well,' says I,'if you won't have the regulars, there is this detective man what weread about'- beggin' your pardon, Mr. Holmes. And she, she fair jumpedat it. 'That's the man,' says she. 'I wonder I never thought of itbefore. Bring him here, Mrs. Merrilow, and if he won't come, tellhim I am the wife of Ronder's wild beast show. Say that, and givehim the name Abbas Parva. Here it is as she wrote it, Abbas Parva.'That will bring him if he's the man I think he is.'"





ƽ̨ע⸣ǰ: And here it is that I miss my Watson. By cunning questions andejaculations of wonder he could elevate my simple art, which is butsystematized common sense, into a prodigy. When I tell my own storyI have no such aid. And yet I will give my process of thought evenas I gave it to my small audience, which included Godfrey's motherin the study of Colonel Emsworth. ϸ

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ƽ̨עƽ:ֻõз The salesman chuckled grimly. "Bring me the books, Bill,"said he. ϸ

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