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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Me and Hurstwood--what do you mean?"
2.  The next morning at breakfast she felt like apologising.
3.  Carrie listened, but with a feeling of unrest. There was muchabout her situation which destroyed the possibility ofappreciation.
4.  "You will have to write and ask him to see you."
5.  "Did you ever hear any more from that wholesale house?"
6.  By the evening of the 16th the subtle hand of Hurstwood had madeitself apparent. He had given the word among his friends--andthey were many and influential--that here was something whichthey ought to attend, and, as a consequence, the sale of ticketsby Mr. Quincel, acting for the lodge, had been large. Smallfour-line notes had appeared in all of the daily newspapers.These he had arranged for by the aid of one of his newspaperfriends on the "Times," Mr. Harry McGarren, the managing editor.


1.  "Yes, now go on. Don't be afraid."
2.  They walked north on Wabash to Adams Street and then west. Thelights in the stores were already shining out in gushes of goldenhue. The arc lights were sputtering overhead, and high up werethe lighted windows of the tall office buildings. The chill windwhipped in and out in gusty breaths. Homeward bound, the sixo'clock throng bumped and jostled. Light overcoats were turned upabout the ears, hats were pulled down. Little shop-girls wentfluttering by in pairs and fours, chattering, laughing. It was aspectacle of warm-blooded humanity.
3.  "It's funny how anxious these women are to get on the stage."
4.  "Is that so?" said Hurstwood, considerably taken back; then, asif burdened with something important, "You don't know to whichtheatre?"
5.  "I said you called twice," she wrote. "He didn't seem to mind.I will try and be at Throop Street if nothing interferes. I seemto be getting very bad. It's wrong to act as I do, I know."
6.  "Good-night!" said Drouet, as she rustled in.


1.  "What did you want with a season ticket, then?"
2.  She fumbled her purse which contained the address slip.
3.  There had been so much enthusiasm engendered that she wasbelieving herself deeply in love. She sighed as she thought ofher handsome adorer. Yes, she would get ready by Saturday. Shewould go, and they would be happy.
4.  "Ray," she said, "the greatest happiness I have ever felt hasbeen the thought that all your affection was forever bestowedupon a virtuous woman, your equal in family, fortune, andaccomplishments. What a revelation do you make to me now! Whatis it makes you continually war with your happiness?"
5.   "Your wife? Yes, she went out just a few minutes ago."
6.  "I thought I told you," he added.


1.  The manager was no fool to be led blindly away by such an errantproposition as this, but his situation was peculiar. Wine was inhis veins. It had crept up into his head and given him a warmview of the situation. It also coloured the possibilities of tenthousand for him. He could see great opportunities with that.He could get Carrie. Oh, yes, he could! He could get rid of hiswife. That letter, too, was waiting discussion to-morrowmorning. He would not need to answer that. He went back to thesafe and put his hand on the knob. Then he pulled the door openand took the drawer with the money quite out.
2.  Coming back, he resumed his place and began again.
3.  Now he left before she did, which was a remarkable thing, andtramped eastward to Fourteenth Street and Sixth Avenue, where hetook the car. He had read that scores of applicants wereapplying at the office of the Brooklyn City Railroad building andwere being received. He made his way there by horse-car andferry--a dark, silent man--to the offices in question. It was along way, for no cars were running, and the day was cold; but hetrudged along grimly. Once in Brooklyn, he could clearly see andfeel that a strike was on. People showed it in their manner.Along the routes of certain tracks not a car was running. Aboutcertain corners and nearby saloons small groups of men werelounging. Several spring wagons passed him, equipped with plainwooden chairs, and labelled "Flatbush" or "Prospect Park. Fare,Ten Cents." He noticed cold and even gloomy faces. Labour washaving its little war.
4、  Rent was paid, and now came the grocer. Hurstwood managed bypaying out of his own ten and collecting from Carrie at the endof the week. Then he delayed a day next time settling with thegrocer, and so soon had his ten back, with Oeslogge getting hispay on this Thursday or Friday for last Saturday's bill.
5、  "Oh, it's not very far from here," answered Minnie. "It's inHalstead Street, right up here."




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      This lack of pride and interest made Carrie almost hate him.

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      There was no gainsaying the value of this. Everybody in thecompany realised that she had got a start. Carrie hugged herselfwhen next evening the lines got the same applause. She went homerejoicing, knowing that soon something must come of it. It wasHurstwood who, by his presence, caused her merry thoughts to fleeand replaced them with sharp longings for an end of distress.

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       "How do you know?" questioned Drouet reflectively.

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      "Much obliged," said Hurstwood, softly, but the other paid nomore attention to him.

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    {  "I'd take anything," she said, "for the present. It will soon bethe first of the month again."

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      The movement of his lips aroused him. He wondered whether he hadreally spoken. The next time he noticed anything of the sort hereally did talk.}

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      The Sunday before taking her new part she scanned the theatricalpages for some little notice. It would have accorded with herexpectations if nothing had been said, but there in the squibs,tailing off several more substantial items, was a wee notice.Carrie read it with a tingling body:

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      Then something like a bereaved affection and self-pity swept overhim.

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       Every eye was fixed on Carrie, still proud and scornful. Theymoved as she moved. Their eyes were with her eyes.

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    {  "You don't say so," would be the reply.

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      "I don't seem to have," answered Carrie. "It's about as strangeto me as when I first came here."