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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Nothing."
2.  "Ah, the rascal!" he cried. "Yes, indeed, I know him very well. Thishas always been a respectable establishment, and the only time that wehave ever had the police in it was over this very fellow. It wasmore than a year ago now. He knifed another Italian in the street, andthen he came to the works with the police on his heels, and he wastaken here. Beppo was his name- his second name I never knew. Serve meright for engaging a man with such a face. But he was a goodworkman- one of the best."
3.  Holmes thought for a little, and then a curious smile played overhis face.
4.  "He said so."
5.  "'I am delighted to hear it, for your advice at present would beexceedingly valuable to me. We have had some very strange doings atHurlstone, and the police have been able to throw no light upon thematter. It is really the most extraordinary and inexplicablebusiness.'
6.  "And richest?"


1.  "Then we come to the all-important point. This pistol that was foundin your room. Had you ever seen it before?"
2.  "Need I tell you more, Jimmie? It seems that in view of theapproaching battle all these poor creatures had been evacuated the daybefore. Then, as the British advanced, they had been brought back bythis, their medical superintendent, who assured me that, though hebelieved he was immune to the disease, he would none the less neverhave dared to do what I had done. He put me in a private room, treatedme kindly, and within a week or so I was removed to the generalhospital at Pretoria.
3.  "I'd be glad of your advice, Mr. Holmes. This is a big thing forme to handle, and I'll hear of it from Lewes if I go wrong."I advised him to send for his immediate superior, and for adoctor; also to allow nothing to be moved, and as few freshfootmarks as possible to be made, until they came. In the meantime Isearched the dead man's pockets. There were his handkerchief, alarge knife, and a small folding card-case. From this projected a slipof paper, which I unfolded and handed to the constable. There waswritten on it in a scrambling, feminine hand:
4.  "These two men, close and confidential friends, are the centre ofthe household; but there is one other person who for our immediatepurpose may be even more important. Henderson has two children-girls of eleven and thirteen. Their governess is a Miss Burnet, anEnglishwoman of forty or thereabouts. There is also one confidentialmanservant. This little group forms the real family, for they travelabout together, and Henderson is a great traveller, always on themove. It is only within the last few weeks that he has returned, aftera year's absence, to High Gable. I may add that he is enormously rich,and whatever his whims may be he can very easily satisfy them. For therest, his house is full of butlers, footmen, maidservants, and theusual overfed, underworked staff of a large English country-house."So much I learned partly from village gossip and partly from my ownobservation. There are no better instruments than dischargedservants with a grievance, and I was lucky enough to find one. Icall it luck, but it would not have come my way had I not been lookingout for it. As Baynes remarks, we all have our systems. It was mysystem which enabled me to find John Warner, late gardener of HighGable, sacked in a moment of temper by his imperious employer. He inturn had friends among the indoor servants who unite in their fear anddislike of their master. So I had my key to the secrets of theestablishment.
5.  "I followed him to the top of a very lofty stair, and there, rightunder the slates, were a couple of empty, dusty little rooms,uncarpeted and uncurtained, into which he led me. I had thought of agreat office with shining tables and rows of clerks, such as I wasused to, and I daresay I stared rather straight at the two deal chairsand one little table, which with a ledger and a waste-paper basket,made up the whole furniture.
6.  "He began by drawing a most formidable-looking bludgeon loadedwith lead from his pocket, and switching it backward and forwardseveral times, as if to test its weight and strength. Then he placedit without a word upon the seat beside him. Having done this, hedrew up the windows on each side, and I found to my astonishmentthat they were covered with paper so as to prevent my seeing throughthem.


1.  Holmes laughed at the young giant's naive astonishment."You live in a different world to me, Mr. Overton- a sweeter andhealthier one. My ramifications stretch out into many sections ofsociety, but never, I am happy to say, into amateur sport, which isthe best and soundest thing in England. However, your unexpected visitthis morning shows me that even in that world of fresh air and fairplay, there may be work for me to do. So now, my good sir, I beg youto sit down and to tell me, slowly and quietly, exactly what it isthat has occurred, and how you desire that I should help you."Young Overton's face assumed the bothered look of the man who ismore accustomed to using his muscles than his wits, but by degrees,with many repetitions and obscurities which I may omit from hisnarrative, he laid his strange story before us.
2.  "I should think you had better see the young lady herself.""My dear Watson, if her poor old broken father cannot move her,how shall I, a stranger, prevail? And yet there is something in thesuggestion if all else fails. But I think we must begin from adifferent angle. I rather fancy that Shinwell Johnson might be ahelp."
3.  "How can you possibly tell?"
4.  "You will not see him."
5.   "And now the matter had begun to straighten itself out
6.  "You mean the old fellow who has just gone out?"


1.  "What do you want me to do?"
2.  The man sprang to his feet with a hoarse scream. He clawed intothe air with his bony hands. His mouth was open, and for the instanthe looked like some horrible bird of prey. In a flash we got a glimpseof the real Josiah Amberley, a misshapen demon with a soul asdistorted as his body. As he fell back into his chair he clapped hishand to his lips as if to stifle a cough. Holmes sprang at histhroat like a tiger and twisted his face towards the ground. A whitepellet fell from between his gasping lips.
3.  "And is, no doubt, devoted?"
4、  But suddenly I was aware of that which his keener senses had alreadydistinguished. A low, stealthy sound came to my ears, not from thedirection of Baker Street, but from the back of the very house inwhich we lay concealed. A door opened and shut. An instant later stepscrept down the passage- steps which were meant to be silent, but whichreverberated harshly through the empty house. Holmes crouched backagainst the wall, and I did the same, my hand closing upon thehandle of my revolver. Peering through the gloom, I saw the vagueoutline of a man, a shade blacker than the blackness of the open door.He stood for an instant, and then he crept forward, crouching,menacing, into the room. He was within three yards of us, thissinister figure, and I had braced myself to meet his spring, beforeI realized that he had no idea of our presence. He passed close besideus, stole over to the window, and very softly and noiselessly raisedit for half a foot. As he sank to the level of this opening, the lightof the street, no longer dimmed by the dusty glass, fell full upon hisface. The man seemed to be beside himself with excitement. His twoeyes shone like stars, and his features were working convulsively.He was an elderly man, with a thin, projecting nose, a high, baldforehead, and a huge grizzled moustache. An opera hat was pushed tothe back of his head, and an evening dress shirt-front gleamed outthrough his open overcoat. His face was gaunt and swarthy, scored withdeep, savage lines. In his hand he carried what appeared to be astick, but as he laid it down upon the floor it gave a metallic clang.Then from the pocket of his overcoat he drew a bulky object, and hebusied himself in some task which ended with a loud, sharp click, asif a spring or bolt had fallen into its place. Still kneeling upon thefloor he bent forward and threw all his weight and strength uponsome lever, with the result that there came a long, whirling, grindingnoise, ending once more in a powerful click. He straightened himselfthen, and I saw that what he held in his hand was a sort of gun,with a curiously misshapen butt. He opened it at the breech, putsomething in, and snapped the breech-lock. Then, crouching down, herested the end of the barrel upon the ledge of the open window, andI saw his long moustache droop over the stock and his eye gleam asit peered along the sights. I heard a little sigh of satisfaction ashe cuddled the butt into his shoulder; and saw that amazing target,the black man on the yellow ground, standing clear at the end of hisforesight. For an instant he was rigid and motionless. Then his fingertightened on the trigger. There was a strange, loud whiz and a long,silvery tinkle of broken glass. At that instant Holmes sprang like atiger on to the marksman's back, and hurled him flat upon his face. Hewas up again in a moment, and with convulsive strength he seizedHolmes by the throat, but I struck him on the head with the butt of myrevolver, and he dropped again upon the floor. I fell upon him, and asI held him my comrade blew a shrill call upon a whistle. There was theclatter of running feet upon the pavement, and two policemen inuniform, with one plain-clothes detective, rushed through the frontentrance and into the room.
5、  "Exactly, but there was beeswing only in one glass. You must havenoticed that fact. What does that suggest to your mind?""The last glass filled would be most likely to contain beeswing.""Not at all. The bottle was full of it, and it is inconceivable thatthe first two glasses were clear and the third heavily charged withit. There are two possible explanations, and only two. One is thatafter the second glass was filled the bottle was violently agitated,and so the third glass received the beeswing. That does not appearprobable. No, no, I am sure that I am right."




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      "Oh, the mystery!" he answered, coming back with a start to therealities of life. "Well, it would be absurd to deny that the caseis a very abstruse and complicated one, but I can promise you that Iwill look into the matter and let you know any points which may strikeme."

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      "And you intend to ask him?"

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       It was a large and bright dwelling, rather a villa than a cottage,with a considerable garden which was already, in that Cornish air,well filled with spring flowers. Towards this garden the window of thesitting-room fronted, and from it, according to Mortimer Tregennis,must have come that thing of evil which had by sheer horror in asingle instant blasted their minds. Holmes walked slowly andthoughtfully among the flower-plots and along the path before weentered the porch. So absorbed was he in his thoughts, I remember,that he stumbled over the watering-pot, upset its contents, anddeluged both our feet and the garden path. Inside the house we weremet by the elderly Cornish housekeeper, Mrs, Porter, who, with the aidof a young girl, looked after the wants of the family. She readilyanswered all Holmes's questions. She had heard nothing in the night.Her employers had all been in excellent spirits lately, and she hadnever known them more cheerful and prosperous. She had fainted withhorror upon entering the room in the morning and seeing thatdreadful company round the table. She had, when she recovered,thrown open the window to let the morning air in, and had run downto the lane, whence she sent a farm-lad for the doctor. The lady wason her bed upstairs if we cared to see her. It took four strong men toget the brothers into the asylum carriage. She would not herselfstay in the house another day and was starting that very afternoonto rejoin her family at St. Ives.

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      "No, no. The place belonged to her late husband, Sir James Norbertonhas no claim on it at all. It is only a life interest and reverts toher husband's brother. Meantime, she draws the rents every year.""And brother Robert, I suppose, spends the said rents?""That is about the size of it. He is a devil of a fellow and mustlead her a most uneasy life. Yet I have heard that she is devoted tohim. But what is amiss at Shoscombe?"

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    {  The Coroner: What did you understand by that?

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      With regard to our transaction, you will no doubt have observed bynow that one essential detail is missing. I have a tracing whichwill make it complete. This has involved me in extra trouble, however,and I must ask you for a further advance of five hundred pounds. Iwill not trust it to the post, nor will I take anything but gold ornotes. I would come to you abroad, but it would excite remark if Ileft the country at present. Therefore I shall expect to meet you inthe smoking-room of the Charing Cross Hotel at noon on Saturday.Remember that only English notes, or gold, will be taken.That will do very well. I shall be very much surprised if it doesnot fetch our man."}

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      I sponged the wound, cleaned it, dressed it, and finally coveredit over with cotton wadding and carbolized bandages. He lay backwithout wincing, though he bit his lip from time to time."How is that?" I asked when I had finished.

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      "It does not tell us very much, does it?" he remarked as he handedit back to me.

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       "But why on earth should you be pursued with such animosity?""Ah, that is the question."

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    {  "What did he get?"

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      "Yes, I have been using myself up rather too freely," he remarked,in answer to my look rather than to my words; "I have been a littlepressed of late. Have you any objection to my closing your shutters?"The only light in the room came from the lamp upon the table atwhich I had been reading. Holmes edged his way round the wall, and,flinging the shutters together, he bolted them securely."You are afraid of something?" I asked.