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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Quite sufficient," replied the count, as, taking out histablets, he wrote down "No. 27, Rue du Helder, 21st May,half-past ten in the morning."
2.  And, wonderful to see, in front of the tower of Saint-Jean,was a ship bearing on her stern these words, printed inwhite letters, "The Pharaon, Morrel & Son, of Marseilles."She was the exact duplicate of the other Pharaon, andloaded, as that had been, with cochineal and indigo. Shecast anchor, clued up sails, and on the deck was CaptainGaumard giving orders, and good old Penelon making signalsto M. Morrel. To doubt any longer was impossible; there wasthe evidence of the senses, and ten thousand persons whocame to corroborate the testimony. As Morrel and his sonembraced on the pier-head, in the presence and amid theapplause of the whole city witnessing this event, a man,with his face half-covered by a black beard, and who,concealed behind the sentry-box, watched the scene withdelight, uttered these words in a low tone: "Be happy, nobleheart, be blessed for all the good thou hast done and wiltdo hereafter, and let my gratitude remain in obscurity likeyour good deeds."
3.  Monte Cristo glanced rapidly at Albert, as if to seek ahidden meaning in his words, but it was evident the youngman uttered them in the simplicity of his heart. "Now," saidAlbert, "that you have seen all my treasures, allow me tooffer them to you, unworthy as they are. Consider yourselfas in your own house, and to put yourself still more at yourease, pray accompany me to the apartments of M. de Morcerf,he whom I wrote from Rome an account of the services yourendered me, and to whom I announced your promised visit,and I may say that both the count and countess anxiouslydesire to thank you in person. You are somewhat blase Iknow, and family scenes have not much effect on Sinbad theSailor, who has seen so many others. However, accept what Ipropose to you as an initiation into Parisian life -- a lifeof politeness, visiting, and introductions." Monte Cristobowed without making any answer; he accepted the offerwithout enthusiasm and without regret, as one of thoseconventions of society which every gentleman looks upon as aduty. Albert summoned his servant, and ordered him toacquaint M. and Madame de Morcerf of the arrival of theCount of Monte Cristo. Albert followed him with the count.When they arrived at the ante-chamber, above the door wasvisible a shield, which, by its rich ornaments and itsharmony with the rest of the furniture, indicated theimportance the owner attached to this blazon. Monte Cristostopped and examined it attentively.
4.  "It is strange, but neither do I recollect meeting withyou," observed Valentine, raising her beautiful eyes to thecount.
5.  "Well?"
6.  "A letter?"


1.  "Well, I shall see. I will try and think over what is thebest thing to be done; you will give me your advice, willyou not, and if possible extricate me from my unpleasantposition? I think, rather than give pain to my dear mother,I would run the risk of offending the count." Monte Cristoturned away; he seemed moved by this last remark. "Ah," saidhe to Debray, who had thrown himself into an easy-chair atthe farthest extremity of the salon, and who held a pencilin his right hand and an account book in his left, "what areyou doing there? Are you making a sketch after Poussin?"
2.  "Well, then, let us sup."
3.  "I never heard it."
4.  "Yes, since you have such a good memory."
5.  "Oh, that is very easily arranged. I have engaged the threelower windows at the Cafe Rospoli; should I have obtainedthe requisite pardon for Peppino, the two outside windowswill be hung with yellow damasks, and the centre with white,having a large cross in red marked on it."
6.  Morrel again changed color. Julie threw herself into hisarms.


1.  That night the adventure at Auteuil was talked ofeverywhere. Albert related it to his mother; Chateau-Renaud
2.  The day passed thus; he scarcely tasted food, but walkedround and round the cell like a wild beast in its cage. Onethought in particular tormented him: namely, that during hisjourney hither he had sat so still, whereas he might, adozen times, have plunged into the sea, and, thanks to hispowers of swimming, for which he was famous, have gained theshore, concealed himself until the arrival of a Genoese orSpanish vessel, escaped to Spain or Italy, where Mercedesand his father could have joined him. He had no fears as tohow he should live -- good seamen are welcome everywhere. Hespoke Italian like a Tuscan, and Spanish like a Castilian;he would have been free, and happy with Mercedes and hisfather, whereas he was now confined in the Chateau d'If,that impregnable fortress, ignorant of the future destiny ofhis father and Mercedes; and all this because he had trustedto Villefort's promise. The thought was maddening, andDantes threw himself furiously down on his straw. The nextmorning at the same hour, the jailer came again.
3.  Danglars retreated a step or two. "I wished to inquire whyyou stopped at the Island of Elba?"
4.  "Are you M. Franz de Quesnel, baron d'Epinay?" asked he,although he knew it perfectly.
5.   "Yes, yes," signed Noirtier. Maximilian tried to speak, buthe could articulate nothing; he staggered, and supportedhimself against the wainscot. Then he pointed to the door.
6.  "What dreadful sufferings!" said Julie, rememberingValentine, but whom, with a delicacy natural to women, shedid not name before her brother.


1.  "Poor, dear woman," said Debray, "she is no doubt occupiedin distilling balm for the hospitals, or in making cosmeticsfor herself or friends. Do you know she spends two or threethousand crowns a year in this amusement? But I wonder sheis not here. I should have been pleased to see her, for Ilike her very much."
2.  "Well, be it so. But these 200 francs?"
3.  Albert opened the letter with fear, uttered a shriek onreading the first line, and seized the paper. His sight wasdimmed, his legs sank under him, and he would have fallenhad not Florentin supported him.
4、  "Ah, to be sure," replied Chateau-Renaud; "the lovelyVenetian, is it not?"
5、  "But I remember it perfectly," interposed the darlingEdward.




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      "Thanks, Cocles; you are the pearl of cashiers "

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      "Is the Baron Franz d'Epinay."

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       "A thousand francs, sir."

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      "I understand," replied Fernand, "you can endure your ownwretchedness patiently, but you are afraid to share mine.Well, Mercedes, beloved by you, I would tempt fortune; youwould bring me good luck, and I should become rich. I couldextend my occupation as a fisherman, might get a place asclerk in a warehouse, and become in time a dealer myself."

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    {  "What, you do not know! Have you neglected to obtaininformation on that point? Of course it is of noconsequence," he added, with a withering smile.

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      "Luigi felt a sensation hitherto unknown arising in hismind. It was like an acute pain which gnawed at his heart,and then thrilled through his whole body. He followed withhis eye each movement of Teresa and her cavalier; when theirhands touched, he felt as though he should swoon; everypulse beat with violence, and it seemed as though a bellwere ringing in his ears. When they spoke, although Teresalistened timidly and with downcast eyes to the conversationof her cavalier, as Luigi could read in the ardent looks ofthe good-looking young man that his language was that ofpraise, it seemed as if the whole world was turning roundwith him, and all the voices of hell were whispering in hisears ideas of murder and assassination. Then fearing thathis paroxysm might get the better of him, he clutched withone hand the branch of a tree against which he was leaning,and with the other convulsively grasped the dagger with acarved handle which was in his belt, and which, unwittingly,he drew from the scabbard from time to time. Luigi wasjealous! He felt that, influenced by her ambitions andcoquettish disposition, Teresa might escape him.}

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      "No, your excellency," returned Bertuccio; "it was avendetta followed by restitution."

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      "Saved," said the girl; "saved by the crew of the vesselthat has just entered the harbor." Morrel raised his twohands to heaven with an expression of resignation andsublime gratitude. "Thanks, my God," said he, "at least thoustrikest but me alone." A tear moistened the eye of thephlegmatic Englishman.

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       Debray colored slightly, and followed with his eyes thedirection of Beauchamp's glance. "Come," he said, "it isonly a veiled lady, some foreign princess, perhaps themother of Cavalcanti. But you were just speaking on a veryinteresting topic, Beauchamp."

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    {  "You do not suppose that, publicly outraged in the face of awhole theatre, in the presence of your friends and those ofyour son -- challenged by a boy who will glory in myforgiveness as if it were a victory -- you do not supposethat I can for one moment wish to live. What I most lovedafter you, Mercedes, was myself, my dignity, and thatstrength which rendered me superior to other men; thatstrength was my life. With one word you have crushed it, andI die."

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      "Did he allude to his hope of being captain?"