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白沟牛包包网站App【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "There were one or two questions-"   "Exactly."

    "That possibility had already occurred to me," said Holmes. "Indeed,it is the only obvious alternative to deliberate intruder.""But she utterly denies it."

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   "Yes, sir, we could hardly open the fingers."

    It was a small shed in the narrow garden which ran behind the house.Lestrade went in and brought out a yellow cardboard box, with apiece of brown paper and some string. There was a bench at the endof the path, and we all sat down while Holmes examined, one by one,the articles which Lestrade had handed to him.

    "When did Sir Robert give away his sister's dog?"

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   Like all Holmes's reasoning the thing seemed simplicity itselfwhen it was once explained. He read the thought upon my features,and his smile had a tinge of bitterness.<  "Exactly. Our first effort must be to find who are the tenants ofCharlington Hall. Then, again, how about the connection betweenCarruthers and Woodley, since they appear to be men of such adifferent type? How came they both to be so keen upon looking up RalphSmith's relations? One more point. What sort of a menage is it whichpays double the market price for a governess but does not keep ahorse, although six miles from the station? Odd, Watson- very odd!""You will go down?"

    "One night, when Gennaro returned from his work, he brought afellow-countryman back with him. His name was Gorgiano, and he hadcome also from Posilippo. He was a huge man, as you can testify, foryou have looked upon his corpse. Not only was his body that of a giantbut everything about him was grotesque, gigantic, and terrifying.His voice was like thunder in our little house. There was scarceroom for the whirl of his great arms as he talked. His thoughts, hisemotions, his passions, all were exaggerated and monstrous. He talked,or rather roared, with such energy that others could but sit andlisten, cowed with the mighty stream of words. His eyes blazed atyou and held you at his mercy. He was a terrible and wonderful man.I thank God that he is dead!

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   "My name, sir; but you have the advantage of me," said mycompanion quietly.

    "Yes; it struck me as being a little out of the common.""They often vanish before the ceremony, and occasionally duringthe honeymoon; but I cannot call to mind anything quite so prompt asthis. Pray let me have the details."

<  "Yes, yes, I opened it. There was a sharp spring inside it. Somejoke-"   "I was furious. My first idea was that I had been the victim of someabsurd practical joke. I packed my things, banged the hall door behindme, and set off for Esher, with my bag in my hand. I called at AllanBrothers', the chief land agents in the village, and found that it wasfrom this firm that the villa had been rented. It struck me that thewhole proceeding could hardly be for the purpose of making a fool ofme, and that the main object must be to get out of the rent. It islate in March, so quarter-day is at hand. But this theory would notwork. The agent was obliged to me for my warning, but told me that therent had been paid in advance. Then I made my way to town and calledat the Spanish embassy. The man was unknown there. After this I wentto see Melville, at whose house I had first met Garcia, but I foundthat he really knew rather less about him than I did. Finally when Igot your reply to my wire I came out to you, since I gather that youare a person who gives advice in difficult cases. But now, Mr.Inspector, I understand, from what you said when you entered the room,that you can carry the story on, and that some tragedy has occurred. Ican assure you that every word I have said is the truth, and thatoutside of what I have told you, I know absolutely nothing about thefate of this man. My only desire is to help the law in everypossible way."

    "I have to thank you for a good deal," said he. "Perhaps I'll pay mydebt some day."


<  Our opponent opened the door.   "The most practical way of getting at it, in my opinion, is toidentify the dead man. There should be no difficulty about that.When we have found who he is and who his associates are, we shouldhave a good start in learning what he was doing in Pitt Street lastnight, and who it was who met him and killed him on the doorstep ofMr. Horace Harker. Don't you think so?"

    "I am sure the scruple does you honour, Mr. Sandeford. But I havenamed that price, so I intend to stick to it."





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