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2017ַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"It was towards this kiosk that we were rowing. Aground-floor, ornamented with arabesques, bathing itsterraces in the water, and another floor, looking on thelake, was all which was visible to the eye. But beneath theground-floor, stretching out into the island, was a largesubterranean cavern, to which my mother, myself, and thewomen were conducted. In this place were together 60,000pouches and 200 barrels; the pouches contained 25,000,000 ofmoney in gold, and the barrels were filled with 30,000pounds of gunpowder."Because," said the old man, "the natural repugnance to thecommission of such a crime prevented you from thinking ofit; and so it ever is because in simple and allowable thingsour natural instincts keep us from deviating from the strictline of duty. The tiger, whose nature teaches him to delightin shedding blood, needs but the sense of smell to show himwhen his prey is within his reach, and by following thisinstinct he is enabled to measure the leap necessary topermit him to spring on his victim; but man, on thecontrary, loathes the idea of blood -- it is not alone thatthe laws of social life inspire him with a shrinking dreadof taking life; his natural construction and physiologicalformation" --

"Oh, certainly."


"A play?"

"It is quite frightful, but deeply interesting," said theyoung lady, motionless with attention. "I thought, I mustconfess, that these tales, were inventions of the MiddleAges."

"My dear vicomte," returned Monte Cristo, "I do not see, inall I have done, anything that merits, either from you orthese gentlemen, the pretended eulogies I have received. Youwere no stranger to me, for I knew you from the time I gaveup two rooms to you, invited you to breakfast with me, lentyou one of my carriages, witnessed the Carnival in yourcompany, and saw with you from a window in the Piazza delPopolo the execution that affected you so much that younearly fainted. I will appeal to any of these gentlemen,could I leave my guest in the hands of a hideous bandit, asyou term him? Besides, you know, I had the idea that youcould introduce me into some of the Paris salons when I cameto France. You might some time ago have looked upon thisresolution as a vague project, but to-day you see it was areality, and you must submit to it under penalty of breakingyour word."

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"They said she had left."

"You might find it dull."

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"Alas," replied the weeping girl, "I am obliged to own thatmy mother-in-law's aversion to me arises from a very naturalsource -- her overweening love for her own child, my brotherEdward."

The baroness had watched Debray while he read this long andpainful letter, and saw him, notwithstanding hisself-control, change color once or twice. When he had endedthe perusal, he folded the letter and resumed his pensiveattitude. "Well?" asked Madame Danglars, with an anxietyeasy to be understood.

<"You know that I was a good mother, since it was for myson's sake I became criminal. A good mother cannot departwithout her son.""Oh," said the countess to Franz, "go with all speed -- pooryoung man! Perhaps some accident has happened to him."

"Monsieur," said the steward, "it is fatality, I am sure.First, you purchase a house at Auteuil -- this house is theone where I have committed an assassination; you descend tothe garden by the same staircase by which he descended; youstop at the spot where he received the blow; and two pacesfarther is the grave in which he had just buried his child.This is not chance, for chance, in this case, is too muchlike providence."


<"Neither of them there!" she again said, as though strivingto impress herself with the meaning of the words whichescaped her.Villefort drew back and looked with astonishment on theyoung man, who, almost a stranger to him, called Noirtierhis father. At this moment the whole soul of the old manseemed centred in his eyes which became bloodshot; the veinsof the throat swelled; his cheeks and temples became purple,as though he was struck with epilepsy; nothing was wantingto complete this but the utterance of a cry. And the cryissued from his pores, if we may thus speak -- a cryfrightful in its silence. D'Avrigny rushed towards the oldman and made him inhale a powerful restorative.

As Dantes (his eyes turned in the direction of the Chateaud'If) uttered this prayer, he saw off the farther point ofthe Island of Pomegue a small vessel with lateen sailskimming the sea like a gull in search of prey; and with hissailor's eye he knew it to be a Genoese tartan. She wascoming out of Marseilles harbor, and was standing out to searapidly, her sharp prow cleaving through the waves. "Oh,"cried Edmond, "to think that in half an hour I could joinher, did I not fear being questioned, detected, and conveyedback to Marseilles! What can I do? What story can I invent?under pretext of trading along the coast, these men, who arein reality smugglers, will prefer selling me to doing a goodaction. I must wait. But I cannot ---I am starving. In a fewhours my strength will be utterly exhausted; besides,perhaps I have not been missed at the fortress. I can passas one of the sailors wrecked last night. My story will beaccepted, for there is no one left to contradict me."





2017ά׾ȱǩ "What are you waiting for?" said Caderousse. "I hope I amnot the cause." ϸ

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2017⾧36% ΢˿Ǯ "With all my heart!" replied Danglars, pleased to find theother so tractable. "Let us take ourselves out of the way,and leave things for the present to take their course." ϸ

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