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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Who is on duty?" asked Holmes.
2.  "Excellent! We shall then look thoroughly into the affair. Of coursethere is only one feasible explanation. You have been brought there topersonate someone, and the real person is imprisoned in thischamber. That is obvious. As to who this prisoner is, I have nodoubt that it is the daughter, Miss Alice Rucastle, if I rememberright, who was said to have gone to America. You were chosen,doubtless, as resembling her in height, figure, and the colour of yourhair. Hers had been cut off, very possibly in some illness throughwhich she has passed, and so, of course, yours had to be sacrificedalso. By a curious chance you came upon her tresses. The man in theroad was undoubtedly some friend of hers-possibly her fiance-and nodoubt, as you wore the girl's dress and were so like her, he wasconvinced from your laughter, whenever he saw you, and afterwards fromyour gesture, that Miss Rucastle was perfectly happy, and that sheno longer desired his attentions. The dog is let loose at night toprevent him from endeavouring to communicate with her. So much isfairly clear. The most serious point in the case is the disposition ofthe child."
3.  "Have seen this horrible home again. I was well aware of it. Weall have neglected opportunities to deplore. As it happens, you didnot know, so here we are!"
4.  He was not alone. Behind him came Stackhurst, hatless and panting,almost as distrait as his companion.
5.  Estimates for Artesian Wells
6.  Holmes glanced at his watch.


1.  "As to Holmes," he continued, "we can fool him easily enough. Yousee, the damned fool won't arrest us if he can get the stone. Well,we'll promise him the stone. We'll put him on the wrong track aboutit, and before he finds that it is the wrong track it will be inHolland and we out of the country."
2.  "I was driven over by my employer, who was as amiable as ever, andwas introduced by him that evening to his wife and the child. Therewas no truth, Mr. Holmes, in the conjecture which seemed to us to beprobable in your rooms at Baker Street. Mrs. Rucastle is not mad. Ifound her to be a silent, pale-faced woman, much younger than herhusband, not more than thirty, I should think, while he can hardlybe less than forty-five. From their conversation I have gatheredthat they have been married about seven years, that he was awidower, and that his only child by the first wife was the daughterwho has gone to Philadelphia. Mr. Rucastle told me in private that thereason why she had left them was that she had an unreasoningaversion to her stepmother. As the daughter could not have been lessthan twenty, I can quite imagine that her position must have beenuncomfortable with her father's young wife.
3.  "There are the Shoscombe spaniels," said I. "You hear of them atevery dog show. The most exclusive breed in England. They are thespecial pride of the lady of Shoscombe Old Place."
4.  "Then that, of course, accounts for my getting no answer," saidHolmes. "Dear me, how very stupid of me, to be sure! Good-morning,miss, and many thanks for having relieved my mind." He chuckled andrubbed his hands when we found ourselves in the street once more."Well?" I asked.
5.  "They considered that it might be caused by Arthur's closing hisbedroom door."
6.  He strode off upon his way, while Stackhurst, with angry eyes, stoodglaring after him. "Is he not an impossible, intolerable man" hecried.


1.  "Kicked you out!"
2.  .
3.  "Come, Watson, come!" he cried.
4.  "I should think the whole camp was crying out by then. As to theother points, I think I could suggest a solution."
5.   "Then it makes it the easier for me to propose that you shouldcome away with me for a week to the Continent."
6.  "I beg that you will not touch me with your filthy hands,"remarked our prisoner as the handcuffs clattered upon his wrists."You may not be aware that I have royal blood in my veins. Havethe goodness, also, when you address me always to say `sir' and`please.'"


1.  "Yes, sir, very close."
2.  "Arthur does. Mary and I stay at home. We neither of us care forit."
3.  "Every precaution is still necessary," he whispered. "I havereason to think that they are hot upon our trail. Ah, there isMoriarty himself."
4、  "Did you take it?"
5、  Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at CharingCross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with myname, John H. Watson, M. D., Late Indian Army, painted upon the lid.It is crammed with papers, nearly all of which are records of cases toillustrate the curious problems which Mr. Sherlock Holmes had atvarious times to examine. Some, and not the least interesting, werecomplete failures, and as such will hardly bear narrating, since nofinal explanation is forthcoming. A problem without a solution mayinterest the student, but can hardly fail to annoy the casualreader. Among these unfinished tales is that of Mr. JamesPhillimore, who, stepping back into his own house to get his umbrella,was never more seen in this world. No less remarkable is that of thecutter Alicia, which sailed one spring morning into a small patch ofmist from where she never again emerged, nor was anything further everheard of herself and her crew. A third case worthy of note is thatof Isadora Persano, the well-known journalist and duellist, who wasfound stark staring mad with a match box in front of him whichcontained a remarkable worm said to be unknown to science. Apartfrom these unfathomed cases, there are some which involve thesecrets of private families to an extent which would meanconsternation in many exalted quarters if it were thought possiblethat they might find their way into print. I need not say that sucha breach of confidence is unthinkable, and that these records willbe separated and destroyed now that my friend has time to turn hisenergies to the matter. There remain a considerable residue of casesof greater or less interest which I might have edited before had I notfeared to give the public a surfeit which might react upon thereputation of the man whom above all others I revere. In some I wasmyself concerned and can speak as an eye-witness, while in others Iwas either not present or played so small a part that they couldonly be told as by a third person. The following narrative is drawnfrom my own experience.




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      "I must go home now, for dad is very ill, and he misses me so if Ileave him. Good-bye, and God help you in your undertaking." Shehurried from the room as impulsively as she had entered, and weheard the wheels of her carriage rattle off down the street."I am ashamed of you, Holmes," said Lestrade with dignity after afew minutes' silence. "Why should you raise up hopes which you arebound to disappoint? I am not over-tender of heart, but I call itcruel."

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      "Well, he is sure to keep an eye on the papers, since, to apoor man, the loss was a heavy one. He was clearly so scared byhis mischance in breaking the window and by the approach ofPeterson that he thought of nothing but flight, but since then hemust have bitterly regretted the impulse which caused him to drophis bird. Then, again, the introduction of his name will causehim to see it, for everyone who knows him will direct hisattention to it. Here you are, Peterson, run down to theadvertising agency and have this put in the evening papers.""In which, sir?"

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       by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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      "There could not possibly be, Mr. Holmes. Poor Douglas had onlyhis pay and a small annuity. What could he have of value?"Holmes was lost in thought.

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    {  "You'll never persuade me to believe that."

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      "I should have followed him through the open window if I had beenstronger. As it was, I rang the bell and roused the house. It tooksome little time, for the bell rings in the kitchen and the servantsall sleep upstairs. I shouted, however, and that brought Josephdown, and he roused the others. Joseph and the groom found marks onthe bed outside the window, but the weather has been so dry latelythat they found it hopeless to follow the trail across the grass.There's a place, however, on the wooden fence which skirts the roadwhich shows signs, they tell me, as if someone had got over, and hadsnapped the top of the rail in doing so. I have said nothing to thelocal police yet, for I thought I had best have your opinion first."This tale of our client's appeared to have an extraordinary effectupon Sherlock Holmes. He rose from his chair and paced about theroom in uncontrollable excitement.}

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      "You will see me when all is ready. Come at once.

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      "We can't do these things in the force, Mr. Holmes," said he. "Nowonder you get results that are beyond us. But some of these daysyou'll go too far, and you'll find yourself and your friend introuble."

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       "You can't help it, my dear Watson. You must play your cards as bestyou can when such a stake is on the table. However, I rejoice to saythat I have a hated rival, who will certainly cut me out the instantthat my back is turned. What a splendid night it is!"

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    {  "Possibly there is some mistake. I heard through a second personthat Professor Presbury of Camford had need of my services.""Oh, indeed!" It seemed to me that there was a malicious sparklein the intense gray eyes. "You heard that, did you? May I ask the nameof your informant?"

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      "He is very ill," I answered.