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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "She's easier," thought Hurstwood to himself.
2.  Now, in regard to his pursuit of women, he meant them no harm,because he did not conceive of the relation which he hoped tohold with them as being harmful. He loved to make advances towomen, to have them succumb to his charms, not because he was acold-blooded, dark, scheming villain, but because his inborndesire urged him to that as a chief delight. He was vain, he wasboastful, he was as deluded by fine clothes as any silly-headedgirl. A truly deep-dyed villain could have hornswaggled him asreadily as he could have flattered a pretty shop-girl. His finesuccess as a salesman lay in his geniality and the thoroughlyreputable standing of his house. He bobbed about among men, averitable bundle of enthusiasm--no power worthy the name ofintellect, no thoughts worthy the adjective noble, no feelingslong continued in one strain. A Madame Sappho would have calledhim a pig; a Shakespeare would have said "my merry child"; old,drinking Caryoe thought him a clever, successful businessman. Inshort, he was as good as his intellect conceived.
3.  He came in one day with something of this idea in his mind.
4.  "Just before you came back."
5.  Carrie began to feel that there was something exuberant andunnatural in his manner.
6.  Carrie's eyes flamed with the light of achievement.


1.  This feeling was strengthened by actions of a direct and morepotent nature on the part of Hurstwood. We have seen with whatirritation he shirked those little duties which no longercontained any amusement of satisfaction for him, and the opensnarls with which, more recently, he resented her irritatinggoads. These little rows were really precipitated by anatmosphere which was surcharged with dissension. That it wouldshower, with a sky so full of blackening thunderclouds, wouldscarcely be thought worthy of comment. Thus, after leaving thebreakfast table this morning, raging inwardly at his blankdeclaration of indifference at her plans, Mrs. Hurstwoodencountered Jessica in her dressing-room, very leisurelyarranging her hair. Hurstwood had already left the house.
2.  "Hashed brown potatoes."
3.  "Oh, no," she said. "I'd rather you wouldn't. I'd rather youwouldn't be with me when I meet my sister."
4.  They were returning to Ogden Place in the cab, when he asked:
5.  "How much?" said the same cashier, sharply. One, such as she hadonly recently been, was waiting for her modest salary. It tookher back to the few weeks in which she had collected--or ratherhad received--almost with the air of a domestic, four-fifty perweek from a lordly foreman in a shoe factory--a man who, indistributing the envelopes, had the manner of a prince doling outfavours to a servile group of petitioners. She knew that out inChicago this very day the same factory chamber was full of poorhomely-clad girls working in long lines at clattering machines;that at noon they would eat a miserable lunch in a half-hour;that Saturday they would gather, as they had when she was one ofthem, and accept the small pay for work a hundred times harderthan she was now doing. Oh, it was so easy now! The world was sorosy and bright. She felt so thrilled that she must needs walkback to the hotel to think, wondering what she should do.
6.  "We'll hear, I guess, soon enough," said Shaughnessy.


1.  There were no immediate results to this awakening, for Carrie hadlittle power of initiative; but, nevertheless, she seemed evercapable of getting herself into the tide of change where shewould be easily borne along. Hurstwood noticed nothing. He hadbeen unconscious of the marked contrasts which Carrie hadobserved.
2.  Reluctantly Drouet gave up the bright table and followed. He sawher to the elevator and, standing there, said:
3.  "Can't you wait a little while yet?" she said tenderly. "I'lltry and find out when he's going."
4.  The next day there was even a larger notice of it. "BrooklynitesWalk," said the "World." "Knights of Labour Tie up the TrolleyLines Across the Bridge." "About Seven Thousand Men Out."
5.   "Oh, all right," she answered.
6.  "You said I did real well in Chicago," she rejoined.


1.  "Custer seems to have the backing of its members," observed thefriend.
2.  "Oh, no!" she answered, rather indifferently.
3.  Carrie stood looking while the lady retired to her office.
4、  Carrie thanked him and walked briskly out, while the young mangazed after her through one of the side windows of his gildedcoop.
5、  She stirred in aggravation as she said this.




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      "You mustn't," she exclaimed, jumping up.

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      "Must be pretty near noon," ventured one.

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       "See here," he said, "there's no use my talking about this atall. I respect your power all right, but I'll have to deal withthe people who know."

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      The least wrinkle crept into his brow as he remembered that thiswas February 2d, the time the man always called. He fished downin his pocket for his purse, getting the first taste of payingout when nothing is coming in. He looked at the fat, green rollas a sick man looks at the one possible saving cure. Then hecounted off twenty-eight dollars.

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    {  "Oh, you want to see Mr. McManus," he returned. "Sit down," andhe pointed to a chair against the neighbouring wall. He went onleisurely writing, until after a time a short, stout gentlemancame in from the street.

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      "Poor Pearl," she said, speaking with natural pathos. "It is asad thing to want for happiness, but it is a terrible thing tosee another groping about blindly for it, when it is almostwithin the grasp."}

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      "Oh, he's a slow, greedy 'mick'! He won't agree to anything toimprove the place, and it won't ever pay without it."

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      "I didn't know that," said Carrie.

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       "Oh, they're like everybody else. You can't tell whether they'dever get you anything after you did pay them."

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    {  "All right," she replied, but he could see that she was thinkingthat it was a curious thing. Before he went she asked him a fewmore questions, and that irritated him. He began to feel thatshe was a disagreeable attachment.

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      In these days Carrie was introduced to several youths, friends ofMiss Osborne, who were of the kind most aptly described as gayand festive. They called once to get Miss Osborne for anafternoon drive. Carrie was with her at the time.