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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "So, then, the wedding is to take place immediately, M.Dantes," said Danglars, bowing to the young couple.
2.  "My information dates from the day on which I was arrested,"returned the Abbe Faria; "and as the emperor had created thekingdom of Rome for his infant son, I presume that he hasrealized the dream of Machiavelli and Caesar Borgia, whichwas to make Italy a united kingdom."
3.  "When?"
4.  "Yes."
5.  The two young ladies were seen seated on the same chair, atthe piano, accompanying themselves, each with one hand, afancy to which they had accustomed themselves, and performedadmirably. Mademoiselle d'Armilly, whom they then perceivedthrough the open doorway, formed with Eugenie one of thetableaux vivants of which the Germans are so fond. She wassomewhat beautiful, and exquisitely formed -- a littlefairy-like figure, with large curls falling on her neck,which was rather too long, as Perugino sometimes makes hisVirgins, and her eyes dull from fatigue. She was said tohave a weak chest, and like Antonia in the "Cremona Violin,"she would die one day while singing. Monte Cristo cast onerapid and curious glance round this sanctum; it was thefirst time he had ever seen Mademoiselle d'Armilly, of whomhe had heard much. "Well," said the banker to his daughter,"are we then all to be excluded?" He then led the young maninto the study, and either by chance or manoeuvre the doorwas partially closed after Andrea, so that from the placewhere they sat neither the Count nor the baroness could seeanything; but as the banker had accompanied Andrea, MadameDanglars appeared to take no notice of it.
6.  "No."


1.  "Yes."
2.  The greatest watchfulness and care to be exercised.
3.  "Ah," said Caderousse, "I had promised" --
4.  Probably the baroness thought this unexpected visitsignified a desire to make up for the sharp words he haduttered during the day. Assuming a dignified air, she turnedround to Debray, without answering her husband. "Read mesomething, M. Debray," she said. Debray, who was slightlydisturbed at this visit, recovered himself when he saw thecalmness of the baroness, and took up a book marked by amother-of-pearl knife inlaid with gold. "Excuse me," saidthe banker, "but you will tire yourself, baroness, by suchlate hours, and M. Debray lives some distance from here."
5.  "Yes, you; it would not be astonishing."
6.  "What Lord Ruthven do you mean?"


1.  "Ah, my dear fellow," said Albert, rising, and lighting histhird cigar, "really, I thought you had more courage." Sosaying, the two young men went down the staircase, and gotinto the carriage.
2.  "Thirty francs; but I pay that out of my 150 francs, -- thatis understood, -- and as I require only eighty francs for myjourney, you see I am overwhelmed with luxury. But that isnot all. What do you say to this, mother?"
3.  "Where is the prisoner?" said a voice.
4.  "May we inquire what is this recipe?" asked Debray.
5.   "Well, madame, it will be a laudable action on your part,and I will thank you for it!"
6.  "Really, count," replied Franz, "one would think that youhad studied the different tortures of all the nations of theworld."


1.  "And is not above fifteen feet from it?"
2.  "Indeed? What do you wish to say about it?"
3.  "Ah," said Caderousse, "I had promised" --
4、  "Oh, their heads are soon cut off," said Danglars.
5、  M. de Blacas returned as speedily as he had departed, but inthe ante-chamber he was forced to appeal to the king'sauthority. Villefort's dusty garb, his costume, which wasnot of courtly cut, excited the susceptibility of M. deBreze, who was all astonishment at finding that this youngman had the audacity to enter before the king in suchattire. The duke, however, overcame all difficulties with aword -- his majesty's order; and, in spite of theprotestations which the master of ceremonies made for thehonor of his office and principles, Villefort wasintroduced.




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      "And in what light did you view the occurrence?" inquiredMonte Cristo.

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      "Yes, sir, that is the reason," said Villefort, shrugginghis shoulders.

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       "And have you communicated your triumphant idea to anybody?"

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      "Your mother would die of grief."

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    {  "You will breakfast with me, will you not, Morrel?" said thecount, to turn the conversation.

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      "That is possible -- go."}

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      "Not I. As I before said, I thought the whole thing was ajoke, nothing more. It seems, however, that I haveunconsciously stumbled upon the truth."

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      "What? why, yourself, to be sure! You give away horses wortha thousand louis; you save the lives of ladies of high rankand beauty; under the name of Major Brack you runthoroughbreds ridden by tiny urchins not larger thanmarmots; then, when you have carried off the golden trophyof victory, instead of setting any value on it, you give itto the first handsome woman you think of!"

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       "What then?" asked Hermine, trembling violently.

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    {  "An unhappy prisoner," replied Dantes, who made nohesitation in answering.

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      "Oh, as for that," said Danglars, angry at this prolongationof the jest, -- "as for that you won't get them at all. Goto the devil! You do not know with whom you have to deal!"Peppino made a sign, and the youth hastily removed the fowl.Danglars threw himself upon his goat-skin, and Peppino,reclosing the door, again began eating his pease and bacon.Though Danglars could not see Peppino, the noise of histeeth allowed no doubt as to his occupation. He wascertainly eating, and noisily too, like an ill-bred man."Brute!" said Danglars. Peppino pretended not to hear him,and without even turning his head continued to eat slowly.Danglars' stomach felt so empty, that it seemed as if itwould be impossible ever to fill it again; still he hadpatience for another half-hour, which appeared to him like acentury. He again arose and went to the door. "Come, sir, donot keep me starving here any longer, but tell me what theywant."