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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Perfect, madame, as you have seen," replied the count; "andI frequently make use of it -- with all possible prudencethough, be it observed," he added with a smile of
2.  "Call him, then; I wish to speak to him." The concierge wentto seek the valet de chambre, and returned with him in aninstant.
3.  "And do you say this wedding is at hand?"
4.  "May I know the cause which procures me the pleasure ofseeing M. de Morcerf so early?"
5.  "Have you nothing more to do there?" asked Morrel.
6.  "For his death "


1.  "Don't mention it." The major drew an arm-chair towards him,and proceeded to seat himself.
2.  "Pshaw!" said Monte Cristo, "you will see him return to yougay, smiling, and joyful."
3.  "Ah, indeed?" said Monte Cristo. "Have you had another fallat the Bourse?"
4.  In a quarter of an hour the porter returned with a post-boyand horses, which were harnessed, and put in the post-chaisein a minute, while the porter fastened the portmanteau onwith the assistance of a cord and strap. "Here is thepassport," said the postilion, "which way are we going,young gentleman?"
5.  "To find such a wife as my father found." Monte Cristoturned pale, and looked at Albert, while playing with somemagnificent pistols.
6.  "And hence," said Villefort, "arose my affection for yourfather, my dear M. Franz. Opinions held in common are aready bond of union."


1.  "Yes, doubtless."
2.  "And you allow then, sir, that spheres exist, and that thesemarked and invisible beings mingle amongst us?"
3.  Monte Cristo pointed to a chair, which the procureur wasobliged to take the trouble to move forwards himself, whilethe count merely fell back into his own, on which he hadbeen kneeling when M. Villefort entered. Thus the count washalfway turned towards his visitor, having his back towardsthe window, his elbow resting on the geographical chartwhich furnished the theme of conversation for the moment, --a conversation which assumed, as in the case of theinterviews with Danglars and Morcerf, a turn analogous tothe persons, if not to the situation. "Ah, youphilosophize," replied Villefort, after a moment's silence,during which, like a wrestler who encounters a powerfulopponent, he took breath; "well, sir, really, if, like you,I had nothing else to do, I should seek a more amusingoccupation."
4.  "Listen," he said; "to-day is the 5th of September, is itnot?"
5.   "Adieu, Valentine," repeated Morrel.
6.  " What!" cried Monte Cristo, "it was M. de Villefort?"


1.  "You saw the emperor, then?"
2.  "`Have you any idea what became of them?' -- `Yes, sir; Iheard they had fallen victims to their sorrow, and, perhaps,to their poverty. I was not rich; my life was in constantdanger; I could not seek them, to my great regret.' Thepresident frowned imperceptibly. `Gentlemen,' said he, `youhave heard the Comte de Morcerf's defence. Can you, sir,produce any witnesses to the truth of what you haveasserted?' -- `Alas, no, monsieur,' replied the count; `allthose who surrounded the vizier, or who knew me at hiscourt, are either dead or gone away, I know not where. Ibelieve that I alone, of all my countrymen, survived thatdreadful war. I have only the letters of Ali Tepelini, whichI have placed before you; the ring, a token of hisgood-will, which is here; and, lastly, the most convincingproof I can offer, after an anonymous attack, and that isthe absence of any witness against my veracity and thepurity of my military life.' A murmur of approbation ranthrough the assembly; and at this moment, Albert, hadnothing more transpired, your father's cause had beengained. It only remained to put it to the vote, when thepresident resumed: `Gentlemen and you, monsieur, -- you willnot be displeased, I presume, to listen to one who callshimself a very important witness, and who has just presentedhimself. He is, doubtless, come to prove the perfectinnocence of our colleague. Here is a letter I have justreceived on the subject; shall it be read, or shall it bepassed over? and shall we take no notice of this incident?'M. de Morcerf turned pale, and clinched his hands on thepapers he held. The committee decided to hear the letter;the count was thoughtful and silent. The president read: --
3.  "It is certainly ten years since the house had beenoccupied," said Chateau-Renaud, "and it was quite melancholyto look at it, with the blinds closed, the doors locked, andthe weeds in the court. Really, if the house had notbelonged to the father-in-law of the procureur, one mighthave thought it some accursed place where a horrible crimehad been committed." Villefort, who had hitherto not tastedthe three or four glasses of rare wine which were placedbefore him, here took one, and drank it off. Monte Cristoallowed a short time to elapse, and then said, "It issingular, baron, but the same idea came across me the firsttime I came here; it looked so gloomy I should never havebought it if my steward had not taken the matter into hisown hands. Perhaps the fellow had been bribed by thenotary."
4、  "Extremely," replied he; "she looked so pale this morning, Iscarcely knew her." These apparently simple words piercedMorrel to the heart. This man had seen Valentine, and spokento her! The young and high-spirited officer required all hisstrength of mind to resist breaking his oath. He took thearm of Chateau-Renaud, and turned towards the vault, wherethe attendants had already placed the two coffins. "This isa magnificent habitation," said Beauchamp, looking towardsthe mausoleum; "a summer and winter palace. You will, inturn, enter it, my dear d'Epinay, for you will soon benumbered as one of the family. I, as a philosopher, shouldlike a little country-house, a cottage down there under thetrees, without so many free-stones over my poor body. Indying, I will say to those around me what Voltaire wrote toPiron: `Eo rus, and all will be over.' But come, Franz, takecourage, your wife is an heiress."
5、  "I must learn where we are going. I will summon him hither."




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      "Better still, since it will afford me the pleasure ofseeing you." They shook hands. "By the way," said M. deBoville, "are you not going to the funeral of poorMademoiselle de Villefort, which I met on my road here?"

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      "I wish to see the governor." The jailer shrugged hisshoulders and left the chamber.

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       "Ah, no joking, viscount, if you please; I do not patronizeM. Andrea -- at least, not as concerns M. Danglars."

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      "Oh, the voice of nature," said Monte Cristo.

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    {  "And the drawers?"

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      "Yes; but they may catch him yet."}

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      "You were saving, sir" -- said Fernand, awaiting with greatanxiety the end of this interrupted remark.

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      "Then you accept his offer?" said the host.

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    {  "In his mother's laboratory."

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      "Yes," stammered the old man.