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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  D'Artagnan and Planchet mounted, and took the road to St.Germain.
2.  "Oh, monsieur! Monsieur! You will kill yourself," criedPlanchet.
3.  D'Artagnan ran after her. It was not difficult for him toovertake a woman embarrassed with her cloak. He came up with herbefore she had traversed a third of the street. The unfortunatewoman was exhausted, not by fatigue, but by terror, and whenD'Artagnan placed his hand upon her shoulder, she sank upon oneknee, crying in a choking voice, "Kill me, if you please, youshall know nothing!"
4.  Another flash illuminated all around them. Grimaud extended his arm,and by the bluish splendor of the fiery serpent they distinguished alittle isolated house on the banks of the river, within a hundred pacesof a ferry.
5.  "This chamber?"
6.  "They say," said Aramis, resuming his pious reading, "thatthe dyke which the cardinal is making drives them all outinto the open sea."


1.  "What the devil are you going to do?" cried D'Artagnan, "youwill be shot."
2.  Every one drew back, and the man in the red cloak remained standingalone in the middle of the room.
3.  Meantime, his Eminence continued his melancholy ride, murmuringbetween his mustaches, "These four men must positively be mine."
4.  "When?"
5.  "What do you mean? Speak! you kill me."
6.  Aramis drew the letter from his pocket; the three friendssurrounded him, and the three lackeys grouped themselves againnear the wine jar.


1.  The noise became louder; the horses could not be more than a hundred andfifty paces distant. If they were not yet to be seen, it was becausethe road made an elbow. The noise became so distinct that the horsesmight be counted by the rattle of their hoofs.
2.  "Or the mysterious benefactress," said Athos.
3.  MM. Bassompierre and Schomberg were marshals of France, andclaimed their right of commanding the army under the ordersof the king; but the cardinal, who feared that Bassompierre,a Huguenot at heart, might press but feebly the English andRochellais, his brothers in religion, supported the Ducd'Angouleme, whom the king, at his instigation, had namedlieutenant general. The result was that to prevent MM.Bassompierre and Schomberg from deserting the army, aseparate command had to be given to each. Bassompierre tookup his quarters on the north of the city, between Leu andDompierre; the Duc d'angouleme on the east, from Dompierreto Perigny; and M. de Schomberg on the south, from Perignyto Angoutin.
4.  Rochefort passed at a gallop.
5.   "And by whom was your wife abducted?"
6.  "Stake your diamond, then."


1.  "Then you would employ for me your arm which has alreadyacquired so much renown?"
2.  At length after a journey of nearly an hour, the carriage stoppedbefore an iron gate, which closed an avenue leading to a castlesevere in form, massive, and isolated. Then, as the wheelsrolled over a fine gravel, Milady could hear a vast roaring,which she at once recognized as the noise of the sea dashingagainst some steep cliff.
3.  "Upon my honor, I will instantly return it to you. You shallplace it on that table, and you may remain between it and me."Felton offered the weapon to Milady, who examined the temper ofit attentively, and who tried the point on the tip of her finger."Well," said she, returning the knife to the young officer, "thisis fine and good steel. You are a faithful friend, Felton."Felton took back the weapon, and laid it upon the table, as hehad agreed with the prisoner.
4、  "Well?" said Milady.
5、  "Monseigneur," said Athos, with a calmness the more terriblebecause he risked his head in making this reply, "the letter is awoman's letter, but it is neither signed Marion de Lorme, norMadame d'Aiguillon."




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      "But Athos!" cried D'Artagnan, whose impatience was increased bythe disregard of the authorities, "Athos, where is he?""As I was anxious to repair the wrongs I had done the prisoner,"resumed the innkeeper, "I took my way straight to the cellar inorder to set him at liberty. Ah, monsieur, he was no longer aman, he was a devil! To my offer of liberty, he replied that itwas nothing but a snare, and that before he came out he intendedto impose his own conditions. I told him very humbly-for I couldnot conceal from myself the scrape I had got into by laying handson one of his Majesty's Musketeers-I told him I was quite readyto submit to his conditions.

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      Athos was delighted to find he was going to fight anEnglishman. We might say that was his dream.

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       When D'Artagnan arrived in sight of the bare spot of ground whichextended along the foot of the monastery, Athos had been waitingabout five minutes, and twelve o'clock was striking. He was,then, as punctual as the Samaritan woman, and the most rigorouscasuist with regard to duels could have nothing to say.Athos, who still suffered grievously from his wound, though ithad been dressed anew by M. de Treville's surgeon, was seated ona post and waiting for his adversary with hat in hand, hisfeather even touching the ground.

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      "The secret is," said Athos, "that I saw Milady last night."D'Artagnan was lifting a glass to his lips; but at the nameof Milady, his hand trembled so, that he was obliged to putthe glass on the ground again for fear of spilling thecontents."

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    {  And taking it from Felton, he cast a rapid glance over the paper, andperceiving that it was the one that had been mentioned to him, he placedit on the table, took a pen, and prepared to sign it."Pardon, my Lord," said Felton, stopping the duke; "but does your Graceknow that the name of Charlotte Backson is not the true name of thisyoung woman?"

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      "My wife escaped!" cried Bonacieux. "Oh, unfortunate creature!Monsieur, if she has escaped, it is not my fault, I swear.""What business had you, then, to go into the chamber of MonsieurD'Artagnan, your neighbor, with whom you had a long conferenceduring the day?"}

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      "Of what?"

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      The officer took Bonacieux by the arm, and led him into theantechamber, where he found his two guards.

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       He had now leisure to look to his wound. Fortunately, asD'Artagnan had thought, it was not dangerous. The point of thesword had touched a rib, and glanced along the bone. Stillfurther, his shirt had stuck to the wound, and he had lost only a few drops of blood.D'Artagnan was worn out with fatigue. A mattress was laid uponthe deck for him. He threw himself upon it, and fell asleep.On the morrow, at break of day, they were still three or fourleagues from the coast of England. The breeze had been so lightall night, they had made but little progress. At ten o'clock thevessel cast anchor in the harbor of Dover, and at half past tenD'Artagnan placed his foot on English land, crying, "Here I am atlast!"

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    {  "Avenged yourself," said the baron. "Rather say that you have served asan instrument to that accursed woman; but I swear to you that this crimeshall be her last."

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      "Ill--very ill, say you? And of what malady?"