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ַ̬:a g 9 559 v i p<`Good-day, gentlemen!' said Monsieur Defarge.`Yes.'

`Yes, Mr. Lorry.'


`I perceive that, happily for me, the Reception of the day before yesterday was, as usual, a cold one,' observed the nephew.

She had moved from the wall of the garret, very near to the bench on which he sat. There was something awful in his unconsciousness of the figure that could have put out its hand and touched him as lie stooped over his labour.

`You don't get on with your account of your matrimonial intentions,' answered Carton, with a careless air; `I wish you would keep to that. As to me--will you never understand that I am incorrigible?'

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`Magnificent!' croaked the man with the craving.`The chateau and all the race?' inquired the first.<`You knit with great skill, madame.'

He took out a blackened pipe, filled it, lighted it with flint and steel, pulled at it until it was in a bright glow: then, suddenly held it from him and dropped something into it from between his finger and thumb, that blazed and went out in a puff of smoke.

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`What do you make, madame?'

Miss Pross and he divided the night into two watches, and observed him at intervals from the adjoining room. He paced up and down for a long time before he lay down; but, when he did finally lay himself down, he fell asleep. In the morning, he was up betimes, and went straight to his bench and to work.

<`She is.'`But ask yourself the question now.'

When the Attorney-General ceased, a buzz arose in the court as if a cloud of great blue-flies were swarming about the prisoner, in anticipation of what he was soon to become. When toned down again, the unimpeachable patriot appeared in the witness-box.


`Patriots!' said Defarge, in a determined voice, `are we ready?'Instantly Madame Defarge's knife was in her girdle; the drum was beating in the streets, as if it and a drummer had flown together by magic; and The Vengeance, uttering terrific shrieks, and flinging her arms about her head like all the forty Furies at once, was tearing from house to house, rousing the women.





̬С¥ `Yes, dearest Charles,' with her hands on his breast, and the inquiring and attentive expression fixed upon him; `we are rather thoughtful to-night, for we have something on our mind to-night.' ϸ

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̬˺ݡƽ¹滮21׷ռ `Yes?' said the Doctor, with evident constraint. `Bring your chair here, and speak on.'He complied as to the chair, but appeared to find the speaking on less easy. ϸ

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