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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Gentlemen," he said in a hoarse voice, "give me your wordof honor that this horrible secret shall forever remainburied amongst ourselves!" The two men drew back.
2.  "Very sure."
3.  "Yes," said Noirtier.
4.  "Now that I expect nothing, now that I no longer entertainthe slightest hopes, the end of this adventure becomessimply a matter of curiosity." And he remained againmotionless and thoughtful.
5.  "Scarcely longer than eight or ten days."
6.  Villefort drew back and looked with astonishment on theyoung man, who, almost a stranger to him, called Noirtierhis father. At this moment the whole soul of the old manseemed centred in his eyes which became bloodshot; the veinsof the throat swelled; his cheeks and temples became purple,as though he was struck with epilepsy; nothing was wantingto complete this but the utterance of a cry. And the cryissued from his pores, if we may thus speak -- a cryfrightful in its silence. D'Avrigny rushed towards the oldman and made him inhale a powerful restorative.


1.  "Adieu, Valentine," repeated Morrel.
2.  "An unhappy prisoner," replied Dantes, who made nohesitation in answering.
3.  "He has invited me to dine there."
4.  "I will do so; but on two conditions."
5.  "But do you suppose I carry five hundred francs about withme? I should want a porter."
6.  "Proceed!" said he to the host.


1.  "I looked at him an instant to see if there was anything tohope from further entreaty. But he was a man of stone. Iapproached him, and said in a low voice, `Well, since youknow the Corsicans so well, you know that they always keeptheir word. You think that it was a good deed to kill mybrother, who was a Bonapartist, because you are a royalist.Well, I, who am a Bonapartist also, declare one thing toyou, which is, that I will kill you. From this moment Ideclare the vendetta against you, so protect yourself aswell as you can, for the next time we meet your last hourhas come.' And before he had recovered from his surprise, Iopened the door and left the room."
2.  "What can it mean?" said Debray to Franz. "The Count ofMonte Cristo acts dishonorably to M. de Morcerf, and isjustified by his son! Had I ten Yaninas in my family, Ishould only consider myself the more bound to fight tentimes." As for Monte Cristo, his head was bent down, hisarms were powerless. Bowing under the weight of twenty-fouryears' reminiscences, he thought not of Albert, ofBeauchamp, of Chateau-Renaud, or of any of that group; buthe thought of that courageous woman who had come to pleadfor her son's life, to whom he had offered his, and who hadnow saved it by the revelation of a dreadful family secret,capable of destroying forever in that young man's heartevery feeling of filial piety.
3.  "Read it."
4.  "Shall I find you here, then?"
5.   "There is no great merit due to me, for we were informed ofit."
6.  "How are you, sir?" asked Morrel, with a sickness of heart.


1.  "Tell me," replied Faria, "what has hindered you fromknocking down your jailer with a piece of wood torn fromyour bedstead, dressing yourself in his clothes, andendeavoring to escape?"
2.  "Oh, madame, do not think that!"
3.  "You do? Why, really, the thing becomes more and moredramatic -- explain yourself."
4、  It was indeed Madame Danglars and her daughter whomValentine had seen; they had been ushered into Madame deVillefort's room, who had said she would receive them there.That is why Valentine passed through her room, which was ona level with Valentine's, and only separated from it byEdward's. The two ladies entered the drawing-room with thatsort of official stiffness which preludes a formalcommunication. Among worldly people manner is contagious.Madame de Villefort received them with equal solemnity.Valentine entered at this moment, and the formalities wereresumed. "My dear friend," said the baroness, while the twoyoung people were shaking hands, "I and Eugenie are come tobe the first to announce to you the approaching marriage ofmy daughter with Prince Cavalcanti." Danglars kept up thetitle of prince. The popular banker found that it answeredbetter than count. "Allow me to present you my sincerecongratulations," replied Madame de Villefort. "PrinceCavalcanti appears to be a young man of rare qualities."
5、  "Ah, how strange it seems that such a young and beautifulwoman should be so avaricious."




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      "You are, doubtless, acquainted with a variety of languages,so as to have been able to read all these?"

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      "In the first place, because I had spoken much of you tohim, as you may believe; and in the second, because hedelighted to see a countrywoman take so lively an interestin his success."

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       "Well, my good friend," returned the abbe, in a tone thatindicated utter indifference on his part, "you are atliberty, either to speak or be silent, just as you please;for my own part, I respect your scruples and admire yoursentiments; so let the matter end. I shall do my duty asconscientiously as I can, and fulfil my promise to the dyingman. My first business will be to dispose of this diamond."So saying, the abbe again draw the small box from hispocket, opened it, and contrived to hold it in such a light,that a bright flash of brilliant hues passed before thedazzled gaze of Caderousse.

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      "Listen," said the count, and deep hatred mounted to hisface, as the blood would to the face of any other. "If a manhad by unheard-of and excruciating tortures destroyed yourfather, your mother, your betrothed, -- a being who, whentorn from you, left a desolation, a wound that never closes,in your breast, -- do you think the reparation that societygives you is sufficient when it interposes the knife of theguillotine between the base of the occiput and the trapezalmuscles of the murderer, and allows him who has caused usyears of moral sufferings to escape with a few moments ofphysical pain?"

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    {  "Thirty-five or thirty-six, mother."

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      "Well, then," pursued Madame G---- with considerableanimation, "you can probably tell me who won the Jockey Clubstakes?"}

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      "I?" said the count, with a smile which petrified the dyingman, "when you had just broken your knife against the coatof mail which protected my breast! Yet perhaps if I hadfound you humble and penitent, I might have preventedBenedetto from killing you; but I found you proud andblood-thirsty, and I left you in the hands of God."

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      "'Tis Caderousse, who has heard of your arrival, and nodoubt comes to congratulate you on your fortunate return."

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       "Pardieu!" exclaimed the man in the cloak, suddenlyexpressing himself in French.

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    {  "What would you have proposed, Maximilian, had you found mewilling to accede?"

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      "But who said it was buried alive?"