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Ͷעַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"No, but I have just met with a terrible adventure! Are youalone, Athos?"And the young man, delighted with his joke, went away laughingloudly.

"Nearly so."


"Hey?" said the cardinal, opening the door.

"By no means."

"Oh, I resolved that it should take place as soon as possible. Ihad no doubt he would return the following night. During the dayI had nothing to fear.

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The king trembled with joy and the cardinal with vexation;although, distant as they were from the queen, they could notcount the studs. The queen had them. The only question was, hadshe ten or twelve?<"Monseigneur," replied D'Artagnan, with an embarrassed air."How? You refuse?" cried the cardinal, with astonishment."I am in his Majesty's Guards, monseigneur, and I have noreason to be dissatisfied."

"Yez; what's the dream?" said the Swiss.

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"To the health of the king, monsieur; I was going to drink asmall glass of it if Fourreau had not told me I was called.""Alas!" said Fourreau, whose teeth chattered with terror,"I wanted to get him out of the way that I might drink myself.""Gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, addressing the Guardsmen, "youmay easily comprehend that such a feast can only be verydull after what has taken place; so accept my excuses, andput off the party till another day, I beg of you."The two Guardsmen courteously accepted D'Artagnan's excuses,and perceiving that the four friends desired to be alone,retired.

"This is the gentleman I am going to fight with," said Athos,pointing to D'Artagnan with his hand and saluting him with thesame gesture.

<"I might answer, sire, that he is too deeply interested in thequestion to be a very impartial witness; but so far from that,sire, I know the duke to be a royal gentleman, and I refer thematter to him--but upon one condition, sire.""Has returned to the Louvre."

Grimaud made the sign yes.


<"Why, then," cried Milady, with an incredible tone oftruthfulness, "you are not his accomplice; you do not know thathe destines me to a disgrace which all the punishments of theworld cannot equal in horror?""In the queen's name?"

"Come, come, Treville, hold your tongue," said the king."If his Eminence entertains any suspicion against one of myMusketeers," said Treville, "the justice of Monsieur the Cardinalis so well known that I demand an inquiry."





ͶעŹĻĻſɹ "It may be; but you know the more hearts are worth thecapture, the more difficult they are to be won." ϸ

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Ͷעϰ壬˭ѣ "And who has abandoned you--is that it?" ϸ

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