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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "They gave all their fortune to the hospitals."
2.  "Cocles, pay two hundred francs to each of these goodfellows," said Morrel. "At another time," added be, "Ishould have said, Give them, besides, two hundred francsover as a present; but times are changed, and the littlemoney that remains to me is not my own."
3.  "Yes."
4.  "Are you strong?" the abbe asked one day of Dantes. Theyoung man, in reply, took up the chisel, bent it into theform of a horseshoe, and then as readily straightened it.
5.  "And with what did you contrive to make that?" inquiredDantes.
6.  Danglars thought of the old man whom, in his hours ofdelirium, he had seen groaning on his bed. He struck hisforehead on the ground and groaned. "Yes," he said, "therehave been some who have suffered more than I have, but thenthey must have been martyrs at least."


1.  "I don't think so," answered the other; he's too stupid toimagine such a scheme. I only hope the mischief will fallupon the head of whoever wrought it."
2.  "But how could he have done so without your knowledge,Danglars, since you are the ship's supercargo?"
3.  "Your excellency may depend upon me." The Count made agesture of satisfaction, descended the terrace steps, andsprang into his carriage, which was whirled along swiftly tothe banker's house. Danglars was engaged at that moment,presiding over a railroad committee. But the meeting wasnearly concluded when the name of his visitor was announced.As the count's title sounded on his ear he rose, andaddressing his colleagues, who were members of one or theother Chamber, he said, -- "Gentlemen, pardon me for leavingyou so abruptly; but a most ridiculous circumstance hasoccurred, which is this, -- Thomson & French, the Romanbankers, have sent to me a certain person calling himselfthe Count of Monte Cristo, and have given him an unlimitedcredit with me. I confess this is the drollest thing I haveever met with in the course of my extensive foreigntransactions, and you may readily suppose it has greatlyroused my curiosity. I took the trouble this morning to callon the pretended count -- if he were a real count hewouldn't be so rich. But, would you believe it, `He was notreceiving.' So the master of Monte Cristo gives himself airsbefitting a great millionaire or a capricious beauty. I madeinquiries, and found that the house in the Champs Elysees ishis own property, and certainly it was very decently keptup. But," pursued Danglars with one of his sinister smiles,"an order for unlimited credit calls for something likecaution on the part of the banker to whom that order isgiven. I am very anxious to see this man. I suspect a hoaxis intended, but the instigators of it little knew whom theyhad to deal with. `They laugh best who laugh last!'"
4.  "Unhappy girl, unhappy girl!" murmured Danglars, turningpale, for he knew from long experience the solidity of theobstacle he had so suddenly encountered.
5.  "`Because a fortnight since I was questioned on the samesubject.'
6.  "Really; and you think this cousin pays her attentions?"


1.  "What has he done to you?"
2.  "No, excellency; and never shall I forget it," returnedPeppino, with an accent of profound gratitude.
3.  Chapter 19The Third Attack.
4.  "And if you should hear of anything very scandalous" --
5.   "Certainly," said Monte Cristo, slightly shrugging hisshoulders; "otherwise I would not fight with M. de Morcerf.I shall kill him -- I cannot help it. Only by a single linethis evening at my house let me know the arms and the hour;I do not like to be kept waiting."
6.  The two coffins were placed on trestles previously preparedfor their reception in the right-hand crypt belonging to theSaint-Meran family. Villefort, Franz, and a few nearrelatives alone entered the sanctuary.


1.  "I have answered you a hundred times, Fernand, and reallyyou must be very stupid to ask me again."
2.  "Because the count is doubtless aware that I accompanied youto the meeting this morning."
3.  "Very well, sir," said Monte Cristo. "Now all that issettled, do let me see the performance, and tell your friendAlbert not to come any more this evening; he will hurthimself with all his ill-chosen barbarisms: let him go homeand go to sleep." Beauchamp left the box, perfectly amazed."Now," said Monte Cristo, turning towards Morrel, "I maydepend upon you, may I not?"
4、  "No," replied the young man. The door was closed, and thecarriage proceeded. "See what good fortune I brought you!"said Morrel, when he was alone with the count. "Have you notthought so?"
5、  "Oh, then I remember as if it were but yesterday sittingunder the shade of some sycamore-trees, on the borders of alake, in the waters of which the trembling foliage wasreflected as in a mirror. Under the oldest and thickest ofthese trees, reclining on cushions, sat my father; my motherwas at his feet, and I, childlike, amused myself by playingwith his long white beard which descended to his girdle, orwith the diamond-hilt of the scimitar attached to hisgirdle. Then from time to time there came to him an Albanianwho said something to which I paid no attention, but whichhe always answered in the same tone of voice, either `Kill,'or `Pardon.'"




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      "Poor girl," said Debray, like the rest, paying aninvoluntary tribute to the sad event, -- "poor girl, soyoung, so rich, so beautiful! Could you have imagined thisscene, Chateau-Renaud, when we saw her, at the most threeweeks ago, about to sign that contract?"

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      "We are very happy, monsieur," replied Julie; "but we havealso known unhappiness, and few have ever undergone morebitter sufferings than ourselves." The Count's featuresdisplayed an expression of the most intense curiosity.

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       "While you assert that she is a queen, or at least aprincess. No; I hope that when he sees me leave you, he willcome out."

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      "Some traveller seems impatient," said the host. "Whatnumber was it that rang?"

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    {  "Come," said Boville, with a tone of entire incredulity,"five millions to that gentleman who just left, and whobowed to me as though he knew me?"

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      * Elisabeth de Rossan, Marquise de Ganges, was one of thefamous women of the court of Louis XIV. where she was knownas "La Belle Provencale." She was the widow of the Marquisede Castellane when she married de Ganges, and having themisfortune to excite the enmity of her new brothers-in-law,was forced by them to take poison; and they finished her offwith pistol and dagger. -- Ed.}

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      "Let us only speak of the promise you wished me to make,"said Franz.

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      There was a brief pause, during which Louis XVIII. wrote, ina hand as small as possible, another note on the margin ofhis Horace, and then looking at the duke with the air of aman who thinks he has an idea of his own, while he is onlycommenting upon the idea of another, said, --

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       Chapter 55Major Cavalcanti.

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    {  "We no longer know any one, madame."

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      "What should you do in my place?"