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恒星下载【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  The astonished detective read the note aloud. It ran as follows:"Wanted, a woman of good address, attired like a lady. She has aremarkably thick nose, with eyes which are set close upon eitherside of it. She has a puckered forehead, a peering expression, andprobably rounded shoulders. There are indications that she has hadrecourse to an optician at least twice during the last few months.As her glasses are of remarkable strength, and as opticians are notvery numerous, there should be no difficulty in tracing her."Holmes smiled at the astonishment of Hopkins, which must have beenreflected upon my features.   "Indeed, I have nothing more to tell. Once or twice it seemed tome that he was on the point of telling me something. He spoke oneevening of the importance of the secret, and I have somerecollection that he said that no doubt foreign spies would pay agreat deal to have it."

    "Well, I thought as you do," said Lestrade. "On the other hand, thisMorse Hudson is the purveyor of busts in that part of London, andthese three were the only ones which had been in his shop for years.So, although, as you say, there are many hundreds of statues inLondon, it is very probable that these three were the only ones inthat district. Therefore, a local fanatic would begin with them.What do you think, Dr. Watson?"

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   "Oh, I am weary of questions!" cried Miss Cushing impatiently."You have two sisters, I believe."

    "The tea which had been ordered was brought up at the end of tenminutes; but the maid, as she approached the door, was surprised tohear the voices of her master and mistress in furious altercation. Sheknocked without receiving any answer, and even turned the handle,but only to find that the door was locked upon the inside. Naturallyenough she ran down to tell the cook, and the two women with thecoachman came up into the hall and listened to the dispute which wasstill raging. They all agreed that only two voices were to be heard,those of Barclay and of his wife. Barclay's remarks were subdued andabrupt so that none of them were audible to the listeners. The lady's,on the other hand, were most bitter, and when she raised her voicecould be plainly heard. 'You coward' she repeated over and over again.'What can be done now? What can be done now? Give me back my life. Iwill never so much as breathe the same air with you again! Youcoward You coward' Those were scraps of her conversation, ending ina sudden dreadful cry in the man's voice, with a crash, and a piercingscream from the woman. Convinced that some tragedy had occurred, thecoachman rushed to the door and strove to force it, while scream afterscream issued from within. He was unable, however, to make his way in,and the maids were too distracted with fear to be of any assistance tohim. A sudden thought struck him, however, and he ran through the halldoor and round to the lawn upon which the long French windows open.One side of the window was open, which I understand was quite usual inthe summertime, and he passed without difficulty into the room. Hismistress had ceased to scream and was stretched insensible upon acouch, while with his feet tilted over the side of an armchair, andhis head upon the ground near the corner of the fender, was lyingthe unfortunate soldier stone dead in a pool of his own blood."Naturally, the coachman's first thought, on finding that he coulddo nothing for his master, was to open the door. But here anunexpected and singular difficulty presented itself. The key was notin the inner side of the door, nor could he find it anywhere in theroom. He went out again, therefore, through the window, and, havingobtained the help of a policeman and of a medical man, he returned.The lady, against whom naturally the strongest suspicion rested, wasremoved to her room, still in a state of insensibility. Thecolonel's body was then placed upon the sofa and a careful examinationmade of the scene of the tragedy.

    "I fear I cannot help you much. His only correspondent, so far asI know, was his own father."

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   "What is this, Mr. Holmes?" he asked. "I had your note and I havecome. But what has this man to do with the matter?"<  "Then tell me about it."

    "Exactly! But does the name Isadora Klein convey nothing to you? Shewas, of course, the celebrated beauty. There was never a woman totouch her. She is pure Spanish, the real blood of the masterfulConquistadors, and her people have been leaders in Pernambuco forgenerations. She married the aged German sugar king, Klein, andpresently found herself the richest as well as the most lovely widowupon earth. Then there was an interval of adventure when she pleasedher own tastes. She had several lovers, and Douglas Maberley, one ofthe most striking men in London, was one of them. It was by allaccounts more than an adventure with him. He was not a societybutterfly but a strong, proud man who gave and expected all. But sheis the 'belle dame sans merci' of fiction. When her caprice issatisfied the matter is ended, and if the other party in the mattercan't take her word for it she knows how to bring it home to him.""Then that was his own story-"

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   "'Only that the papers were in the back drawer of the Japanesecabinet.'

    "It's a dog," said I.

<  "I knew you would not shrink at the last," said he, and for a momentI saw something in his eyes which was nearer to tenderness than Ihad ever seen. The next instant he was his masterful, practical selfonce more.   Never shall I forget the Duke's appearance as he sprang up andclawed with his hands, like one who is sinking into an abyss. Then,with an extraordinary effort of aristocratic self-command, he sat downand sank his face in his hands. It some minutes before he spoke."How much do you know?" he asked at last, without raising his head."I saw you together last night."

    "I think that there you ask a little too much," responded hisLordship. "I may be forced to acquiesce in these recentdevelopments, but I can hardly be expected to make merry over them.I think that with your permission I will now wish you all a verygood-night." He included us all in a sweeping bow and stalked out ofthe room.


<  "Ah! that is suggestive. Now, on the other side of this narrowwing runs the corridor from which these three rooms open. There arewindows in it, of course?"   "Sir Robert has never married. Just as well, I think, consideringhis prospects. He lives with his widowed sister, Lady BeatriceFalder."

    "Who shot him, then?"





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恒星下载罗欣爱尔兰总理宣布将于2月8日举行大选   "Ah, the rascal!" he cried. "Yes, indeed, I know him very well. Thishas always been a respectable establishment, and the only time that wehave ever had the police in it was over this very fellow. It wasmore than a year ago now. He knifed another Italian in the street, andthen he came to the works with the police on his heels, and he wastaken here. Beppo was his name- his second name I never knew. Serve meright for engaging a man with such a face. But he was a goodworkman- one of the best." 【详细】

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