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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I need not say that I have confirmed it, Watson," said Holmes asI returned the paper. "Do you know anything of this man Damery?""Only that this name is a household word in society."
2.  I was forced to confess that he was right. "After all," said I, "theclue of the matter lies probably here in town."
3.  Holmes took his pipe from his lips.
4.  "If this is a joke, sir, it is a very questionable one," said thevicar angrily. "I have never heard of the gentleman you name, and Ihave not sent a wire to anyone."
5.  "Thank you," said Holmes, "I only wished to ask you how youwould go from here to the Strand."
6.  "I think I can, Stackhurst. Come with me now! And you, Inspector,come along! We will see if we cannot deliver this murderer into yourhands."


1.  "Yes, to-day, if you like."
2.  "'Undoubtedly so. But you will find that all I say is really tothe point. I have a professional commission for you, but absolutesecrecy is quite essential-absolute secrecy, you understand, and ofcourse we may expect that more from a man who is alone than from onewho lives in the bosom of his family.'
3.  "Exactly, Watson. Pathetic and futile. But is not all lifepathetic and futile? Is not his story a microcosm of the whole? Wereach. We grasp. And what is left in our hands at the end? A shadow.Or worse than a shadow- misery."
4.  "For twenty minutes I had sat motionless, thinking the matter out.Musgrave still stood with a very pale face, swinging his lantern andpeering down into the hole.
5.  He was standing at the open front of a great case which stoodbetween the windows and which contained part of his Chinesecollection. He turned as I entered with a small brown vase in hishand.
6.  "Very good, Watson. What did he say?"


1.  .
2.  "It has been done. Thanks to the telephone and the help of the Yard,I can usually get my essentials without leaving this room. As a matterof fact, my information confirms the man's story. He has the localrepute of being a miser as well as a harsh and exacting husband.That he had a large sum of money in that strongroom of his is certain.So also is it that young Dr. Ernest, an unmarried man, played chesswith Amberley, and probably played the fool with his wife. All thisseems plain sailing, and one would think that there was no more tobe said- and yet!- and yet!"
3.  "In search of the body of lady St. Simon."
4.  "I have a few dates here which will give you the career of thedead man, Captain Peter Carey. He was born in '45- fifty years of age.He was a most daring and successful seal and whale fisher. In 1883he commanded the steam sealer Sea Unicorn, of Dundee. He had thenhad several successful voyages in succession, and in the followingyear, 1884, he retired. After that he travelled for some years, andfinally he bought a small place called Woodman's Lee, near Forest Row,in Sussex. There he has lived for six years, and there he died justa week ago to-day.
5.   "It is certainly the last thing you need," said Holmes, staring atour visitor's hideous mouth. "But it was the killing of youngPerkins outside the Holborn Bar- What! you're not going?"The negro had sprung back, and his face was leaden. "I won'tlisten to no such talk," said he. "What have I to do with this 'erePerkins, Masser Holmes? I was trainin' at the Bull Ring inBirmingham when this boy done gone get into trouble."
6.  "I, too, wished to have some words with you, Holmes. That is why Iam here. I won't deny that I intended to assault you just now."Holmes swung his leg on the edge of the table.


1.  "He said too much."
2.  "I fear, sir," said Holmes, "that, interesting and indeedessential as these details are, my inquiries must go more to theroot of things. What was the letter?"
3.  "Who killed Colonel James Barclay, then?"
4、  "Indeed, I have, sir. I am a quiet woman and live a retired life. Itis something new for me to see my name in the papers and to find thepolice in my house. I won't have those things in here, Mr. Lestrade.If you wish to see them you must go to the outhouse."
5、  "But you are joking. What can you gather from this oldbattered felt?"




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      "This is serious, Watson," he cried. "There is some devilry goingforward! Why should such a message stop in such a way? I should putScotland Yard in touch with this business- and yet, it is too pressingfor us to leave."

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      bright-looking, clean-shaven young fellow, who asked him to stepin.

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      "He was rattled and bustled by meeting this other fellow. Hehardly knew what he was doing."

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    {  "Never in the world could there be so devoted a son. My life ishis life. He is absorbed in what I say or do."

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      "Hardly enough, Mr. Holmes!" the old man cried in a high screamingvoice, with extraordinary malignancy upon his face. He got betweenus and the door as he spoke, and he shook his two hands at us withfurious passion. "You can hardly get out of it so easily as that." Hisface was convulsed, and he grinned and gibbered at us in his senselessrage. I am convinced that we should have had to fight our way out ofthe room if Mr. Bennett had not intervened.}

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      An answer had arrived to Holmes's telegram before our Surrey officerhad returned. Holmes read it and was about to place it in his notebookwhen he caught a glimpse of my expectant face. He tossed it acrosswith a laugh.

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      "`Where could I find him?'

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       "Indeed, I have nothing more to tell. Once or twice it seemed tome that he was on the point of telling me something. He spoke oneevening of the importance of the secret, and I have somerecollection that he said that no doubt foreign spies would pay agreat deal to have it."

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    {  "You've seen the paper, Mr. Holmes?" he asked, holding one out tous.

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      "Wonderful!" said Lestrade. "Wonderful! It's all as clear ascrystal, as you put it. But what is the object of this deep deception,Mr. Holmes?"