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ag环亚手机appios版下载【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  Carrie looked out again at the passing crowd.   He began to wish that he had compromised in some way or other--that he had sent the money. Perhaps he could do it up here. Hewould go in and see, anyhow. He would have no row. By the timehe reached his own street he was keenly alive to the difficultiesof his situation and wished over and over that some solutionwould offer itself, that he could see his way out. He alightedand went up the steps to the front door, but it was with anervous palpitation of the heart. He pulled out his key andtried to insert it, but another key was on the inside. He shookat the knob, but the door was locked. Then he rang the bell. Noanswer. He rang again--this time harder. Still no answer. Hejangled it fiercely several times in succession, but withoutavail. Then he went below.

    "What sort of work do you want to do?"

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   "Aw, let me go," she exclaimed angrily. "Duffer."

    Not trained to reason or introspect himself, he could not analysethe change that was taking place in his mind, and hence his body,but he felt the depression of it. Constant comparison betweenhis old state and his new showed a balance for the worse, whichproduced a constant state of gloom or, at least, depression.Now, it has been shown experimentally that a constantly subduedframe of mind produces certain poisons in the blood, calledkatastates, just as virtuous feelings of pleasure and delightproduce helpful chemicals called anastates. The poisonsgenerated by remorse inveigh against the system, and eventuallyproduce marked physical deterioration. To these Hurstwood wassubject.

    "Lie, eh!" she said, fiercely, but with returning reserve; "youmay call it a lie if you want to, but I know."

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   "Won't you come have a drink?"<  "Well," he said, as he came in from the hall in his workingclothes, and looked at Carrie through the dining-room door, "howdid you make out?"

    Carrie began to move quickly to the door.

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   "Here you are," he said to Carrie, when she came through again.

    "I want to see Miss Madenda," he said.

<  "But you didn't have much to do with him, did you?" went onDrouet, anxious for his own peace of mind to get some directdenial from her.   Carrie came in after he did.

    The latter laughed gleefully as she saw the hand coming her way.It was as if she were invincible when Hurstwood helped her.


<  Here, then, was Carrie, established in a pleasant fashion, freeof certain difficulties which most ominously confronted her,laden with many new ones which were of a mental order, andaltogether so turned about in all of her earthly relationshipsthat she might well have been a new and different individual.She looked into her glass and saw a prettier Carrie than she hadseen before; she looked into her mind, a mirror prepared of herown and the world's opinions, and saw a worse. Between these twoimages she wavered, hesitating which to believe.   "Suppose we have a little game of euchre?" suggested Hurstwood,after a light round of conversation. He was rather dexterous inavoiding everything that would suggest that he knew anything ofCarrie's past. He kept away from personalities altogether, andconfined himself to those things which did not concernindividuals at all. By his manner, he put Carrie at her ease,and by his deference and pleasantries he amused her. Hepretended to be seriously interested in all she said.

    The next act, however, settled what was to be done. Carrie wasthe chief feature of the play. The audience, the more it studiedher, the more it indicated its delight. Every other featurepaled beside the quaint, teasing, delightful atmosphere whichCarrie contributed while on the stage. Manager and companyrealised she had made a hit.





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