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北京快3多期开奖结果一【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  At this sound, as he was already partially exposed to view,he stepped back and concealed himself completely, remainingperfectly motionless. He had formed his resolution. If itwas Valentine alone, he would speak as she passed; if shewas accompanied, and he could not speak, still he should seeher, and know that she was safe; if they were strangers, hewould listen to their conversation, and might understandsomething of this hitherto incomprehensible mystery. Themoon had just then escaped from behind the cloud which hadconcealed it, and Morrel saw Villefort come out upon thesteps, followed by a gentleman in black. They descended, andadvanced towards the clump of trees, and Morrel soonrecognized the other gentleman as Doctor d'Avrigny.   "Ma foi," said Louis XVIII., "take it, such as it is, for Ihave not the time to procure you another. Blacas, let it beyour care to see that the brevet is made out and sent to M.de Villefort." Villefort's eyes were filled with tears ofjoy and pride; he took the cross and kissed it.

    "Who prepared it?"

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   Chapter 64The Beggar.

    "As true as I am a Christian," stammered Caderousse, "youwill make me die of fright!"

    "I trust and hope you never repeated to the count all thefoolish remarks we used to make about him?"

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   Having obtained the address of the person to whom the housein the Allees de Meillan belonged, Dantes next proceededthither, and, under the name of Lord Wilmore (the name andtitle inscribed on his passport), purchased the smalldwelling for the sum of twenty-five thousand francs, atleast ten thousand more than it was worth; but had its ownerasked half a million, it would unhesitatingly have beengiven. The very same day the occupants of the apartments onthe fifth floor of the house, now become the property ofDantes, were duly informed by the notary who had arrangedthe necessary transfer of deeds, etc., that the new landlordgave them their choice of any of the rooms in the house,without the least augmentation of rent, upon condition oftheir giving instant possession of the two small chambersthey at present inhabited.<  "Do you know," observed Franz, "that with such stories youmake me think of Ali Baba's enchanted cavern?"

    "Oh, it is impossible to doubt it," cried he, suddenly.

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   "And you took pleasure in beholding these dreadfulspectacles?"

    "Did you recognize?" Valentine groaned. "Oh, yes;" she said,"I saw, but I cannot believe!"

<  "I scarcely know," replied the count; "it was a littlesurprise prepared for me by my steward, and cost me -- well,somewhere about 30,000 francs." Debray conveyed the count'sreply to the baroness. Poor Danglars looked so crest-fallenand discomfited that Monte Cristo assumed a pitying airtowards him. "See," said the count, "how very ungratefulwomen are. Your kind attention, in providing for the safetyof the baroness by disposing of the horses, does not seem tohave made the least impression on her. But so it is; a womanwill often, from mere wilfulness, prefer that which isdangerous to that which is safe. Therefore, in my opinion,my dear baron, the best and easiest way is to leave them totheir fancies, and allow them to act as they please, andthen, if any mischief follows, why, at least, they have noone to blame but themselves." Danglars made no reply; he wasoccupied in anticipations of the coming scene betweenhimself and the baroness, whose frowning brow, like that ofOlympic Jove, predicted a storm. Debray, who perceived thegathering clouds, and felt no desire to witness theexplosion of Madame Danglars' rage, suddenly recollected anappointment, which compelled him to take his leave; whileMonte Cristo, unwilling by prolonging his stay to destroythe advantages he hoped to obtain, made a farewell bow anddeparted, leaving Danglars to endure the angry reproaches ofhis wife.   "No; you are, after all, a good companion; I will not detainyou, and will try to cure myself of my ambition."

    "This is a gloomy introduction, if I may judge from yourpallor and shuddering, Morrel."


<  Ali left the room. The cups of coffee were all prepared,with the addition of sugar, which had been brought forAlbert. Monte Cristo and Haidee took the beverage in theoriginal Arabian manner, that is to say, without sugar.Haidee took the porcelain cup in her little slender fingersand conveyed it to her mouth with all the innocentartlessness of a child when eating or drinking somethingwhich it likes. At this moment two women entered, bringingsalvers filled with ices and sherbet, which they placed ontwo small tables appropriated to that purpose. "My dearhost, and you, signora," said Albert, in Italian, "excuse myapparent stupidity. I am quite bewildered, and it is naturalthat it should be so. Here I am in the heart of Paris; but amoment ago I heard the rumbling of the omnibuses and thetinkling of the bells of the lemonade-sellers, and now Ifeel as if I were suddenly transported to the East; not suchas I have seen it, but such as my dreams have painted it.Oh, signora, if I could but speak Greek, your conversation,added to the fairy-scene which surrounds me, would furnishan evening of such delight as it would be impossible for meever to forget."   "Well," asked Franz, "what think you of the Count of MonteCristo?"

    "Captain or mate, M. Morrel, I shall always have thegreatest respect for those who possess the owners'confidence."





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