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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  In the drive of the wind and sleet they pushed in on one another.There were wrists, unprotected by coat or pocket, which were redwith cold. There were ears, half covered by every conceivablesemblance of a hat, which still looked stiff and bitten. In thesnow they shifted, now one foot, now another, almost rocking inunison.
2.  "We'll have a nice game of euchre."
3.  "Oh, he's nice enough," answered Carrie; "but he isn't sincere.He assumes such an air."
4.  Curiously this idea soon took hold of Hurstwood. His vanishingsum suggested that he would need sustenance. Why could notCarrie assist him a little until he could get something?
5.  "I'm not keeping anybody waiting," returned Jessica, sharply,stirred out of a cynical indifference to a sharp defence. "Isaid I wasn't hungry. I don't want any breakfast."
6.  Hurstwood, when he met her as agreed, reassured her on thisscore.


1.  For answer, her lips replied.
2.  "You think," he said, "I am happy; that I ought not to complain?If you were to meet all day with people who care absolutelynothing about you, if you went day after day to a place wherethere was nothing but show and indifference, if there was not oneperson in all those you knew to whom you could appeal forsympathy or talk to with pleasure, perhaps you would be unhappytoo.
3.  In the morning she got up and started out a little early. Herdecision to hunt for work was moderately strong, but the money inher pocket, after all her troubling over it, made the workquestion the least shade less terrible. She walked into thewholesale district, but as the thought of applying came with eachpassing concern, her heart shrank. What a coward she was, shethought to herself. Yet she had applied so often. It would bethe same old story. She walked on and on, and finally did gointo one place, with the old result. She came out feeling thatluck was against her. It was no use.
4.  Sitting in his room with Carrie the same day, he decided to sendthe money back. He would write Fitzgerald and Moy, explain all,and then send it by express. Maybe they would forgive him.Perhaps they would ask him back. He would make good the falsestatement he had made about writing them. Then he would leavethis peculiar town.
5.  "You look fine that way, Cad," he said.
6.  He did not even detect the shade of melancholy which settled inher eyes. Worst of all, she now began to feel the loneliness ofthe flat and seek the company of Mrs. Vance, who liked herexceedingly.


1.  "Well," he said, after a time, his nature recovering itself,"that's a pretty tough game over there."
2.  On Friday Carrie remembered her appointment with Hurstwood, andthe passing of the hour when she should, by all right of promise,have been in his company served to keep the calamity which hadbefallen her exceedingly fresh and clear. In her nervousness andstress of mind she felt it necessary to act, and consequently puton a brown street dress, and at eleven o'clock started to visitthe business portion once again. She must look for work.
3.  "Don't go and try to knock around now without any money. Let mehelp you," he said. "It's no easy thing to go on your own hookhere."
4.  "Friday," said Drouet. "Had a fine trip."
5.   Hurstwood paid some little attention to this. Somehow, he felt alittle superior to these two--a little better off. To him thesewere ignorant and commonplace, poor sheep in a driver's hand.
6.  Drouet followed him with his eyes, much interested.


1.  "Oh, you are?" he said.
2.  "She's going along with me this time," said Drouet.
3.  He asked her one or two more questions and then turned to playwith the baby, leaving the subject until it was brought up againby Minnie at the table.
5、  Carrie stepped along easily enough after they got out of the carat Thirty-fourth Street, but soon fixed her eyes upon the lovelycompany which swarmed by and with them as they proceeded. Shenoticed suddenly that Mrs. Vance's manner had rather stiffenedunder the gaze of handsome men and elegantly dressed ladies,whose glances were not modified by any rules of propriety. Tostare seemed the proper and natural thing. Carrie found herselfstared at and ogled. Men in flawless top-coats, high hats, andsilver-headed walking sticks elbowed near and looked too ofteninto conscious eyes. Ladies rustled by in dresses of stiffcloth, shedding affected smiles and perfume. Carrie noticedamong them the sprinkling of goodness and the heavy percentage ofvice. The rouged and powdered cheeks and lips, the scented hair,the large, misty, and languorous eye, were common enough. With astart she awoke to find that she was in fashion's crowd, onparade in a show place--and such a show place! Jewellers' windowsgleamed along the path with remarkable frequency. Florist shops,furriers, haberdashers, confectioners--all followed in rapidsuccession. The street was full of coaches. Pompous doormen inimmense coats, shiny brass belts and buttons, waited in front ofexpensive salesrooms. Coachmen in tan boots, white tights, andblue jackets waited obsequiously for the mistresses of carriageswho were shopping inside. The whole street bore the flavour ofriches and show, and Carrie felt that she was not of it. Shecould not, for the life of her, assume the attitude and smartnessof Mrs. Vance, who, in her beauty, was all assurance. She couldonly imagine that it must be evident to many that she was theless handsomely dressed of the two. It cut her to the quick, andshe resolved that she would not come here again until she lookedbetter. At the same time she longed to feel the delight ofparading here as an equal. Ah, then she would be happy!




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      "Think of that!" he said, addressing some problematicalindividual. "You oughtn't to be doing anything like that. Thesegirls," and he waved an inclusion of all shop and factory girls,"don't get anything. Why, you can't live on it, can you?"

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      Chapter VI

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       After he had studied his paper a few moments longer, he felt thathe ought to modify matters in some way or other. Evidently hiswife was not going to patch up peace at a word. So he said:

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      Drouet noticed this. He saw the new bow in her hair and the newway of arranging her locks which she affected one morning.

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    {  "Not yet," said Carrie.

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      She had seen comparatively little of the manager during thewinter, but had been kept constantly in mind of him by one thingand another, principally by the strong impression he had made.She was quite disturbed for the moment as to her appearance, butsoon satisfied herself by the aid of the mirror, and went below.}

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      This unique individual was no less than an ex-soldier turnedreligionist, who, having suffered the whips and privations of ourpeculiar social system, had concluded that his duty to the Godwhich he conceived lay in aiding his fellow-man. The form of aidwhich he chose to administer was entirely original with himself.It consisted of securing a bed for all such homeless wayfarers asshould apply to him at this particular spot, though he hadscarcely the wherewithal to provide a comfortable habitation forhimself. Taking his place amid this lightsome atmosphere, hewould stand, his stocky figure cloaked in a great cape overcoat,his head protected by a broad slouch hat, awaiting the applicantswho had in various ways learned the nature of his charity. For awhile he would stand alone, gazing like any idler upon an ever-fascinating scene. On the evening in question, a policemanpassing saluted him as "captain," in a friendly way. An urchinwho had frequently seen him before, stopped to gaze. All otherstook him for nothing out of the ordinary, save in the matter ofdress, and conceived of him as a stranger whistling and idlingfor his own amusement.

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      "We'll have a nice game of euchre."

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       "What!" said Carrie. "You don't mean to say he stole money, doyou?"

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    {  "Yes, it does."

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      "Let's see," he went on, "I know quite a number of people in yourtown. Morgenroth the clothier and Gibson the dry goods man."