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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then why do you apply to me?"
2.  "True, I had forgotten that."
3.  "Your age?" continued Villefort.
4.  "That, too, is impossible."
5.  "Well, and if he were to lose them?" said Monte Cristo.
6.  "I had told your excellency he is the most famous bandit wehave had since the days of Mastrilla."


1.  "My dear Albert," returned Franz, "your answer is sublime,and worthy the `Let him die,' of Corneille, only, whenHorace made that answer, the safety of Rome was concerned;but, as for us, it is only to gratify a whim, and it wouldbe ridiculous to risk our lives for so foolish a motive."Albert poured himself out a glass of lacryma Christi, whichhe sipped at intervals, muttering some unintelligible words.
2.  "Whichever you please -- there to the left."
3.  "Ah, how good you are to say so, Valentine! You possess aquality which can never belong to Mademoiselle Danglars. Itis that indefinable charm which is to a woman what perfumeis to the flower and flavor to the fruit, for the beauty ofeither is not the only quality we seek."
4.  "Does Mademoiselle Danglars object to this marriage with M.de Morcerf on account of loving another?"
5.  "Excuse me, madame, but I must go up to Maximilian's roomthis instant," replied Monte Cristo, "I have something ofthe greatest importance to tell him."
6.  "It is well. Adieu, mademoiselle. Continue to be the good,sweet girl you are at present, and I have great hopes thatheaven will reward you by giving you Emmanuel for ahusband."


1.  "Or, that the sea should become dry, as in the days ofPharaoh, and even then my vessels would become caravans."
2.  "Ah," said Albert, "it was she."
3.  "And, in truth, if you had not found me here," said thecount, "it might have proved a gallant adventure which wouldhave cost your friend dear; but now, be assured, his alarmwill be the only serious consequence."
4.  "When shall you send your invitations?"
5.   He had entered Villefort's office expecting that themagistrate would tremble at the sight of him; on thecontrary, he felt a cold shudder all over him when he sawVillefort sitting there with his elbow on his desk, and hishead leaning on his hand. He stopped at the door; Villefortgazed at him as if he had some difficulty in recognizinghim; then, after a brief interval, during which the honestshipowner turned his hat in his hands, --
6.  "I believe they do. M. de Villefort has always passed for asevere but a just man."


1.  "Just the same as though you prayed that a physician mightonly be called upon to prescribe for headaches, measles, andthe stings of wasps, or any other slight affection of theepidermis. If you wish to see me the king's attorney, youmust desire for me some of those violent and dangerousdiseases from the cure of which so much honor redounds tothe physician."
2.  "Oh, madame, do not think that!"
3.  "Sir, unless you force me" --
4、  "Oh, let us have no gestures, no screams, no modern drama,or you will oblige me to tell you that I see Debray leavehere, pocketing the whole of the 500,000 livres you havehanded over to him this year, while he smiles to himself,saying that he has found what the most skilful players havenever discovered -- that is, a roulette where he winswithout playing, and is no loser when he loses." Thebaroness became enraged. "Wretch!" she cried, "will you dareto tell me you did not know what you now reproach me with?"
5、  "Instead of signing" --




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      "Upon your honor?"

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      "In the name of our child! Ah, for the sake of our child,let me live!"

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       "Such words as those belong to your profession," answeredCaderousse, "and you do well to repeat them; but," added he,with a bitter expression of countenance, "one is free tobelieve them or not, as one pleases."

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      "And he is not robbed?"

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    {  The appearance of the third gendarme settled the matter, fora crowd of curious loungers was extended before him,effectually blocking the entrance to the hotel. "They'reafter me!" was Andrea's first thought. "The devil!" A palloroverspread the young man's forehead, and he looked aroundhim with anxiety. His room, like all those on the samefloor, had but one outlet to the gallery in the sight ofeverybody. "I am lost!" was his second thought; and, indeed,for a man in Andrea's situation, an arrest meant theassizes, trial, and death, -- death without mercy or delay.For a moment he convulsively pressed his head within hishands, and during that brief period he became nearly madwith terror; but soon a ray of hope glimmered in themultitude of thoughts which bewildered his mind, and a faintsmile played upon his white lips and pallid cheeks. Helooked around and saw the objects of his search upon thechimney-piece; they were a pen, ink, and paper. With forcedcomposure he dipped the pen in the ink, and wrote thefollowing lines upon a sheet of paper: --

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      "Good," said the brigadier. "I will take charge of theinside one. Are the carbines loaded?"}

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      "Hollo! what's the matter at the Chateau d'If?" said thecaptain.

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      "For the sake of being a count. In Italy one must haveterritorial possessions to be a count."

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       "You know the environs of Paris, then?"

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    {  "Remember my words: `If you return home safely, I shallbelieve God has forgiven you, and I will forgive you also.'"

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      "You?" cried she, with tones of thrilling tenderness, "youare everywhere!" Monte Cristo took the delicate hand of theyoung girl in his, and was about to raise it to his lips,when the simple child of nature hastily withdrew it, andpresented her cheek. "You now understand, Haidee," said thecount, "that from this moment you are absolutely free; thathere you exercise unlimited sway, and are at liberty to layaside or continue the costume of your country, as it maysuit your inclination. Within this mansion you are absolutemistress of your actions, and may go abroad or remain inyour apartments as may seem most agreeable to you. Acarriage waits your orders, and Ali and Myrtho willaccompany you whithersoever you desire to go. There is butone favor I would entreat of you."