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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Excuse me, sir," replied the man, raising his hand to hiscap; "I am not up there, I know, but I have only just comedown."
2.  "What a confounded time this first act takes. I believe, onmy soul, that they never mean to finish it."
3.  "In a handsome, running hand."
4.  "Upon your honor?"
5.  "However stupid the royalist police may be, they do know oneterrible thing."
6.  "Oh, how extraordinary! I shall complain to M. de Villefortof the impertinence of his servants."


1.  "Against my murderer."
2.  "Yes, like a clap of thunder."
3.  "Ah, sir," said the minister of police to Villefort, as theyleft the Tuileries, "you entered by luck's door -- yourfortune is made."
4.  "I do."
5.  "Do not be uneasy, you little coward! All our servants arebusy, discussing the grand affair. Besides, what is thereastonishing, when you think of the grief I ought to be in,that I shut myself up? -- tell me!"
6.  "What would you have? 'Tis like a duel. I have alreadyrecorded sentence of death, five or six times, against themovers of political conspiracies, and who can say how manydaggers may be ready sharpened, and only waiting a favorableopportunity to be buried in my heart?"


1.  "Oh, yes, yes, cruelly!"
2.  The young man passed round to the side of the table wherethe fair pleader sat, and leaning over her chair saidtenderly, --
3.  "I have a dreadful headache," said Albert.
4.  "You shall pass it by twenty fathoms."
5.   No sooner had this idea taken possession of him than hebecame more composed, arranged his couch to the best of hispower, ate little and slept less, and found existence almostsupportable, because he felt that he could throw it off atpleasure, like a worn-out garment. Two methods ofself-destruction were at his disposal. He could hang himselfwith his handkerchief to the window bars, or refuse food anddie of starvation. But the first was repugnant to him.Dantes had always entertained the greatest horror ofpirates, who are hung up to the yard-arm; he would not dieby what seemed an infamous death. He resolved to adopt thesecond, and began that day to carry out his resolve. Nearlyfour years had passed away; at the end of the second he hadceased to mark the lapse of time.
6.  "I think not," replied Chateau-Renaud.


1.  "Quick, quick!" said Caderousse, "or I shall be unable tosign it."
2.  "Ah, indeed?" said Danglars; "and where was that?"
3.  "So be it," said the Englishman. "But to return to theseregisters."
4、  It was an imposing sight to witness this old man, apparentlya mere useless burden, becoming the sole protector, support,and adviser of the lovers who were both young, beautiful,and strong. His remarkably noble and austere expressionstruck Morrel, who began his story with trembling. Herelated the manner in which he had become acquainted withValentine, and how he had loved her, and that Valentine, inher solitude and her misfortune, had accepted the offer ofhis devotion. He told him his birth, his position, hisfortune, and more than once, when he consulted the look ofthe paralytic, that look answered, "That is good, proceed."
5、  "At the house of M. de Morcerf."




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      "Do you believe it?"

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      "I may go where I please."

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       "Well, my dear duke," replied Louis XVIII., "I think you arewrongly informed, and know positively that, on the contrary,it is very fine weather in that direction." Man of abilityas he was, Louis XVIII. liked a pleasant jest.

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      "Alas, no," said Albert; "nor even ancient Greek, my dearcount; never had Homer or Plato a more unworthy scholar thanmyself."

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    {  And Albert took out of a little pocket-book with goldenclasps, a remnant of his old fancies, or perhaps a tendersouvenir from one of the mysterious and veiled ladies whoused to knock at his little door, -- Albert took out of thispocket-book a note of 1,000 francs.

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      "Because, after nightfall, you are not safe fifty yards fromthe gates."}

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      "This communication," continued the procureur, in that coldand decisive tone which seemed at once to preclude alldiscussion, "will, we are sure, meet with your approbation."The eye of the invalid still retained that vacancy ofexpression which prevented his son from obtaining anyknowledge of the feelings which were passing in his mind; helistened, nothing more. "Sir," resumed Villefort, "we arethinking of marrying Valentine." Had the old man's face beenmoulded in wax it could not have shown less emotion at thisnews than was now to be traced there. "The marriage willtake place in less than three months," said Villefort.Noirtier's eye still retained its inanimate expression.

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      `Foul deeds will rise,Tho, all the earth o'erwhelm them to men's eyes;'

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       "It is not to be called amiability, it is her duty; a slavedoes not dictate to a master."

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    {  "Do you wish to know why he bought it?"

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      "Oh," said Danglars, becoming very pale, how you are runningon!"