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996ֻƱͻַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Yes, about it.""Ah, the rascal!" he cried. "Yes, indeed, I know him very well. Thishas always been a respectable establishment, and the only time that wehave ever had the police in it was over this very fellow. It wasmore than a year ago now. He knifed another Italian in the street, andthen he came to the works with the police on his heels, and he wastaken here. Beppo was his name- his second name I never knew. Serve meright for engaging a man with such a face. But he was a goodworkman- one of the best."

"And you mean to say that I could lie upon that bed and not be awarethat a woman had entered my room?"



"What have you against him?"

"You are just the man I want," said he. "Here's the agreement on thesidetable. If you sign it the whole matter will be settled."The seaman lurched across the room and took up the pen."Shall I sign here?" he asked, stooping over the table.Holmes leaned over his shoulder and passed both hands over his neck."This will do," said he.

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"But why don't you?"<"There is no mystery, my dear madam," said he, smiling. "The leftarm of your jacket is spattered with mud in no less than seven places.The marks are perfectly fresh. There is no vehicle save a dog-cartwhich throws up mud in that way, and then only when you sit on theleft-hand side of the driver."

"The bath!" he said; "the bath! Why the relaxing and expensiveTurkish rather than the invigorating home-made article?""Because for the last few days I have been feeling rheumatic andold. A Turkish bath is what we call an alterative in medicine- a freshstarting-point, a cleanser of the system.

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"...face bled considerably from the cuts and blows, But it wasnothing to the bleeding of his heart as he saw that lovely face, theface for which he had been prepared to sacrifice his very life,looking out at his agony and humiliation, She smiled- yes, byHeaven! she smiled, like the heartless fiend she was, as he lookedup at her. It was at that moment that love died and hate was born. Manmust live for something. If it is not for your embrace, my lady,then it shall surely be for your undoing and my complete revenge.""Queer grammar!" said Holmes with a smile as he handed the paperback to the inspector. "Did you notice how the 'he' suddenly changedto 'my'? The writer was so carried away by his own story that heimagined himself at the supreme moment to be the hero.

<"He was writing, 'We were murdered.'""And the note?" I asked.

"Who knows? The matter is certainly obscure. If I can't find whatthey are after, I must approach the matter from the other end andtry to get at the principal. Did this house-agent man give anyaddress?"


<"He rose also and looked at me in silence, shaking his head sadly."'Well, well,' said he at last. 'It seems a pity, but I have donewhat I could. I know every move of your game. You can do nothingbefore Monday. It has been a duel between you and me, Mr. Holmes.You hope to place me in the dock. I tell you that I will never standin the dock. You hope to beat me. I tell you that you will neverbeat me. If you are clever enough to bring destruction upon me, restassured that I shall do as much to you.'"Precisely. What do you make of the other?"

"How did you trace it, then?"





996ֻƱͻܸг׼븺嵥 ſһк "She broke away from your influence when she found the man thatyou are," said Holmes, sternly. "She fled from America to avoid you,and she married an honourable gentleman in England. You dogged her andfollowed her and made her life a misery to her, in order to induce herto abandon the husband whom she loved and respected in order to flywith you, whom she feared and hated. You have ended by bringingabout the death of a noble man and driving his wife to suicide. Thatis your record in this business, Mr. Abe Slaney, and you will answerfor it to the law." ϸ

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996ֻƱͻ˷뿡ˣ˳֣ΨƷֹƷҵ I may have remarked before that Holmes had, when he liked, apeculiarly ingratiating way with women, and that he very readilyestablished terms of confidence with them. In half the time which hehad named, he had captured the housekeeper's goodwill and was chattingwith her as if he had known her for years. ϸ

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