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Ӯ3appַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"In the queen's name?"M. de Treville, accompanied by the four young fellows, directedhis course toward the Louvre; but to the great astonishment ofthe captain of the Musketeers, he was informed that the king hadgone stag hunting in the forest of St. Germain. M. de Trevillerequired this intelligence to be repeated to him twice, and eachtime his companions saw his brow become darker.

Then those who dwelt in Bonacieux's unfortunate house, togetherwith the nearest neighbors, heard loud cries, stamping of feet,clashing of swords, and breaking of furniture. A moment after,those who, surprised by this tumult, had gone to their windows tolearn the cause of it, saw the door open, and four men, clothedin black, not COME out of it, but FLY, like so many frightenedcrows, leaving on the ground and on the corners of the furniture,feathers from their wings; that is to say, patches of theirclothes and fragments of their cloaks.


"Repudiated by her husband," said Athos.

M. de Treville employed this powerful weapon for the king, in thefirst place, and the friends of the king--and then for himselfand his own friends. For the rest, in the memoirs of thisperiod, which has left so many memoirs, one does not find thisworthy gentleman blamed even by his enemies; and he had many suchamong men of the pen as well as among men of the sword. In noinstance, let us say, was this worthy gentleman accused ofderiving personal advantage from the cooperation of his minions.Endowed with a rare genius for intrigue which rendered him theequal of the ablest intriguers, he remained an honest man. Stillfurther, in spite of sword thrusts which weaken, and painfulexercises which fatigue, he had become one of the most gallantfrequenters of revels, one of the most insinuating lady's men,one of the softest whisperers of interesting nothings of hisday; the BONNES FORTUNES of De Treville were talked of as thoseof M. de Bassompierre had been talked of twenty years before, andthat was not saying a little. The captain of the Musketeers wastherefore admired, feared, and loved; and this constitutes thezenith of human fortune.

"Go," said he, in a subdued voice, "and find Rochefort. Tell himto come to me immediately, if he has returned."

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"Alas," said D'Artagnan, "it is because I am the mostunfortunate? Tell me."

"A moment," said D'Artagnan. "I will not abandon Buckinghamthus. He gave us some very fine horses."

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"I hope so, monsieur."

"What she?" demanded the host.

<19 PLAN OF CAMPAIGN"Has anyone brought a letter for me?" asked D'Artagnan, eagerly."No one has BROUGHT a letter, monsieur," replied Planchet; "butone has come of itself."

"Hush!" said Porthos, placing a finger on his lips. "Ibelieve her to be a cardinalist; she must know nothing ofthe matter."


<"What do you say?""Well," cried Milady, in a sharp voice. "Are you asleep,that you don't answer when I ring?"

"Alas!" said D'Artagnan, with the most sentimental air hecould assume, "can you be cruel enough to put such aquestion to me--to me, who, from the moment I saw you, haveonly breathed and sighed through you and for you?"Milady smiled with a strange smile.





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Ӯ3appԬˮ֤ҵֱɫˮ ˱̾ "Well, then, I wish that order of which you are bearer, seeingthat I have not one of my own and must have one.""You jest, I presume." ϸ

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