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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  With God come our desire;
2.  A light appeared under the door; this light announced thereappearance of her jailers. Milady, who had arisen, threwherself quickly into the armchair, her head thrown back, herbeautiful hair unbound and disheveled, her bosom half barebeneath her crumpled lace, one hand on her heart, and the otherhanging down.
3.  There were then, as now, a crowd of young and pretty women whocame to St. Cloud, and who had reasons for not being seen, andyet D'Artagnan did not for an instant doubt that it was Mme.Bonacieux whom the boatman had noticed.
4.  "I know it," said Athos, coolly, "since here it is."And the three friends did not exchange another word tillthey reached their quarters, except to give the watchword tothe sentinels. Only they sent Mousqueton to tell Planchetthat his master was requested, the instant that he left thetrenches, to come to the quarters of the Musketeers.Milady, as Athos had foreseen, on finding the two men thatawaited her, made no difficulty in following them. She hadhad for an instant an inclination to be reconducted to thecardinal, and relate everything to him; but a revelation onher part would bring about a revelation on the part ofAthos. She might say that Athos had hanged her; but thenAthos would tell that she was branded. She thought it wasbest to preserve silence, to discreetly set off toaccomplish her difficult mission with her usual skill; andthen, all things being accomplished to the satisfaction ofthe cardinal, to come to him and claim her vengeance.In consequence, after having traveled all night, at seveno'clock she was at the fort of the Point; at eight o'clockshe had embarked; and at nine, the vessel, which withletters of marque from the cardinal was supposed to besailing for Bayonne, raised anchor, and steered its coursetoward England.
5.  "Not at all," said Athos, calmly.
6.  "Now," continued Aramis, "as the ladies did not see the singercome back, and as he was found in the Rue Payenne with a greatsword wound through his body, it was supposed that I hadaccommodated him thus; and the matter created some scandal whichobliged me to renounce the cassock for a time. Athos, whoseacquaintance I made about that period, and Porthos, who had inaddition to my lessons taught me some effective tricks of fence,prevailed upon me to solicit the uniform of a Musketeer. Theking entertained great regard for my father, who had fallen atthe siege Arras, and the uniform was granted. You may understandthat the moment has come for me to re-enter the bosom of theChurch."


1.  "You are a brave young man," said Buckingham, holding out hishand to D'Artagnan, who pressed it respectfully. "You offer meyour services; with the same frankness I accept them. Follow usat a distance of twenty paces, as far as the Louvre, and ifanyone watches us, slay him!"
2.  "One of your friends?" interrupted Mme. Bonacieux."Without doubt; Aramis is one of my best friends.""Aramis! Who is he?"
3.  Dec. 3, 1627
4.  "Well, then, I wish that order of which you are bearer, seeingthat I have not one of my own and must have one.""You jest, I presume."
5.  When D'Artagnan arrived in sight of the bare spot of ground whichextended along the foot of the monastery, Athos had been waitingabout five minutes, and twelve o'clock was striking. He was,then, as punctual as the Samaritan woman, and the most rigorouscasuist with regard to duels could have nothing to say.Athos, who still suffered grievously from his wound, though ithad been dressed anew by M. de Treville's surgeon, was seated ona post and waiting for his adversary with hat in hand, hisfeather even touching the ground.
6.  "A man who will not tell his name, but who comes from the cardinal.""And who wishes to speak with me?"


1.  "Let us go to the Parpaillot, then, for here the walls arelike sheets of paper."
2.  "Hush!" interrupted Athos. "You forget, my dear, you forgetthat these gentlemen are not initiated into my familyaffairs like yourself. I have seen Milady."
3.  "He will be one, as he says," cried Porthos; "he will be one,sooner or later."
4.  "Because she had been branded," continued D'Artagnan."Bah!" cried Porthos. "Impossible! What do you say--thatshe wanted to have her brother-in-law killed?"
5.   Athos was seized with a kind of vertigo. The sight of thiscreature, who had nothing of the woman about her, recalledawful remembrances. He thought how one day, in a lessdangerous situation than the one in which he was now placed,he had already endeavored to sacrifice her to his honor.His desire for blood returned, burning his brain andpervading his frame like a raging fever; he arose in histurn, reached his hand to his belt, drew forth a pistol, andcocked it.
6.  "And who is that other person?" asked Milady, warmly. "Can younot tell me his name?"


1.  In this waiting room were five or six of the cardinalsGuards, who recognized D'Artagnan, and knowing that it washe who had wounded Jussac, they looked upon him with a smileof singular meaning.
2.  Athos rose, and offering him his hand, "Be welcome, my Lord," said he,"you are one of us."
3.  "It is indeed."
4、  Felton was a Puritan; he abandoned the hand of this woman to kissher feet.
5、  "I have given you proof of that, it seems to me.""And I am yours, body and soul!"




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      The young man then entered the apartment of Aramis. He found himkneeling before a PRIEDIEU with his head leaning on an open prayer book.He described to him his interview with the cardinal, and said, for thethird time drawing his commission from his pocket, "You, our friend, ourintelligence, our invisible protector, accept this commission. You havemerited it more than any of us by your wisdom and your counsels, alwaysfollowed by such happy results."

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      On entering the court of his hotel, Buckingham sprang from hishorse, and without thinking what became of the animal, threw thebridle on his neck, and sprang toward the vestibule. D'Artagnandid the same, with a little more concern, however, for the noblecreatures, whose merits he fully appreciated; but he had thesatisfaction of seeing three or four grooms run from the kitchensand the stables, and busy themselves with the steeds.The duke walked so fast that D'Artagnan had some trouble inkeeping up with him. He passed through several apartments, of anelegance of which even the greatest nobles of France had not evenan idea, and arrived at length in a bedchamber which was at oncea miracle of taste and of richness. In the alcove of thischamber was a door concealed in the tapestry which the dukeopened with a little gold key which he wore suspended from hisneck by a chain of the same metal. With discretion D'Artagnanremained behind; but at the moment when Buckingham crossed thethreshold, he turned round, and seeing the hesitation of theyoung man, "Come in!" cried he, "and if you have the good fortuneto be admitted to her Majesty's presence, tell her what you haveseen."

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       "Without reckoning that he dresses as nobody else can," saidPorthos. "I was at the Louvre on the day when he scattered hispearls; and, PARDIEU, I picked up two that I sold for tenpistoles each. Do you know him, Aramis?"

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      "Monsieur the Duke," said M. de Treville, "I was so confident ofyour loyalty that I required no other defender before his Majestythan yourself. I find that I have not been mistaken, and I thankyou that there is still one man in France of whom may be said,without disappointment, what I have said of you.""That's well said," cried the king, who had heard all thesecompliments through the open door; "only tell him, Treville,since he wishes to be considered your friend, that I also wish tobe one of his, but he neglects me; that it is nearly three yearssince I have seen him, and that I never do see him unless I sendfor him. Tell him all this for me, for these are things which aking cannot say for himself."

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    {  "But this secret is not mine, and I cannot reveal it in thismanner."

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      "In the king's service?"}

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      "But your companions?"

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      He then thought, with a touch of vexation, that perhaps the youngwoman had fallen asleep while waiting for him. He approached thewall, and tried to climb it; but the wall had been recentlypointed, and D'Artagnan could get no hold.

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       "You will send him to me."

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    {  "I wished to explain this plan to you on the day youreceived my first invitation; but you did not come.Fortunately, nothing is lost by this delay, and you are nowabout to hear it. Sit down there, before me, d'Artagnan;you are gentleman enough not to listen standing." And thecardinal pointed with his finger to a chair for the youngman, who was so astonished at what was passing that heawaited a second sign from his interlocutor before heobeyed.

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      "Yes, monsigneur; but these suspicions appeared to bedisagreeable to Monsieur the Commissary, and I no longer havethem."