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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'Lately engaged at Coxon & Woodhouse's?'
2.  Sulkily our host- if I may call him so- cleared the path to thedoor. We were glad to find ourselves outside the house and in thequiet of the tree-lined drive. Holmes seemed greatly amused by theepisode.
3.  "My dear Holmes!"
4.  "At the moment, however, we had no thought for the old chest, forour eyes were riveted upon that which crouched beside it. It was thefigure of a man, clad in a suit of black, who squatted down upon hishams with his forehead sunk upon the edge of the box and his twoarms thrown out on each side of it. The attitude had drawn all thestagnant blood to the face, and no man could have recognized thatdistorted liver-coloured countenance; but his height, his dress, andhis hair were all sufficient to show my client, when we had drawnthe body up, that it was indeed his missing butler. He had been deadsome days, but there was no wound or bruise upon his person to showhow he had met his dreadful end. When his body had been carried fromthe cellar we found ourselves still confronted with a problem whichwas almost as formidable as that with which we had started."I confess that so far, Watson, I had been disappointed in myinvestigation. I had reckoned upon solving the matter when once Ihad found the place referred to in the Ritual; but now I was there,and was apparently as far as ever from knowing what it was which thefamily had concealed with such elaborate precautions. It is truethat I had thrown a light upon the fate of Brunton, but now I had toascertain how that fate had come upon him, and what part had beenplayed in the matter by the woman who had disappeared. I sat down upona keg in the corner and thought the whole matter carefully over."You know my methods in such cases, Watson. I put myself in theman's place, and, having first gauged his intelligence, I try toimagine how I should myself have proceeded under the samecircumstances. In this case the matter was simplified by Brunton'sintelligence being quite first-rate, so that it was unnecessary tomake any allowance for the personal equation, as the astronomershave dubbed it. He knew that something valuable was concealed. Hehad spotted the place. He found that the stone which covered it wasjust too heavy for a man to move unaided. What would he do next? Hecould not get help from outside, even if he had someone whom hecould trust, without the unbarring of doors and considerable risk ofdetection. It was better, if he could, to have his helpmate inside thehouse. But whom could he ask? This girl had been devoted to him. A manalways finds it hard to realize that he may have finally lost awoman's love, however badly he may have treated her. He would try by afew attentions to make his peace with the girl Howells, and then wouldengage her as his accomplice. Together they would come at night to thecellar, and their united force would suffice to raise the stone. Sofar I could follow their actions as if I had actually seen them."But for two of them, and one a woman, it must have been heavy work,the raising of that stone. A burly Sussex policeman and I had found itno light job. What would they do to assist them? Probably what Ishould have done myself. I rose and examined carefully the differentbillets of wood which were scattered round the floor. Almost at once Icame upon what I expected. One piece, about three feet in length,had a very marked indentation at one end, while several were flattenedat the sides as if they had been compressed by some considerableweight. Evidently, as they had dragged the stone up, they had thrustthe chunks of wood into the chink until at last when the opening waslarge enough to crawl through, they would hold it open by a billetplaced lengthwise, which might very well become indented at thelower end, since the whole weight of the stone would press it downon to the edge of this other slab. So far I was still on safe ground."And now how was I to proceed to reconstruct this midnight drama?Clearly, only one could fit into the hole, and that one was Brunton.The girl must have waited above. Brunton then unlocked the box, handedup the contents presumably-since they were not to be found-andthen-and then what happened?
6.  The prisoner turned with the reckless; air of a man who abandonshimself to his destiny. "Be it so," said he. "And pray, what am Icharged with?"


1.  "No; we don't keep a cat. But there is a cheetah and a baboon.""Ah, yes, of course! Well, a cheetah is just a big cat, and yet asaucer of milk does not go very far in satisfying its wants, Idaresay. There is one point which I should wish to determine." Hesquatted down in front of the wooden chair and examined the seat of itwith the greatest attention.
2.  "`Then, good-bye, Mr. Jabez Wilson, and let me congratulateyou once more on the important position which you have beenfortunate enough to gain.' He bowed me out of the room, and Iwent home with my assistant, hardly knowing what to say or do, Iwas so pleased at my own good fortune.
3.  "It strikes me, Williamson, there isn't very much that we can tellthis gentleman," cried Carruthers, with a bitter laugh. "Yes, wequarreled, and he knocked me down. I am level with him on that,anyhow. Then I lost sight of him. That was when he picked up with thisoutcast padre here. I found that they had set up housekeeping togetherat this place on the line that she had to pass for the station. I keptmy eye on her after that, for I knew there was some devilry in thewind. I saw them from time to time, for I was anxious to know whatthey were after. Two days ago Woodley came up to my house with thiscable, which showed that Ralph Smith was dead. He asked me if Iwould stand by the bargain. I said I would not. He asked me if I wouldmarry the girl myself and give him a share. I said I would willinglydo so, but that she would not have me. He said, `Let us get hermarried first and after a week or two she may see things a bitdifferent.' I said I would have nothing to do with violence. So hewent off cursing, like the foul-mouthed blackguard that he was, andswearing that he would have her yet. She was leaving me this week-end,and I had got a trap to take her to the station, but I was so uneasyin my mind that I followed her on my bicycle. She had got a start,however, and before I could catch her, the mischief was done. Thefirst thing I knew about it was when I saw you two gentlemen drivingback in her dog-cart"
4.  "No, I had a dozen."
6.  "No stain! But there must-"


1.  fresh-complexioned young fellow, with a frank, honest face and aslight, crisp, yellow moustache. He wore a very shiny top-hat and aneat suit of sober black, which made him look what he was-a smartyoung City man, of the class who have been labelled cockneys, butwho give us our crack volunteer regiments, and who turn out morefine athletes and sportsmen than any body of men in these islands. Hisround, ruddy face was naturally full of cheeriness, but the corners ofhis mouth seemed to me to be pulled down in a half-comical distress.It was not, however, until we were in a first-class carriage andwell started upon our journey to Birmingham that I was able to learnwhat the trouble was which had driven him to Sherlock Holmes."We have a clear run here of seventy minutes," Holmes remarked. "Iwant you, Mr. Hall Pycroft, to tell my friend your very interestingexperience exactly as you have told it to me, or with more detail ifpossible. It will be of use to me to hear the succession of eventsagain. It is a case, Watson, which may prove to have something init, or may prove to have nothing, but which, at least, presents those:unusual and outre features which are as dear to you as they are to me.Now, Mr. Pycroft I shall not interrupt you again."
2.  "You know me, then?"
3.  "Not yet."
4.  "And a bitter, savage, spiteful quarrel at that. Why else would hegive away her pet spaniel that she loved as if he were her child? Hegave it a few days ago to old Barnes, what keeps the Green Dragon,three miles off, at Crendall."
5.   "But surely," said I, "the vampire was not necessarily a dead man? Aliving person might have the habit. I have read, for example, of theold sucking the blood of the young in order to retain their youth.""You are right, Watson. It mentions the legend in one of thesereferences. But are we to give serious attention to such things?This agency stands flat-footed upon the ground, and there it mustremain. The world is big enough for us. No ghosts need apply. I fearthat we cannot take Mr. Robert Ferguson very seriously. Possiblythis note may be from him and may throw some light upon what isworrying him."
6.  "You will excuse me," said Holmes blandly, "but I could nothelp overhearing the questions which you put to the salesman justnow. I think that I could be of assistance to you."


1.  Poor devil, how could I be angry when I saw him lying in such aplight before me?
2.  A cold and melancholy walk of a couple of miles brought us to a highwooden gate, which opened into a gloomy avenue of chestnuts. Thecurved and shadowed drive led us to a low, dark house, pitch-blackagainst a slate-coloured sky. From the front window upon the left ofthe door there peeped a glimmer of a feeble light.
3.  "Pangs shot through the chest, causing me to fall as if struck bya bullet. The pulsation would cease, and then the heart would give sixor seven leaps as if it would force its way through the chest."It nearly killed him, although he had only been exposed to it inthe disturbed ocean and not in the narrow calm waters of abathing-pool. He says that he could hardly recognize himselfafterwards, so white, wrinkled and shrivelled was his face. Hegriped down brandy, a whole bottleful, and it seems to have savedhis life. There is the book, Inspector. I leave it with you, and youcannot doubt that it contains a full explanation of the tragedy ofpoor McPherson."
4、  "Because I recognized their sentinel when I glanced out of mywindow. He is a harmless enough fellow, Parker by name, a garroterby trade, and a remarkable performer upon the jew's-harp. I carednothing for him. But I cared a great deal for the much more formidableperson who was behind him, the bosom friend of Moriarty, the man whodropped the rocks over the cliff, the most cunning and dangerouscriminal in London. That is the man who is after me to-night Watson,and that is the man who is quite unaware that we are after him."My friend's plans were gradually revealing themselves. From thisconvenient retreat, the watchers were being watched and the trackerstracked. That angular shadow up yonder was the bait, and we were thehunters. In silence we stood together in the darkness and watchedthe hurrying figures who passed and repassed in front of us. Holmeswas silent and motionless; but I could tell that he was keenlyalert, and that his eyes were fixed intently upon the stream ofpassers-by. It was a bleak and boisterous night and the windwhistled shrilly down the long street. Many people were moving toand fro, most of them muffled in their coats and cravats. Once ortwice it seemed to me that I had seen the same figure before, and Iespecially noticed two men who appeared to be sheltering themselvesfrom the wind in the doorway of a house some distance up the street. Itried to draw my companion's attention to them; but he gave a littleejaculation of impatience, and continued to stare into the street.More than once he fidgeted with his feet and tapped rapidly with hisfingers upon the wall. It was evident to me that he was becominguneasy, and that his plans were not working out altogether as he hadhoped. At last, as midnight approached and the street graduallycleared, he paced up and down the room in uncontrollable agitation.I was about to make some remark to him, when I raised my eyes to thelighted window, and again experienced almost as great a surprise asbefore. I clutched Holmes's arm, and pointed upward.
5、  "Strong language, Mr. Bates."




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      "You must leave it as it is. I shall drop round early to-morrowmorning and chat the matter over. It is possible that I may be in aposition then to indicate some course of action. Meanwhile, you changenothing- nothing at all."

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      "Well, I got the two dozen from a salesman in Covent Garden.""Indeed? I know some of them. Which was it?"

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       "Well," said Lestrade, "I've seen you handle a good many cases,Mr. Holmes, but I don't know that I ever knew a more workmanlike onethan that. We're not jealous of you at Scotland Yard. No, sir, weare very proud of you, and if you come down to-morrow, there's not aman, from the oldest inspector to the youngest constable, who wouldn'tbe glad to shake you by the hand."

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      Sam Merton's slow intellect had only gradually appreciated thesituation. Now, as the sound of heavy steps came from the stairsoutside, he broke silence at last.

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    {  My friend threw out the information in a very offhand way, but I sawthat he cocked his eye at me to see if I had followed his reasoning."You think a man must be well-to-do if he smokes a seven-shillingpipe?" said I.

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      Lestrade laughed.}

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      "Did you take it?"

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      "Of sudden death. I'm expecting something this evening.""Expecting what?"

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       She darted across to a writing-desk, unlocked it, and drew out along blue envelope.

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    {  "Pray let us have it, for all that."

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      "Go and do the other half," said Holmes. "I at least, am notprepared to prevent you."