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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  At the same time that the steamer disappeared behind CapeMorgion, a man travelling post on the road from Florence toRome had just passed the little town of Aquapendente. He wastravelling fast enough to cover a great deal of groundwithout exciting suspicion. This man was dressed in agreatcoat, or rather a surtout, a little worse for thejourney, but which exhibited the ribbon of the Legion ofHonor still fresh and brilliant, a decoration which alsoornamented the under coat. He might be recognized, not onlyby these signs, but also from the accent with which he spoketo the postilion, as a Frenchman. Another proof that he wasa native of the universal country was apparent in the factof his knowing no other Italian words than the terms used inmusic, and which like the "goddam" of Figaro, served allpossible linguistic requirements. "Allegro!" he called outto the postilions at every ascent. "Moderato!" he cried asthey descended. And heaven knows there are hills enoughbetween Rome and Florence by the way of Aquapendente! Thesetwo words greatly amused the men to whom they wereaddressed. On reaching La Storta, the point from whence Romeis first visible, the traveller evinced none of theenthusiastic curiosity which usually leads strangers tostand up and endeavor to catch sight of the dome of St.Peter's, which may be seen long before any other object isdistinguishable. No, he merely drew a pocketbook from hispocket, and took from it a paper folded in four, and afterhaving examined it in a manner almost reverential, he said-- "Good! I have it still!"
2.  "Yes, true," replied Madame de Villefort, somewhat uneasily,"I remember now."
3.  "Perhaps," returned the count, smiling.
4.  "Oh, if you take it in that sense," said Caderousse, "it isanother thing. But I thought you were a Catalan, and theytold me the Catalans were not men to allow themselves to besupplanted by a rival. It was even told me that Fernand,especially, was terrible in his vengeance."
5.  "So, then, Gaetano," said Franz, "this is, then, allreality; there exists a man who has received me in thisisland, entertained me right royally, and his departed whileI was asleep?"
6.  "You do wrong."


1.  "But the child -- the child, sir?" repeated the agitatedmother.
2.  "Why, it seems to me," replied Morrel, "that in deliveringM. de Morcerf, whom you did not know, you did good to yourneighbor and to society."
3.  "But then you would be close to the sea?"
4.  "Pardieu, I have bought enough fish of him to know hisname."
5.  "You will obey your own wish and the will of heaven!"
6.  "Of course."


1.  "Shall I go and fetch it, doctor?" inquired Villefort.
2.  "Yes; but why need this annoy you?"
3.  Chapter 11The Corsican Ogre.
4.  "Why, really the thing seems to me simple enough. Nobodyknows better than yourself that the bandits of Corsica arenot rogues or thieves, but purely and simply fugitives,driven by some sinister motive from their native town orvillage, and that their fellowship involves no disgrace orstigma; for my own part, I protest that, should I ever go toCorsica, my first visit, ere even I presented myself to themayor or prefect, should be to the bandits of Colomba, if Icould only manage to find them; for, on my conscience, theyare a race of men I admire greatly."
5.   "True," said Noirtier, looking carelessly around him, "true,if this person were not on his guard, as he is;" and headded with a smile, "He will consequently make a few changesin his personal appearance." At these words he rose, and putoff his frock-coat and cravat, went towards a table on whichlay his son's toilet articles, lathered his face, took arazor, and, with a firm hand, cut off the compromisingwhiskers. Villefort watched him with alarm not devoid ofadmiration.
6.  "Go this moment to the Allees de Meillan, enter the houseNo. 15, ask the porter for the key of the room on the fifthfloor, enter the apartment, take from the corner of themantelpiece a purse netted in red silk, and give it to yourfather. It is important that he should receive it beforeeleven o'clock. You promised to obey me implicitly. Rememberyour oath.


1.  "Then you refuse me?"
2.  "Ah, you shall see; I promise you I will sustain my part toadmiration."
3.  "I? -- I kill my boy?" cried the distracted mother, rushingtoward Villefort; "I kill my son? Ha, ha, ha!" and afrightful, demoniac laugh finished the sentence, which waslost in a hoarse rattle. Madame de Villefort fell at herhusband's feet. He approached her. "Think of it, madame," hesaid; "if, on my return, justice his not been satisfied, Iwill denounce you with my own mouth, and arrest you with myown hands!" She listened, panting, overwhelmed, crushed; hereye alone lived, and glared horribly. "Do you understandme?" he said. "I am going down there to pronounce thesentence of death against a murderer. If I find you alive onmy return, you shall sleep to-night in the conciergerie."Madame de Villefort sighed; her nerves gave way, and shesunk on the carpet. The king's attorney seemed to experiencea sensation of pity; he looked upon her less severely, and,bowing to her, said slowly, "Farewell, madame, farewell!"That farewell struck Madame de Villefort like theexecutioner's knife. She fainted. The procureur went out,after having double-locked the door.
4、  "Enough, enough!" replied Caderousse; "say no more about it;I will take all the consequences upon myself." And he beganhis story.
5、  "And by whom are you forbidden?"




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      "But, monsieur, it is very natural," returned Bertuccio,"since it was in this house that my vengeance wasaccomplished."

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      `Foul deeds will rise,Tho, all the earth o'erwhelm them to men's eyes;'

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       "Fix it this way. I have seen you, and invited you withoutany ceremony, when you instantly answered that it would beimpossible for you to accept, as you were going to Treport."

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      "No." D'Avrigny took the bottle, poured some drops of themixture it contained in the hollow of his hand, andswallowed them. "Well," said he, "let us go to Valentine; Iwill give instructions to every one, and you, M. deVillefort, will yourself see that no one deviates fromthem."

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    {  "Do you wish to know why he bought it?"

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      "But there must be some cause for this strange scene."}

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      The inspector asked if they had anything else to ask for.They shook their heads. What could they desire beyond theirliberty? The inspector turned smilingly to the governor.

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      "Your servants," said he, "who were repeating the whole ofthe sorrowful story; from them I learned it all."

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       "Perhaps he knows you, though you do not know him; M. deMonte Cristo knows everybody."

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    {  "Ah, I understand," said Beauchamp, "on our friend Albert'saccount."

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      "Why do you mention my father?" stammered he; "why do youmingle a recollection of him with the affairs of today?"