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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The food is the same as in other prisons, -- that is, verybad; the lodging is very unhealthful, but, on the whole,passable for a dungeon; but it is not that which I wish tospeak of, but a secret I have to reveal of the greatestimportance."
2.  "Has he eaten anything lately?" asked Madame de Villefort,eluding her husband's question. "Madame," replied Valentine,"he has not even breakfasted. He has been running very faston an errand with which my grandfather charged him, and whenhe returned, took nothing but a glass of lemonade."
3.  "Have you never had the curiosity, when you have landed andfound this island deserted, to seek for this enchantedpalace?"
4.  "Sign it!" continued the count.
5.  "And the same love for you -- eh, my dear child?"
6.  "And what is it to me?" replied Monte Cristo, shrugging hisshoulders; "do I know those people? and must I lose the oneto save the other? Faith, no, for between the culprit andthe victim I have no choice."


1.  "He is worse than that, -- he is a devil!" returned theturnkey.
2.  "Well, then," pursued Madame G---- with considerableanimation, "you can probably tell me who won the Jockey Clubstakes?"
3.  * Louis David, a famous French painter.
4.  "This is Tuesday -- well, to-morrow evening we leave, andthe day after we shall be at Treport. Really, count, youhave a delightful way of setting people at their ease."
5.  "But, sir," remarked the young woman, "these Easternsocieties, in the midst of which you have passed a portionof your existence, are as fantastic as the tales that comefrom their strange land. A man can easily be put out of theway there, then; it is, indeed, the Bagdad and Bassora ofthe `Thousand and One Nights.' The sultans and viziers whorule over society there, and who constitute what in Francewe call the government, are really Haroun-al-Raschids andGiaffars, who not only pardon a poisoner, but even make hima prime minister, if his crime has been an ingenious one,and who, under such circumstances, have the whole storywritten in letters of gold, to divert their hours ofidleness and ennui."
6.  "The letter signed `Sinbad the Sailor,' is it not?"


1.  "Ah, that is where the art comes in. To be a great chemistin the East, one must direct chance; and this is to beachieved." -- Madame de Villefort was in deep thought, yetlistened attentively. "But," she exclaimed, suddenly,"arsenic is indelible, indestructible; in whatsoever way itis absorbed, it will be found again in the body of thevictim from the moment when it has been taken in sufficientquantity to cause death."
2.  "Nothing, sir; it is a resolution which my father has takenand I know he never alters his mind. I am quite resigned.These 900,000 francs will go out of the family in order toenrich some hospital; but it is ridiculous thus to yield tothe caprices of an old man, and I shall, therefore, actaccording to my conscience." Having said this, Villefortquitted the room with his wife, leaving his father atliberty to do as he pleased. The same day the will was made,the witnesses were brought, it was approved by the old man,sealed in the presence of all and given in charge to M.Deschamps, the family notary.
3.  "I know what happiness and what despair are, and I nevermake a jest of such feelings. Take it, then, but in exchange-- "
4.  Then, throwing himself back in his carriage, Danglars calledout to his coachman, in a voice that might be heard acrossthe road, "To the Chamber of Deputies."
5.   "My child," returned Monte Cristo "you know full well thatwhenever we part, it will be no fault or wish of mine; thetree forsakes not the flower -- the flower falls from thetree."
6.  "Good-evening, Maximilian; I know I have kept you waiting,but you saw the cause of my delay."


1.  "I should not see him."
2.  "Have you ever seen him?"
3.  "Oh, yes, yes!"
4、  "No one told me you were, but you have frequently been seenat the opera with a young and lovely woman."
5、  At this moment, and as Villefort had arrived at the cornerof the Rue des Conseils, a man, who seemed to have beenwaiting for him, approached; it was M. Morrel.




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      "He had no other; he was a foundling."

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      "You see," said Danglars, "he fancies himself captainalready, upon my word."

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       "As for me, my heart is overflowing with happiness."

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      "The count."

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    {  Twice during the Hundred Days had Morrel renewed his demand,and twice had Villefort soothed him with promises. At lastthere was Waterloo, and Morrel came no more; he had done allthat was in his power, and any fresh attempt would onlycompromise himself uselessly.

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      "If he has forgotten you" --}

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      "Perhaps not," replied Danglars; "but I hear that he isambitions, and that's rather against him."

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      Caderousse lingered for a moment, then taking leave of oldDantes, he went downstairs to rejoin Danglars, who awaitedhim at the corner of the Rue Senac.

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       "I dare say it is something disparaging which you are goingto say. It only proves how little indulgence we may expectfrom your sex," interrupted Valentine.

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    {  "Ah, pardon me," said Chateau-Renaud; "I have heard of thesethings every day during the last eight years, and I cannotunderstand them yet."

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      "Come, Beauchamp," said Chateau-Renaud, "I will bet anythingyou do not believe a word of all you have been telling us."