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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, madame, it will be a laudable action on your part,and I will thank you for it!"
2.  "Well, my poor friend," replied Beauchamp, "I expected you."
3.  "To me?"
4.  Madame Danglars gazed on Villefort, stupefied to find him soalmost insultingly calm. "Am I come to a friend?" she askedin a tone full of mournful dignity. "You know that you are,madame," said Villefort, whose pale cheeks became slightlyflushed as he gave her the assurance. And truly thisassurance carried him back to different events from thosenow occupying the baroness and him. "Well, then, be moreaffectionate, my dear Villefort," said the baroness. "Speakto me not as a magistrate, but as a friend; and when I am inbitter anguish of spirit, do not tell me that I ought to begay." Villefort bowed. "When I hear misfortunes named,madame," he said, "I have within the last few mouthscontracted the bad habit of thinking of my own, and then Icannot help drawing up an egotistical parallel in my mind.That is the reason that by the side of my misfortunes yoursappear to me mere mischances; that is why my dreadfulposition makes yours appear enviable. But this annoys you;let us change the subject. You were saying, madame" --
5.  Chapter 69The Inquiry.
6.  Faria then drew forth from his hiding-place three or fourrolls of linen, laid one over the other, like folds ofpapyrus. These rolls consisted of slips of cloth about fourinches wide and eighteen long; they were all carefullynumbered and closely covered with writing, so legible thatDantes could easily read it, as well as make out the sense-- it being in Italian, a language he, as a Provencal,perfectly understood.


1.  "Is it possible you were so kind?"
2.  "What do I think?" said Albert, evidently surprised at sucha question from his companion; "I think he is a delightfulfellow, who does the honors of his table admirably; who hastravelled much, read much, is, like Brutus, of the Stoicschool, and moreover," added he, sending a volume of smokeup towards the ceiling, "that he has excellent cigars." Suchwas Albert's opinion of the count, and as Franz well knewthat Albert professed never to form an opinion except uponlong reflection, he made no attempt to change it. "But,"said he, "did you observe one very singular thing?"
3.  "You see, then," said Albert, "that instead of opposing, shewill encourage me."
4.  "Then you accept his offer?" said the host.
5.  "Well, I will immediately call on M. Danglars, and tell himthat my mother and myself must leave Paris to-morrow. I havenot seen you, consequently I know nothing of your dinner."
6.  "Yes, monsieur." Villefort opened a large register, thenwent to a table, from the table turned to his registers, andthen, turning to Morrel, --


1.  "Just this. I will so advantageously bestow 2,000 piastres,that the person receiving them shall obtain a respite tillnext year for Peppino; and during that year, anotherskilfully placed 1,000 piastres will afford him the means ofescaping from his prison."
2.  "Has no one owned him?"
3.  "When you dine there, do you sleep there?"
4.  "I have another," replied Maximilian; "but I fear you willdeem it even more absurd than the first."
5.   "Really," said Madame de Villefort, whose eyes sparkled withstrange fire at this conversation.
6.  "No, my boy, no," said Caderousse. "I am not in any want,thank God, my living is suited to my means. Keep your money-- keep it, I say; -- one never has too much; -- but, at thesame time, my boy, I am as much obliged by your offer as ifI took advantage of it."


1.  "Petition the minister."
2.  "Come, come," continued the count, "I see you are still thesame, -- an assassin."
3.  "What," cried Morcerf; "you are, then, going to an hotel --that will be very dull for you."
4、  Having given this vent to his ill-humor, the baron becamemore calm; Mademoiselle Danglars had that morning requestedan interview with her father, and had fixed on the gildeddrawing-room as the spot. The singularity of this step, andabove all its formality, had not a little surprised thebanker, who had immediately obeyed his daughter by repairingfirst to the drawing-room. Etienne soon returned from hiserrand. "Mademoiselle's lady's maid says, sir, thatmademoiselle is finishing her toilette, and will be hereshortly."
5、  "Take care, my worthy host," said Albert, "better is a sureenemy to well."




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      "A stepmother is never a mother, sir. But this is not to thepurpose, -- our business concerns Valentine, let us leavethe dead in peace."

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      "Ah, you are only one and twenty, and can forget the past; Iam fifty, and am obliged to recollect it. But let us returnto business."

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       "My dear count, you have no idea what pleasure it gives meto hear you speak thus," said Morcerf. "I had announced youbeforehand to my friends as an enchanter of the `ArabianNights,' a wizard of the Middle Ages; but the Parisians areso subtle in paradoxes that they mistake for caprices of theimagination the most incontestable truths, when these truthsdo not form a part of their daily existence. For example,here is Debray who reads, and Beauchamp who prints, everyday, `A member of the Jockey Club has been stopped androbbed on the Boulevard;' `four persons have beenassassinated in the Rue St. Denis' or `the Faubourg St.Germain;' `ten, fifteen, or twenty thieves, have beenarrested in a cafe on the Boulevard du Temple, or in theThermes de Julien,' -- and yet these same men deny theexistence of the bandits in the Maremma, the Campagna diRomana, or the Pontine Marshes. Tell them yourself that Iwas taken by bandits, and that without your generousintercession I should now have been sleeping in theCatacombs of St. Sebastian, instead of receiving them in myhumble abode in the Rue du Helder."

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      "The price of his blood!" she murmured.

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    {  "I do not want books, I am satisfied with my food, and donot care to walk about; but I wish to see the governor."

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      "No, Mercedes," said Monte Cristo, "no; you judge yourselfwith too much severity. You are a noble-minded woman, and itwas your grief that disarmed me. Still I was but an agent,led on by an invisible and offended Deity, who chose not towithhold the fatal blow that I was destined to hurl. I takethat God to witness, at whose feet I have prostrated myselfdaily for the last ten years, that I would have sacrificedmy life to you, and with my life the projects that wereindissolubly linked with it. But -- and I say it with somepride, Mercedes -- God needed me, and I lived. Examine thepast and the present, and endeavor to dive into futurity,and then say whether I am not a divine instrument. The mostdreadful misfortunes, the most frightful sufferings, theabandonment of all those who loved me, the persecution ofthose who did not know me, formed the trials of my youth;when suddenly, from captivity, solitude, misery, I wasrestored to light and liberty, and became the possessor of afortune so brilliant, so unbounded, so unheard-of, that Imust have been blind not to be conscious that God hadendowed me with it to work out his own great designs. Fromthat time I looked upon this fortune as something confidedto me for an especial purpose. Not a thought was given to alife which you once, Mercedes, had the power to renderblissful; not one hour of peaceful calm was mine; but I feltmyself driven on like an exterminating angel. Likeadventurous captains about to embark on some enterprise fullof danger, I laid in my provisions, I loaded my weapons, Icollected every means of attack and defence; I inured mybody to the most violent exercises, my soul to the bitteresttrials; I taught my arm to slay, my eyes to beholdexcruciating sufferings, and my mouth to smile at the mosthorrid spectacles. Good-natured, confiding, and forgiving asI had been, I became revengeful, cunning, and wicked, orrather, immovable as fate. Then I launched out into the paththat was opened to me. I overcame every obstacle, andreached the goal; but woe to those who stood in my pathway!"}

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      "Be as quick as possible, I must be on the road in a quarterof an hour."

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      "Are you going to marry Mademoiselle Danglars?"

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    {  Luigi Vampa.

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      "`This is the head of Ali Tepelini Pasha of Yanina.' I criedbitterly, and tried to raise my mother from the earth, butshe was dead! I was taken to the slave-market, and waspurchased by a rich Armenian. He caused me to be instructed,gave me masters, and when I was thirteen years of age hesold me to the Sultan Mahmood."