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ַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"And you looking like that!" said Carrie, throwing aside a longreserve.Carrie saw the drift, but could not express her thoughts. Shefelt more than ever the helplessness of her case.

At dinner Drouet, warmed up by eating and drinking and softenedin mood, fancied he was winning Carrie to her old-time good-natured regard for him. He began to imagine it would not be sodifficult to enter into her life again, high as she was. Ah,what a prize! he thought. How beautiful, how elegant, howfamous! In her theatrical and Waldorf setting, Carrie was to himthe all desirable.


At the theatre things passed as they had in Hurstwood's favour.If he had been pleasing to Carrie before, how much more so was henow. His grace was more permeating because it found a readiermedium. Carrie watched his every movement with pleasure. Shealmost forgot poor Drouet, who babbled on as if he were the host.

Carrie's new state was remarkable in that she saw possibilitiesin it. She was no sensualist, longing to drowse sleepily in thelap of luxury. She turned about, troubled by her daring, glad ofher release, wondering whether she would get something to do,wondering what Drouet would do. That worthy had his future fixedfor him beyond a peradventure. He could not help what he wasgoing to do. He could not see clearly enough to wish to dodifferently. He was drawn by his innate desire to act the oldpursuing part. He would need to delight himself with Carrie assurely as he would need to eat his heavy breakfast. He mightsuffer the least rudimentary twinge of conscience in whatever hedid, and in just so far he was evil and sinning. But whatevertwinges of conscience he might have would be rudimentary, you maybe sure.

"Away from here," shouted an officer, hastening to the rescue,and adding, of course, the usual oaths.

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Chapter XXVIII

All day and all night it snowed, and the city began to sufferfrom a general blockade of traffic. Great attention was given tothe details of the storm by the newspapers, which played up thedistress of the poor in large type.

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"He may not now," answered Hurstwood, doggedly, wellunderstanding the inference; "but his life isn't done yet. Youcan't tell what'll happen. He may get down like anybody else."

<"Yes," she answered."Say," began the girl at her left, "what jeh think he said?"

In Carrie--as in how many of our worldlings do they not?--instinct and reason, desire and understanding, were at war forthe mastery. She followed whither her craving led. She was asyet more drawn than she drew.


"No," he said.





ƹ˿8Ůͯͬѧͱ壺ӣУ԰裬شȥ "Well, I know that I didn't tell you any such thing as that,"said Carrie, recovering herself. ϸ

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廢ԳĻʯ ѵҪƷ "I thought I got it something like--I felt it." ϸ

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