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ҼŹַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"I couldn't help it," he said, "I wanted you too much."Carrie thought of Hurstwood. Never before had she neglecteddinner without an excuse.

They descended the stairs, Mrs. Vance offering suggestions, andclimbed into the open coach.


"Well, I like that," exclaimed Drouet, little realising the firehis remark had generated. "I think I've done a good deal."

So his going was crystallising into staying. What was she to donow? Evidently she would be facing the world in the same old waywithin a day or two. Her clothes would get poor. She put hertwo hands together in her customary expressive way and pressedher fingers. Large tears gathered in her eyes and broke hotacross her cheeks. She was alone, very much alone.

"Well?" said the attendant, staring at him. Seeing him pause, hewent over and shoved him. "Get out of here," he said.

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"I can't stand much of this," said Hurstwood, whose legs achedhim painfully, as he sat down upon the miserable bunk in thesmall, lightless chamber allotted to him. "I've got to eat, orI'll die."<"No," she said coyly, "but what can I do?"

Hurstwood wrote her one morning, asking her to meet him inJefferson Park, Monroe Street. He did not consider it policy tocall any more, even when Drouet was at home.

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Her natural composure was sadly ruffled, and Jessica was doomedto feel the fag end of the storm.

Both Hurstwood and Drouet viewed her pretty figure with risingfeelings. The fact that such ability should reveal itself inher, that they should see it set forth under such effectivecircumstances, framed almost in massy gold and shone upon by theappropriate lights of sentiment and personality, heightened hercharm for them. She was more than the old Carrie to Drouet. Helonged to be at home with her until he could tell her. Heawaited impatiently the end, when they should go home alone.

<"Mind how you address me, missy. I'll not have it. Hear me now;I'll not have it!"There was much more passing now than the mere words indicated.He recognised the indescribable thing that made up forfascination and beauty in her. She realised that she was ofinterest to him from the one standpoint which a woman bothdelights in and fears. Her manner was simple, though for the veryreason that she had not yet learned the many little affectationswith which women conceal their true feelings. Some things shedid appeared bold. A clever companion--had she ever had one--would have warned her never to look a man in the eyes sosteadily.



<"I'll tell you, Carrie, if you'll be quiet. I want you to comealong with me to another city,""Humph!" ejaculated Hurstwood, who had been so sturdilydisplaced.

"How much?" he asked.





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