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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Sherlock Holmes sprang out of his chair as if he had beengalvanized.
2.  "A pen, sir."
3.  He took a revolver from the drawer and handed it to me."I have my old favourite with me. If our Wild West friend tries tolive up to his nickname, we must be ready for him. I'll give you anhour for a siesta, Watson, and then I think it will be time for ourRyder Street adventure."
4.  Sherlock Holmes sprang out of his chair as if he had beengalvanized.
5.  "So it was."


1.  And here it is that I miss my Watson. By cunning questions andejaculations of wonder he could elevate my simple art, which is butsystematized common sense, into a prodigy. When I tell my own storyI have no such aid. And yet I will give my process of thought evenas I gave it to my small audience, which included Godfrey's motherin the study of Colonel Emsworth.
2.  "You understand the rest, then?"
3.  He looked at our cards. "Pray sit down, gentlemen. What can I do foryou?"
4.  "Poor fellow! Poor fellow! What can I do? How can I help?""Were you with him? Can you tell us what has happened?""No, no, I was late this morning. I was not on the beach at all. Ihave come straight from The Gables. What can I do?"
5.  "For long?"
6.  "So I am. Very much so."


1.  "Perhaps not."
2.  .
3.  "Only this, Watson, that something happened a week or so ago whichhas cut deep into the life of the Shoscombe household. What is thatsomething? We can only guess at it from its effects. They seem to beof a curiously mixed character. But that should surely help us. Itis only the colourless, uneventful case which is hopeless."Let us consider our data. The brother no longer visits thebeloved invalid sister. He gives away her favourite dog. Her dog,Watson! Does that suggest nothing to you?"
4.  "'Yes,' said I.
5.   "Only for a minute or so. Then I locked the door and went to myroom."
6.  Percy Phelps sank back in his chair. "My head whirls," said he."Your words have dazed me."


1.  "What do you want with the coffin? It is in use. There is a bodyin it."
2.  "It is fear, Mr. Holmes. It is terror." She raised her veil as shespoke, and we could see that she was indeed in a pitiable state ofagitation, her face all drawn and gray, with restless, frightenedeyes, like those of some hunted animal. Her features and figure werethose of a woman of thirty, but her hair was shot with premature gray,and her expression was weary and haggard. Sherlock Holmes ran her overwith one of his quick, all-comprehensive glances.
3.  "For the matter of that, why should McFarlane?"
4、  "Well, well, I must not be selfish," said he, with a smile, as bepushed back his chair from the breakfast-table. "The community iscertainly the gainer, and no one the loser, save the poorout-of-work specialist, whose occupation has gone. With that man inthe field, one's morning paper presented infinite possibilities. Oftenit was only the smallest trace, Watson, the faintest indication, andyet it was enough to tell me that the great malignant brain was there,as the gentlest tremors of the edges of the web remind one of the foulspider which lurks in the centre. Petty thefts, wanton assaults,purposeless outrage- to the man who held the clue all could beworked into one connected whole. To the scientific student of thehigher criminal world, no capital in Europe offered the advantageswhich London then possessed. But now-" He shrugged his shoulders inhumorous deprecation of the state of things which he had himselfdone so much to produce.
5、  "She is of a quiet nature. Besides, she is not so very young. She isfour-and twenty."




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      "Well, now, Watson, let us judge the situation by this newinformation. We may take it that the letter came out of this strangehousehold and was an invitation to Garcia to carry out some attemptwhich had already been planned. Who wrote the note? It was someonewithin the citadel, and it was a woman. Who then but Miss Burnet,the governess? All our reasoning seems to point that way. At any rate,we may take it as a hypothesis and see what consequences it wouldentail. I may add that Miss Burnet's age and character make it certainthat my first idea that there might be a love interest in our story isout of the question.

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      "Lady Frances," he continued, "is the sole survivor of the directfamily of the late Earl of Rufton. The estates went, as you mayremember, in the male line. She was left with limited means, butwith some very remarkable old Spanish jewellery of silver andcuriously cut diamonds to which she was fondly attached- too attached,for she refused to leave them with her banker and always carriedthem about with her. A rather pathetic figure, the Lady Frances, abeautiful woman, still in fresh middle age, and yet, by a strangechance, the last derelict of what only twenty years ago was a goodlyfleet."

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       "Then you have none in me?"

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      "Precisely. What do you make of the other?"

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    {  "What do you make of it, Inspector?"

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      "He seems to have broken through the shrubbery and made for theroad."}

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      "'I tell you, and I give you my word for it, that from that moment Iwas not my own master, and it is all like a dim dream when I look backon it. I had been drinking hard of late, and the two things togetherfairly turned my brain. There's something throbbing in my head now,like a docker's hammer, but that morning I seemed to have allNiagara whizzing and buzzing in my ears.

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      "I believe he is in his bed."

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       "Why did he try the window on the first occasion," I asked, "when hemight have entered by the door?"

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    {  Both Holmes and I had a weakness for the Turkish bath. It was over asmoke in the pleasant lassitude of the drying-room that I have foundhim less reticent and more human than anywhere else. On the upperfloor of the Northumberland Avenue establishment there is anisolated corner where two couches lie side by side, and it was onthese that we lay upon September 3, 1902, the day when my narrativebegins. I had asked him whether anything was stirring, and foranswer he had shot his long, thin, nervous arm out of the sheets whichenveloped him and had drawn an envelope from the inside pocket ofthe coat which hung beside him.

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      "'I had better put my hat on, I suppose.'