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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie shook her head.
2.  "Hello," remarked one of the stout-wristed sole-workers to her atnoon. "You're a daisy." He really expected to hear the common"Aw! go chase yourself!" in return, and was sufficiently abashed,by Carrie's silently moving away, to retreat, awkwardly grinning.
3.  While the appearance of the shop and the announcement of theprice paid per week operated very much as a blow to Carrie'sfancy, the fact that work of any kind was offered after so rude around of experience was gratifying. She could not begin tobelieve that she would take the place, modest as her aspirationswere. She had been used to better than that. Her mere experienceand the free out-of-door life of the country caused her nature torevolt at such confinement. Dirt had never been her share. Hersister's flat was clean. This place was grimy and low, the girlswere careless and hardened. They must be bad-minded and hearted,she imagined. Still, a place had been offered her. SurelyChicago was not so bad if she could find one place in one day.She might find another and better later.
4.  The latter nodded.
5.  Wait as he did, however, Carrie did not come. From potteringaround among the drawers, in momentary expectation of her arrivalhe changed to looking out of the window, and from that to restinghimself in the rocking-chair. Still no Carrie. He began to growrestless and lit a cigar. After that he walked the floor. Thenhe looked out of the window and saw clouds gathering. Heremembered an appointment at three. He began to think that itwould be useless to wait, and got hold of his umbrella and lightcoat, intending to take these things, any way. It would scareher, he hoped. To-morrow he would come back for the others. Hewould find out how things stood.
6.  "I'm going to have a business of my own pretty soon," he observedin one place. "I can get backing for two hundred thousanddollars."


1.  Carrie's heart sank.
2.  "Nothing," he answered. "She couldn't stay."
3.  Now a critic called to get up one of those tinsel interviewswhich shine with clever observations, show up the wit of critics,display the folly of celebrities, and divert the public. Heliked Carrie, and said so, publicly--adding, however, that shewas merely pretty, good-natured, and lucky. This cut like aknife. The "Herald," getting up an entertainment for the benefitof its free ice fund, did her the honour to beg her to appearalong with celebrities for nothing. She was visited by a youngauthor, who had a play which he thought she could produce. Alas,she could not judge. It hurt her to think it. Then she foundshe must put her money in the bank for safety, and so moving,finally reached the place where it struck her that the door tolife's perfect enjoyment was not open.
4.  "Well, sit down over there."
5.  Gradually she began to think it was because it was summer.Nothing was going on much save such entertainments as the one inwhich she was the star. Fifth Avenue was boarded up where therich had deserted their mansions. Madison Avenue was littlebetter. Broadway was full of loafing thespians in search of nextseason's engagements. The whole city was quiet and her nightswere taken up with her work. Hence the feeling that there waslittle to do.
6.  "That's right," said the drummer.


1.  Hurstwood, being an older man, could scarcely be said to retainthe fire of youth, though he did possess a passion warm andunreasoning. It was strong enough to induce the leaning towardhim which, on Carrie's part, we have seen. She might have beensaid to be imagining herself in love, when she was not. Womenfrequently do this. It flows from the fact that in each exists abias toward affection, a craving for the pleasure of being loved.The longing to be shielded, bettered, sympathised with, is one ofthe attributes of the sex. This, coupled with sentiment and anatural tendency to emotion, often makes refusing difficult. Itpersuades them that they are in love.
2.  "Oh, they're like everybody else. You can't tell whether they'dever get you anything after you did pay them."
3.  "Good for her," said the manager. "It'll be a real nice affair.Do her good, too. Has she ever had any experience?"
4.  "Let's go at once and walk down Broadway from Thirty-fourthStreet," said Mrs. Vance. "It's such an interesting walk. He'sat the Madison Square."
5.   "Not so soon," she answered.
6.  "No, I'm not," said Carrie shyly.


1.  Hurstwood was looking into the paper. He could not see the lookof infinite weariness and discontent Carrie gave him.
2.  He led the way through dark, box-lined aisles which had the smellof new shoes, until they came to an iron door which opened intothe factory proper. There was a large, low-ceiled room, withclacking, rattling machines at which men in white shirt sleevesand blue gingham aprons were working. She followed himdiffidently through the clattering automatons, keeping her eyesstraight before her, and flushing slightly. They crossed to a farcorner and took an elevator to the sixth floor. Out of the arrayof machines and benches, Mr. Brown signalled a foreman.
3.  "Now, we'll see how the little girl does," he said to Drouet, ina tone which no one else could hear.
4、  Stopping at a corner, he waited for a car south bound. This wasno day to be out; he would go home.
5、  Hurstwood only looked at her.




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      "Well, now, that's a blooming shame, isn't it? You don't lookvery well. I thought you looked a little pale. What have youbeen doing?"

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      When Carrie returned home, there was Hurstwood, reading as usual.He seemed to take his condition with the utmost nonchalance. Hisbeard was at least four days old.

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       "No, she has gone to the theatre."

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      "That's right," said Drouet, going out.

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    {  Carrie looked at him a moment, her eyes distending. She hadbelieved it was all legal and binding enough.

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      Drouet did not call that evening. After receiving the letter, hehad laid aside all thought of Carrie for the time being and wasfloating around having what he considered a gay time. On thisparticular evening he dined at "Rector's," a restaurant of somelocal fame, which occupied a basement at Clark and MonroeStreets. There--after he visited the resort of Fitzgerald andMoy's in Adams Street, opposite the imposing Federal Building.There he leaned over the splendid bar and swallowed a glass ofplain whiskey and purchased a couple of cigars, one of which helighted. This to him represented in part high life--a fairsample of what the whole must be. Drouet was not a drinker inexcess. He was not a moneyed man. He only craved the best, ashis mind conceived it, and such doings seemed to him a part ofthe best. Rector's, with its polished marble walls and floor,its profusion of lights, its show of china and silverware, and,above all, its reputation as a resort for actors and professionalmen, seemed to him the proper place for a successful man to go.He loved fine clothes, good eating, and particularly the companyand acquaintanceship of successful men. When dining, it was asource of keen satisfaction to him to know that Joseph Jeffersonwas wont to come to this same place, or that Henry E. Dixie, awell-known performer of the day, was then only a few tables off.At Rector's he could always obtain this satisfaction, for thereone could encounter politicians, brokers, actors, some rich young"rounders" of the town, all eating and drinking amid a buzz ofpopular commonplace conversation.

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      In the morning she got up and started out a little early. Herdecision to hunt for work was moderately strong, but the money inher pocket, after all her troubling over it, made the workquestion the least shade less terrible. She walked into thewholesale district, but as the thought of applying came with eachpassing concern, her heart shrank. What a coward she was, shethought to herself. Yet she had applied so often. It would bethe same old story. She walked on and on, and finally did gointo one place, with the old result. She came out feeling thatluck was against her. It was no use.

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       With this loss and ordinary expenses, so much had already gone.

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    {  The progress of the train was having a great deal to do with thesolution of this difficult situation. The speeding wheels anddisappearing country put Chicago farther and farther behind.Carrie could feel that she was being borne a long distance off--that the engine was making an almost through run to some distantcity. She felt at times as if she could cry out and make such arow that some one would come to her aid; at other times it seemedan almost useless thing--so far was she from any aid, no matterwhat she did. All the while Hurstwood was endeavouring toformulate his plea in such a way that it would strike home andbring her into sympathy with him.

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      "Of course you can," answered the girl. "You come with me when Igo. I'll do the talking."