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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You think so, Porthos?" replied the Musketeer, with a sadsmile which D'Artagnan alone understood.
2.  "Hush!" said Porthos, placing a finger on his lips. "Ibelieve her to be a cardinalist; she must know nothing ofthe matter."
3.  "Wait here ten minutes," said M. de Treville; "and if at theexpiration of ten minutes you do not see me come out, return tomy hotel, for it will be useless for you to wait for me longer."The four young men waited ten minutes, a quarter of an hour,twenty minutes; and seeing that M. de Treville did not return,went away very uneasy as to what was going to happen.M. de Treville entered the king's cabinet boldly, and found hisMajesty in a very ill humor, seated on an armchair, beating hisboot with the handle of his whip. This, however, did not preventhis asking, with the greatest coolness, after his Majesty'shealth.
4.  The young men filled up their third of a glass with water;then, when they had drunk half the glass, they filled it upagain, and continued to do so. This brought them, by theend of the repast, to swallowing a drink which from thecolor of the ruby had passed to that of a pale topaz.Porthos ate his wing of the fowl timidly, and shuddered whenhe felt the knee of the procurator's wife under the table,as it came in search of his. He also drank half a glass ofthis sparingly served wine, and found it to be nothing butthat horrible Montreuil--the terror of all expert palates.M. Coquenard saw him swallowing this wine undiluted, andsighed deeply.
5.  That pretty little SOUBRETTE whom D'Artagnan had alreadyobserved then came in. She spoke some words to Lord deWinter in English, who thereupon requested D'Artagnan'spermission to retire, excusing himself on account of theurgency of the business that had called him away, andcharging his sister to obtain his pardon.
6.  "That is true, but we then only risked our pistoles; thistime we risk our blood. One plays with anybody; but onefights only with equals."


1.  To see if they be strong;
2.  "We were to have conveyed her to a hotel in the PlaceRoyale," said the wounded man.
3.  "You will bring lights, and relieve the sentinel," continuedFelton.
4.  "Yes; I."
5.  The chancellor carried the letter to the king without having reada single word of it. The king took it with a trembling hand,looked for the address, which was wanting, became very pale,opened it slowly, then seeing by the first words that it wasaddressed to the King of Spain, he read it rapidly.It was nothing but a plan of attack against the cardinal. Thequeen pressed her brother and the Emperor of Austria to appear tobe wounded, as they really were, by the policy of Richelieu--theeternal object of which was the abasement of the house ofAustria--to declare war against France, and as a condition ofpeace, to insist upon the dismissal of the cardinal; but as tolove, there was not a single word about it in all the letter.The king, quite delighted, inquired if the cardinal was still atthe Louvre; he was told that his Eminence awaited the orders ofhis Majesty in the business cabinet.
6.  Nevertheless, time passed on, and the Rochellais did notsurrender. The last spy that was taken was the bearer of aletter. This letter told Buckingham that the city was at anextremity; but instead of adding, "If your succor does not arrivewithin fifteen days, we will surrender," it added, quite simply,"If your succor comes not within fifteen days, we shall all bedead with hunger when it comes."


1.  "Oh, what an abyss; what an abyss!" cried Felton."Lord de Winter died without revealing anything to his brother.The terrible secret was to be concealed till it burst, like aclap of thunder, over the head of the guilty. Your protector hadseen with pain this marriage of his elder brother with aportionless girl. I was sensible that I could look for nosupport from a man disappointed in his hopes of an inheritance.I went to France, with a determination to remain there for therest of my life. But all my fortune is in England.Communication being closed by the war, I was in want ofeverything. I was then obliged to come back again. Six daysago, I landed at Portsmouth."
3.  "Stand on one side, D'Artagnan, stand on one side," cried Athos."I am going to fire!"
4.  "Oh, that is not my secret; I must not, therefore, tell you.""Besides," said D'Artagnan, "pardon me, madame, if, guardsman asI am, I remind you of prudence--besides, I believe we are nothere in a very proper place for imparting confidences. The men Ihave put to flight will return reinforced; if they find us here,we are lost. I have sent for three of my friends, but who knowswhether they were at home?"
5.   "Monsieur," said the young woman, "you weary me very much, Iassure you, with your questions."
6.  The two men in black bowed in their turn.


1.  "Indeed!" said Milady, in an anxious tone; "explainyourself, for I really cannot tell what you mean."And she looked at D'Artagnan, who embraced her tenderly,with eyes which seemed to burn themselves away.
2.  "Did you never see him?"
3.  "Yes, yes, that is he; how is it, sir, that you are acquaintedwith this man? If I ever find him again--and I will find him, Iswear, were it in hell!"
4、  Milady put him from her slowly with her hand, while drawing himnearer with her look; but Felton, in his turn, embraced her moreclosely, imploring her like a divinity.
5、  "Are you sure of it?"




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      "Fire, then," said Athos.

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      It was precisely at this moment that M. de Treville, on leavingthe residence of the LIEUTENANT-CRIMINEL and the governor of theFort l'Eveque without being able to find Athos, arrived at thepalace.

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       "Patience, monseigneur, we are coming to it. There happened thenthat which you know, and of which your precipitate departure,"added the host, with an acuteness that did not escape D'Artagnan,"appeared to authorize the issue. That gentleman, your friend,defended himself desperately. His lackey, who, by an unforeseenpiece of ill luck, had quarreled with the officers, disguised asstable lads-"

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      Milady recoiled, uttering a cry. D'Artagnan, believing she might havemeans of flight and fearing she should escape, drew a pistol from hisbelt; but Athos raised his hand.

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    {  "What ones?"

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      "Golden dreams!" cried Aramis. "Oh, beautiful life! Yes, weare young; yes, we shall yet have happy days! My love, myblood, my life! all, all, all, are thine, my adoredmistress!"}

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      "I do not often laugh, sir," replied the stranger, "as you mayperceive by the expression of my countenance; but nevertheless Iretain the privilege of laughing when I please."

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      An expression of unspeakable joy lightened the countenance ofMilady; but this expression was fleeting as the reflection oflightning. Without appearing to have heard the dialogue, ofwhich she had not lost a word, she began again, giving to hervoice all the charm, all the power, all the seduction the demonhad bestowed upon it:

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       Eight days had been occupied in preparations at the Hotel deVille for this important evening. The city carpenters haderected scaffolds upon which the invited ladies were to beplaced; the city grocer had ornamented the chambers with twohundred FLAMBEAUX if white wax, a piece of luxury unheard of atthat period; and twenty violins were ordered, and the price forthem fixed at double the usual rate, upon condition, said thereport, that they should be played all night.

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    {  "One might think you really suspected us, monseigneur, and wewere undergoing a real interrogatory. If it be so, we trust yourEminence will deign to explain yourself, and we should then atleast be acquainted with our real position."

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      "Now," hastily interrupted the Jesuit, on seeing that his acolytewas going astray, "now your thesis would please the ladies; itwould have the success of one of Monsieur Patru's pleadings.""Please God!" cried Aramis, transported.