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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And so I did," replied Caderousse; "though once, I confess,I envied him his good fortune. But I swear to you, sir, Iswear to you, by everything a man holds dear, I have, sincethen, deeply and sincerely lamented his unhappy fate." Therewas a brief silence, during which the fixed, searching eyeof the abbe was employed in scrutinizing the agitatedfeatures of the inn-keeper.
2.  "Blood washes out dishonor," said Morrel.
3.  "Maximilian," said the count, "the friends that we have lostdo not repose in the bosom of the earth, but are buried deepin our hearts, and it has been thus ordained that we mayalways be accompanied by them. I have two friends, who inthis way never depart from me; the one who gave me being,and the other who conferred knowledge and intelligence onme. Their spirits live in me. I consult them when doubtful,and if I ever do any good, it is due to their beneficentcounsels. Listen to the voice of your heart, Morrel, and askit whether you ought to preserve this melancholy exteriortowards me."
4.  "Let me also ask you a question. Have you never seen any oneenter your room at night?"
5.  The stranger might have numbered sixty or sixty-five years;but a certain briskness and appearance of vigor in hismovements made it probable that he was aged more fromcaptivity than the course of time. He received theenthusiastic greeting of his young acquaintance with evidentpleasure, as though his chilled affections were rekindledand invigorated by his contact with one so warm and ardent.He thanked him with grateful cordiality for his kindlywelcome, although he must at that moment have been sufferingbitterly to find another dungeon where he had fondlyreckoned on discovering a means of regaining his liberty.
6.  "How have I deviated from those principles, monsieur?" askedMonte Cristo, who could not help looking at Morrel with somuch intensity, that two or three times the young man hadbeen unable to sustain that clear and piercing glance.


1.  "The count is very temperate." Mercedes smiled sadly."Approach him," said she, "and when the next waiter passes,insist upon his taking something."
2.  "Where is he?"
3.  "Then we are once more reunited?" said Andrea.
4.  When Franz returned to himself, he seemed still to be in adream. He thought himself in a sepulchre, into which a rayof sunlight in pity scarcely penetrated. He stretched forthhis hand, and touched stone; he rose to his seat, and foundhimself lying on his bournous in a bed of dry heather, verysoft and odoriferous. The vision had fled; and as if thestatues had been but shadows from the tomb, they hadvanished at his waking. He advanced several paces towardsthe point whence the light came, and to all the excitementof his dream succeeded the calmness of reality. He foundthat he was in a grotto, went towards the opening, andthrough a kind of fanlight saw a blue sea and an azure sky.The air and water were shining in the beams of the morningsun; on the shore the sailors were sitting, chatting andlaughing; and at ten yards from them the boat was at anchor,undulating gracefully on the water. There for some time heenjoyed the fresh breeze which played on his brow, andlistened to the dash of the waves on the beach, that leftagainst the rocks a lace of foam as white as silver. He wasfor some time without reflection or thought for the divinecharm which is in the things of nature, specially after afantastic dream; then gradually this view of the outerworld, so calm, so pure, so grand, reminded him of theillusiveness of his vision, and once more awakened memory.He recalled his arrival on the island, his presentation to asmuggler chief, a subterranean palace full of splendor, anexcellent supper, and a spoonful of hashish. It seemed,however, even in the very face of open day, that at least ayear had elapsed since all these things had passed, so deepwas the impression made in his mind by the dream, and sostrong a hold had it taken of his imagination. Thus everynow and then he saw in fancy amid the sailors, seated on arock, or undulating in the vessel, one of the shadows whichhad shared his dream with looks and kisses. Otherwise, hishead was perfectly clear, and his body refreshed; he wasfree from the slightest headache; on the contrary, he felt acertain degree of lightness, a faculty for absorbing thepure air, and enjoying the bright sunshine more vividly thanever.
5.  "Really, sir, you must allow that this is mostextraordinary," said the astonished notary, turning to M. deVillefort. "Yes," said the procureur, "and I think the willpromises to be yet more extraordinary, for I cannot see howit is to be drawn up without the intervention of Valentine,and she may, perhaps, be considered as too much interestedin its contents to allow of her being a suitable interpreterof the obscure and ill-defined wishes of her grandfather."
6.  "Certainly, you must give the orders, for I intend residingat the house." It was unexampled for a servant of thecount's to dare to dispute an order of his, so the steward,without saying a word, followed his master, who got into thecarriage, and signed to him to follow, which he did, takinghis place respectfully on the front seat.


1.  "No he will not, for he will tell you, what is very true,that perhaps there were fifty officers in the Greek armybearing the same name."
2.  "Come," said he, "this matter will want a good deal oftalking over; a retractation is always a serious thing, youknow. Sit down, and I will read it again." Albert resumedhis seat, and Beauchamp read, with more attention than atfirst, the lines denounced by his friend. "Well," saidAlbert in a determined tone, "you see that your paper hisinsulted a member of my family, and I insist on aretractation being made."
3.  "Agreed." Ali reappeared for the third time, and drew backthe tapestried hanging which concealed the door, to signifyto his master and Albert that they were at liberty to passon. "Let us go in," said Monte Cristo.
4.  "My deduction is," replied Villefort, "that my father, ledaway by his passions, has committed some fault unknown tohuman justice, but marked by the justice of God. That God,desirous in his mercy to punish but one person, has visitedthis justice on him alone." Monte Cristo with a smile on hislips, uttered in the depths of his soul a groan which wouldhave made Villefort fly had he but heard it. "Adieu, sir,"said the magistrate, who had risen from his seat; "I leaveyou, bearing a remembrance of you -- a remembrance ofesteem, which I hope will not be disagreeable to you whenyou know me better; for I am not a man to bore my friends,as you will learn. Besides, you have made an eternal friendof Madame de Villefort." The count bowed, and contentedhimself with seeing Villefort to the door of his cabinet,the procureur being escorted to his carriage by two footmen,who, on a signal from their master, followed him with everymark of attention. When he had gone, Monte Cristo breathed aprofound sigh, and said, -- "Enough of this poison, let menow seek the antidote." Then sounding his bell, he said toAli, who entered, "I am going to madam's chamber -- have thecarriage ready at one o'clock."
5.   "Then let them explain themselves; you should give thefather a hint, you are so intimate with the family."
6.  Valentine looked at M. d'Avrigny with astonishment, kissedher grandfather on the forehead, and left the room. Thedoctor closed the door after her with a gloomy air. "Look,look, doctor," said Villefort, "he is quite coming roundagain; I really do not think, after all, it is anything ofconsequence." M. d'Avrigny answered by a melancholy smile."How do you feel, Barrois?" asked he. "A little better,sir."


1.  Monte Cristo shuddered; Antoine had been his jailer. He hadalmost forgotten his name and face, but at the mention ofthe name he recalled his person as he used to see it, theface encircled by a beard, wearing the brown jacket, thebunch of keys, the jingling of which he still seemed tohear. The count turned around, and fancied he saw him in thecorridor, rendered still darker by the torch carried by theconcierge. "Would you like to hear the story, sir?"
2.  "Oh," added a third voice, "the shrouds of the Chateau d'Ifare not dear!"
3.  "Well, when Dantes was arrested, Monsieur Morrel hastened toobtain the particulars, and they were very sad. The old manreturned alone to his home, folded up his wedding suit withtears in his eyes, and paced up and down his chamber thewhole day, and would not go to bed at all, for I wasunderneath him and heard him walking the whole night; andfor myself, I assure you I could not sleep either, for thegrief of the poor father gave me great uneasiness, and everystep he took went to my heart as really as if his foot hadpressed against my breast. The next day Mercedes came toimplore the protection of M. de Villefort; she did notobtain it, however, and went to visit the old man; when shesaw him so miserable and heart-broken, having passed asleepless night, and not touched food since the previousday, she wished him to go with her that she might take careof him; but the old man would not consent. `No,' was the oldman's reply, `I will not leave this house, for my poor dearboy loves me better than anything in the world; and if hegets out of prison he will come and see me the first thing,and what would he think if I did not wait here for him?' Iheard all this from the window, for I was anxious thatMercedes should persuade the old man to accompany her, forhis footsteps over my head night and day did not leave me amoment's repose."
4、  "You have promised him that I shall live?"
5、  Danglars thought for ten minutes about his wife in Paris;another ten minutes about his daughter travelling withMademoiselle d'Armilly; the same period was given to hiscreditors, and the manner in which he intended spendingtheir money; and then, having no subject left forcontemplation, he shut his eyes, and fell asleep. Now andthen a jolt more violent than the rest caused him to openhis eyes; then he felt that he was still being carried withgreat rapidity over the same country, thickly strewn withbroken aqueducts, which looked like granite giants petrifiedwhile running a race. But the night was cold, dull, andrainy, and it was much more pleasant for a traveller toremain in the warm carriage than to put his head out of thewindow to make inquiries of a postilion whose only answerwas "Non capisco."




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      Then d'Avrigny spoke. "And I, too," he exclaimed in a lowvoice, "I unite with M. Morrel in demanding justice forcrime; my blood boils at the idea of having encouraged amurderer by my cowardly concession."

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       "But," remarked Madame de Villefort, "all thesecircumstances which you link thus to one another may bebroken by the least accident; the vulture may not see thefowl, or may fall a hundred yards from the fish-pond."

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      "Indeed," said Louise, "I admire you, and I could almost sayrespect you." The laundress looked on in astonishment, butas she had been promised twenty louis, she made no remark.

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    {  These few words were uttered with an accent that left nodoubt of his sincerity; Dantes rose, dispersed the fragmentswith the same precaution as before, and pushed his bed backagainst the wall. He then gave himself up to his happiness.He would no longer be alone. He was, perhaps, about toregain his liberty; at the worst, he would have a companion,and captivity that is shared is but half captivity. Plaintsmade in common are almost prayers, and prayers where two orthree are gathered together invoke the mercy of heaven.

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      "Look at me," said Monte Cristo, with that expression whichsometimes made him so eloquent and persuasive -- "look atme. There are no tears in my eyes, nor is there fever in myveins, yet I see you suffer -- you, Maximilian, whom I loveas my own son. Well, does not this tell you that in grief,as in life, there is always something to look forward tobeyond? Now, if I entreat, if I order you to live, Morrel,it is in the conviction that one day you will thank me forhaving preserved your life."}

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      "Oh, the Champs Elysees? Ah, yes; we burn, as they say atthe game of pincette. The Champs Elysees? Come, let us talka little about my father."

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      "One by the post, Madame Danglars' footman left the other."

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       "Yes; relate it," said Monte Cristo, pressing his hand tohis heart to still its violent beatings; he felt afraid ofhearing his own history.

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    {  "But believe me, that man has other projects. For thatreason I wished to see you, to speak to you, to warn youagainst every one, but especially against him. Tell me,"cried Villefort, fixing his eyes more steadfastly on herthan he had ever done before, "did you ever reveal to anyone our connection?"

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      "My father, too, is dead," said Morrel.