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9d三分钟彩票【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  She took the letter the next morning, and at the corner droppedit reluctantly into the letter-box, still uncertain as to whethershe should do so or not. Then she took the car and went downtown.   This crying made her eyes red, and when, in preparing his bed,she lighted the gas, and, having prepared it, called him in, henoticed the fact.

    She put out her foot and looked at her shoe reflectively."I'll get a pair of shoes Saturday, anyhow; I don't care whathappens."

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   No reply.

    "Are you a stenographer or typewriter?"

    "Good-bye, Minnie," it read. "I'm not going home. I'm going tostay in Chicago a little while and look for work. Don't worry.I'll be all right."

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   "No; frown," he said. "Frown as you did before."<  He got up and looked out the window into the chilly street. Itcame gradually into his mind, as he stood there, to go toBrooklyn.

    Amid the tinsel and shine of her state walked Carrie, unhappy.As when Drouet took her, she had thought: "Now I am lifted intothat which is best"; as when Hurstwood seemingly offered her thebetter way: "Now am I happy." But since the world goes its waypast all who will not partake of its folly, she now found herselfalone. Her purse was open to him whose need was greatest. Inher walks on Broadway, she no longer thought of the elegance ofthe creatures who passed her. Had they more of that peace andbeauty which glimmered afar off, then were they to be envied.

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   By degrees she began to use him. Doing this, however, she lostthe weekly payment of twelve dollars.

    "Well, I did," he said, angered almost to harsh words. "Youneedn't throw up your success to me. All I asked was a littlehelp until I could get something. I'm not down yet. I'll comeup all right."

<  "To be my wife, yes," went on the actor in a manner which wasweak by comparison, but which could not now spoil the tenderatmosphere which Carrie had created and maintained. She did notseem to feel that he was wretched. She would have done nearly aswell with a block of wood. The accessories she needed werewithin her own imagination. The acting of others could notaffect them.   Carrie observed his ease with some misgiving. For all the furyof the storm she doubted his comfort. He took his situation toophilosophically.

    Hurstwood rested his head on his hands and looked blankly at thefloor.


<  "It seems an awful lot to pay for rent," he said.   She reached in her purse and took out one of the bills. The womanasked if she would wear the coat and went off. In a few minutesshe was back and the purchase was closed.

    "Laid up, they say," exclaimed Drouet. "Say, he's a gouty oldboy!"





9d三分钟彩票赵化明《全职高手之巅峰荣耀》首曝海报 电竞少年出征   She turned and recognised him on the instant. If there ever hadlurked any feeling in her heart against him, it deserted her now.Still, she remembered what Drouet said about his having stolenthe money. 【详细】

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