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名爵娱乐彩票平台【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  The appearance of the third gendarme settled the matter, fora crowd of curious loungers was extended before him,effectually blocking the entrance to the hotel. "They'reafter me!" was Andrea's first thought. "The devil!" A palloroverspread the young man's forehead, and he looked aroundhim with anxiety. His room, like all those on the samefloor, had but one outlet to the gallery in the sight ofeverybody. "I am lost!" was his second thought; and, indeed,for a man in Andrea's situation, an arrest meant theassizes, trial, and death, -- death without mercy or delay.For a moment he convulsively pressed his head within hishands, and during that brief period he became nearly madwith terror; but soon a ray of hope glimmered in themultitude of thoughts which bewildered his mind, and a faintsmile played upon his white lips and pallid cheeks. Helooked around and saw the objects of his search upon thechimney-piece; they were a pen, ink, and paper. With forcedcomposure he dipped the pen in the ink, and wrote thefollowing lines upon a sheet of paper: --   "I will undertake to divert him," replied the count.

    "What an appetite you used to have! Is it as good now?"

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   The curtain rose, as usual, to an almost empty house, itbeing one of the absurdities of Parisian fashion never toappear at the opera until after the beginning of theperformance, so that the first act is generally playedwithout the slightest attention being paid to it, that partof the audience already assembled being too much occupied inobserving the fresh arrivals, while nothing is heard but thenoise of opening and shutting doors, and the buzz ofconversation. "Surely," said Albert, as the door of a box onthe first circle opened, "that must be the Countess G----."

    "Child," replied the count, "not to know the value of aman's word! I have told you twenty times that if you wish todie on that day, I will assist you. Morrel, farewell!"

    "`The undersigned Louis Jacques Beaurepaire,lieutenant-colonel of artillery, Etienne Duchampy, generalof brigade, and Claude Lecharpal, keeper of woods andforests, Declare, that on the 4th of February, a letterarrived from the Island of Elba, recommending to thekindness and the confidence of the Bonapartist Club, GeneralFlavien de Quesnel, who having served the emperor from 1804to 1814 was supposed to be devoted to the interests of theNapoleon dynasty, notwithstanding the title of baron whichLouis XVIII. had just granted to him with his estate ofEpinay.

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   "The death of your prince?"<  "How strange," continued the king, with some asperity; "thepolice think that they have disposed of the whole matterwhen they say, `A murder has been committed,' and especiallyso when they can add, `And we are on the track of the guiltypersons.'"

    "What was the subject of my thoughts from the timeconsciousness returned to me? Always the same -- always thechild's corpse, coming every night in my dreams, rising fromthe earth, and hovering over the grave with menacing lookand gesture. I inquired immediately on my return to Paris;the house had not been inhabited since we left it, but ithad just been let for nine years. I found the tenant. Ipretended that I disliked the idea that a house belonging tomy wife's father and mother should pass into the hands ofstrangers. I offered to pay them for cancelling the lease;they demanded 6,000 francs. I would have given 10,000 -- Iwould have given 20,000. I had the money with me; I made thetenant sign the deed of resilition, and when I had obtainedwhat I so much wanted, I galloped to Auteuil.

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   "I make a hasty resolution?" said Morrel, shrugging hisshoulders; "is there anything extraordinary in a journey?"

    "Jealousy indicates affection."

<  "Ah," cried Valentine suddenly, "I understand. It is mymarriage you mean, is it not, dear grandpapa?"   "Her ladyship is waiting to receive you, gentlemen," saidthe servant, who had gone to inquire the pleasure of hismistress. "With your permission," said Danglars, bowing, "Iwill precede you, to show you the way."

    "Indeed?" said Morrel. "I had been told, but would notcredit it, that the Grecian slave I have seen with you herein this very box was the daughter of Ali Pasha."


<  "Ah, that is where the art comes in. To be a great chemistin the East, one must direct chance; and this is to beachieved." -- Madame de Villefort was in deep thought, yetlistened attentively. "But," she exclaimed, suddenly,"arsenic is indelible, indestructible; in whatsoever way itis absorbed, it will be found again in the body of thevictim from the moment when it has been taken in sufficientquantity to cause death."   "No," he cried, "they have not wounded, but perhaps theyhave robbed me!" and he thrust his hands into his pockets.They were untouched; the hundred louis he had reserved forhis journey from Rome to Venice were in his trousers pocket,and in that of his great-coat he found the little note-casecontaining his letter of credit for 5,050,000 francs."Singular bandits!" he exclaimed; "they have left me mypurse and pocket-book. As I was saying last night, theyintend me to be ransomed. Hallo, here is my watch! Let mesee what time it is." Danglars' watch, one of Breguet'srepeaters, which he had carefully wound up on the previousnight, struck half past five. Without this, Danglars wouldhave been quite ignorant of the time, for daylight did notreach his cell. Should he demand an explanation from thebandits, or should he wait patiently for them to propose it?The last alternative seemed the most prudent, so he waiteduntil twelve o'clock. During all this time a sentinel, whohad been relieved at eight o'clock, had been watching hisdoor. Danglars suddenly felt a strong inclination to see theperson who kept watch over him. He had noticed that a fewrays, not of daylight, but from a lamp, penetrated throughthe ill-joined planks of the door; he approached just as thebrigand was refreshing himself with a mouthful of brandy,which, owing to the leathern bottle containing it, sentforth an odor which was extremely unpleasant to Danglars."Faugh!" he exclaimed, retreating to the farther corner ofhis cell.

    The baron, followed by the count, traversed a long series ofapartments, in which the prevailing characteristics wereheavy magnificence and the gaudiness of ostentatious wealth,until he reached the boudoir of Madame Danglars -- a smalloctagonal-shaped room, hung with pink satin, covered withwhite Indian muslin. The chairs were of ancient workmanshipand materials; over the doors were painted sketches ofshepherds and shepherdesses, after the style and manner ofBoucher; and at each side pretty medallions in crayons,harmonizing well with the furnishings of this charmingapartment, the only one throughout the great mansion inwhich any distinctive taste prevailed. The truth was, it hadbeen entirely overlooked in the plan arranged and followedout by M. Danglars and his architect, who had been selectedto aid the baron in the great work of improvement solelybecause he was the most fashionable and celebrated decoratorof the day. The decorations of the boudoir had then beenleft entirely to Madame Danglars and Lucien Debray. M.Danglars, however, while possessing a great admiration forthe antique, as it was understood during the time of theDirectory, entertained the most sovereign contempt for thesimple elegance of his wife's favorite sitting-room, where,by the way, he was never permitted to intrude, unless,indeed, he excused his own appearance by ushering in somemore agreeable visitor than himself; and even then he hadrather the air and manner of a person who was himselfintroduced, than that of being the presenter of another, hisreception being cordial or frigid, in proportion as theperson who accompanied him chanced to please or displeasethe baroness.





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