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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, no," she said, almost pettishly, "I just don't feel verygood."
2.  She was surprised at the briefness of the entire part, notknowing that she must be on the stage while others were talking,and not only be there, but also keep herself in harmony with thedramatic movement of the scenes.
3.  "She just feels a little curious, I guess," ventured Minnie."Everything is so new."
4.  Instantly the portly lady's face became exceedingly sober andshrewd. She turned about and fixed on Carrie a very searchingeye.
5.  She started slightly at the announcement, but told the girl tosay that she would come down in a moment, and proceeded to hastenher dressing.
6.  "Where?" said Carrie.


1.  "That is it," he said, his voice dropping to a soft minor, "Iknow too much of the world."
2.  "It is so easy," he said to Mrs. Morgan, in the usual affectedstage voice. "An audience would be the last thing to trouble me.It's the spirit of the part, you know, that is difficult."
3.  "No," said Drouet, "only fun. If you never play for more thanthat, you will go to Heaven."
4.  Gradually she began to think it was because it was summer.Nothing was going on much save such entertainments as the one inwhich she was the star. Fifth Avenue was boarded up where therich had deserted their mansions. Madison Avenue was littlebetter. Broadway was full of loafing thespians in search of nextseason's engagements. The whole city was quiet and her nightswere taken up with her work. Hence the feeling that there waslittle to do.
5.  "Well," he said in answer, "we'd be glad to consider yourapplication. We shan't decide for a few days yet. Suppose yousend us your references."
6.  Just then a knock came at their door and the maidservant handed aletter in.


1.  "Why, the scene between Ray and me when I refuse him."
2.  Not all of this was delivered by one man. It came from here andthere, incorporated with much more of the same sort and curses.
3.  Finally he decided to ask. There was a young fellow standingnear one of the doors in the cold, waiting a last turn. He was amere boy in years--twenty-one about--but with a body lank andlong, because of privation. A little good living would have madethis youth plump and swaggering.
4.  "The show hasn't begun yet," he returned.
5.   A man grabbed him by the coat.
6.  The Sunday before taking her new part she scanned the theatricalpages for some little notice. It would have accorded with herexpectations if nothing had been said, but there in the squibs,tailing off several more substantial items, was a wee notice.Carrie read it with a tingling body:


1.  "Ah, you sucker," he heard some one say. Kicks and blows rainedon him. He seemed to be suffocating. Then two men seemed to bedragging him off and he wrestled for freedom.
2.  "I notice the papers praise it," said Ames.
4、  "Yes," he rejoined.
5、  "The man hasn't brought my coal, either," said Carrie, whoordered by the bushel.




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      To another who inquired, "Is it something really good?" themanager replied:

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      The sum and substance of it was that there was no hope, and theywanted the money with the least trouble possible. Hurstwood readhis doom. He decided to pay ,500 to the agent whom they saidthey would send, keeping ,300 for his own use. He telegraphedhis acquiescence, explained to the representative who called atthe hotel the same day, took a certificate of payment, and toldCarrie to pack her trunk. He was slightly depressed over thisnewest move at the time he began to make it, but eventuallyrestored himself. He feared that even yet he might be seized andtaken back, so he tried to conceal his movements, but it wasscarcely possible. He ordered Carrie's trunk sent to the depot,where he had it sent by express to New York. No one seemed to beobserving him, but he left at night. He was greatly agitatedlest at the first station across the border or at the depot inNew York there should be waiting for him an officer of the law.

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       "All right," said Drouet, brightening. "Where are you stopping?"

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      She sat down in one of the rocking-chairs, while Hurstwood waitedfor the boy, who soon knocked.

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    {  He smiled and went lightly away. Carrie was thoroughlyimpressed. She had never come in contact with such grace. Asfor Drouet, he was equally pleased.

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      "Remember, Mrs. Morgan," he added, ignoring the gleam, butmodifying his manner, "that you're detailing a pathetic story.You are now supposed to be telling something that is a grief toyou. It requires feeling, repression, thus: 'The usual crowd ofchildren accosted them for alms.'"}

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      As Carrie listened to this and much more of similar familiarbadinage among the men and girls, she instinctively withdrew intoherself. She was not used to this type, and felt that there wassomething hard and low about it all. She feared that the youngboys about would address such remarks to her--boys who, besideDrouet, seemed uncouth and ridiculous. She made the averagefeminine distinction between clothes, putting worth, goodness,and distinction in a dress suit, and leaving all the unlovelyqualities and those beneath notice in overalls and jumper.

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      Hurstwood smiled in an indulgent way as he read this.

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       "Why, I know it. I've always known it," said Drouet.

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    {  Drouet looked her over and saw something different.

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      "We must give her a nice little send-off," said the manager."I'll look after the flowers."