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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Grimaud hesitated. Mousqueton trembled in all his members.Athos, who heard Milady's voice, came sharply up. Lord de Winter didthe same.
2.  "How, you will go!" said Mme. Bonacieux; "and your regiment, yourcaptain?"
3.  Milady shut the window, extinguished the lamp, and went, asFelton had desired her, to lie down on the bed. Amid the moaningof the storm she heard the grinding of the file upon the bars,and by the light of every flash she perceived the shadow ofFelton through the panes.
4.  "Ah, ah!" said Porthos, "it appears there's something freshhere."
5.  "Your name?" said the officer, who covered a part of hisface with his cloak.
6.  "Of Milady de Winter," replied D'Artagnan, "yes, of Milady de Winter, ofwhose crimes your Eminence is doubtless ignorant, since you have honoredher with your confidence."


1.  "If my Lord suspects they have been stolen, perhaps the personwho stole them still has them in his hands."
2.  "So it was for me alone you have taken the trouble to cross theChannel?"
3.  "Four men traveling together would be suspected. D'Artagnan willgive each of us his instructions. I will go by the way ofBoulogne to clear the way; Athos will set out two hours after, bythat of Amiens; Aramis will follow us by that of Noyon; as toD'Artagnan, he will go by what route he thinks is best, inPlanchet's clothes, while Planchet will follow us likeD'Artagnan, in the uniform of the Guards."
4.  "All is lost!" cried Buckingham, becoming as pale as a corpse;"two of the studs are wanting, there are only ten.""Can you have lost them, my Lord, or do you think they have beenstolen?"
5.  "No; and you, Athos?"
6.  "Or Camille de Bois-Tracy."


1.  At the first word the cardinal spoke of Mme. de Chevreuse--who,though exiled to Tours and believed to be in that city, had cometo Paris, remained there five days, and outwitted the police--theking flew into a furious passion. Capricious and unfaithful, theking wished to be called Louis the Just and Louis the Chaste.Posterity will find a difficulty in understanding this character,which history explains only by facts and never by reason.But when the cardinal added that not only Mme. de Chevreuse hadbeen in Paris, but still further, that the queen had renewed withher one of those mysterious correspondences which at that timewas named a CABAL; when he affirmed that he, the cardinal, wasabout to unravel the most closely twisted thread of thisintrigue; that at the moment of arresting in the very act, withall the proofs about her, the queen's emissary to the exiledduchess, a Musketeer had dared to interrupt the course of justiceviolently, by falling sword in hand upon the honest men of thelaw, charged with investigating impartially the whole affair inorder to place it before the eyes of the king--Louis XIII couldnot contain himself, and he made a step toward the queen'sapartment with that pale and mute indignation which, when inbroke out, led this prince to the commission of the most pitilesscruelty. And yet, in all this, the cardinal had not yet said aword about the Duke of Buckingham.
2.  Milady was livid.
3.  "But do you understand the mission you are fulfilling? Cruelenough, if I am guilty; but what name can you give it, what namewill the Lord give it, if I am innocent?"
4.  The king, as we have said, was to follow as soon as his Bedof Justice had been held; but on rising from his Bed ofJustice on the twenty-eighth of June, he felt himselfattacked by fever. He was, notwithstanding, anxious to setout; but his illness becoming more serious, he was forced tostop at Villeroy.
5.   "But you say she is English?"
6.  "In truth," said Athos, "Aramis is right. I will warnthem."


1.  "The second night the door opened; I was lying on the floor, formy strength began to abandon me.
2.  "Yes; a certain D'Artagnan, a Bearnese gentleman who left Parisin company with three of his friends, with the intention of goingto London."
3.  D'Artagnan took advantage of the lamp which burned in the cabinof the ferryman to read the billet of Mme. Bonacieux once again,and satisfy himself that he had not been mistaken, that theappointment was at St. Cloud and not elsewhere, before theD'Estrees's pavilion and not in another street. Everythingconspired to prove to D'Artagnan that his presentiments had notdeceived him, and that a great misfortune had happened.He again ran back to the chateau. It appeared to him thatsomething might have happened at the pavilion in his absence, andthat fresh information awaited him. The lane was still deserted,and the same calm soft light shone through the window.D'Artagnan then thought of that cottage, silent and obscure,which had no doubt seen all, and could tell its tale. The gateof the enclosure was shut; but he leaped over the hedge, and inspite of the barking of a chained-up dog, went up to the cabin.No one answered to his first knocking. A silence of deathreigned in the cabin as in the pavilion; but as the cabin was hislast resource, he knocked again.
4、  "Scarcely ever; she had business to transact with linen drapers,to whose houses I conducted her."
5、  "Yes; I have parted with him."




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      "Friend," said D'Artagnan, "a half-pistole for that paper!""My faith, monsieur, with great pleasure! Here it is!"The hostler, enchanted with the good day's work he had done, returned tothe yard. D'Artagnan unfolded the paper.

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      In fact, Milady still held the harmless weapon in her clenchedhand; but these last words, this supreme insult, relaxed herhands, her strength, and even her will. The knife fell to theground.

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       Pale and trembling, Milady repulsed D'Artagnan's attemptedembrace by a violent blow on the chest, as she sprang out ofbed.

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      Without doubt the chancellor, Seguier looked about at that momentfor the rope of the famous bell; but not finding it he summonedhis resolution, and stretched forth his hands toward the placewhere the queen had acknowledged the paper was to be found.Anne of Austria took one step backward, became so pale that itmight be said she was dying, and leaning with her left hand upona table behind her to keep herself from falling, she with herright hand drew the paper from her bosom and held it out to thekeeper of the seals.

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    {  "Yes, sir, I certainly committed that imprudence; but why shouldI have done otherwise? A name like yours must be as a buckler tome on my way. Judge if I should not put myself under itsprotection."

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      Felton remained behind; he held a book in his hand.Milady, reclining in an armchair near the chimney, beautiful,pale, and resigned, looked like a holy virgin awaiting martyrdom.Felton approached her, and said, "Lord de Winter, who is aCatholic, like yourself, madame, thinking that the deprivation ofthe rites and ceremonies of your church might be painful to you,has consented that you should read every day the ordinary of yourMass; and here is a book which contains the ritual."At the manner in which Felton laid the book upon the little tablenear which Milady was sitting, at the tone in which he pronouncedthe two words, YOUR MASS, at the disdainful smile with which heaccompanied them, Milady raised her head, and looked moreattentively at the officer.}

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      She was awakened by a soft voice which sounded at the foot of her bed.She opened her eyes, and saw the abbess, accompanied by a young womanwith light hair and delicate complexion, who fixed upon her a look fullof benevolent curiosity.

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      These conditions being agreed to, Porthos took leave of Mme.Coquenard. The latter wished to detain him by dartingcertain tender glances; but Porthos urged the commands ofduty, and the procurator's wife was obliged to give place tothe king.

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       "I am ready."

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    {  "He was found in your lodging; they took him for you.""And by whom was he arrested?"

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      "In that case, adieu."