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bg娱乐app下载【官方平台】【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<"How dare you think? What were you thinking?" She led the way to the table. She waved her hand graciously to Ermengarde and Becky. She was in the midst of her dream.

  "You are," said Jessie. "A great big tear just rolled down the bridge of your nose and dropped off at the end of it. And there goes another."

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 "It is so little and so high above everything," she said, "that it is almost like a nest in a tree. The slanting ceiling is so funny. See, you can scarcely stand up at this end of the room; and when the morning begins to come I can lie in bed and look right up into the sky through that flat window in the roof. It is like a square patch of light. If the sun is going to shine, little pink clouds float about, and I feel as if I could touch them. And if it rains, the drops patter and patter as if they were saying something nice. Then if there are stars, you can lie and try to count how many go into the patch. It takes such a lot. And just look at that tiny, rusty grate in the corner. If it was polished and there was a fire in it, just think how nice it would be. You see, it's really a beautiful little room."

  Sara looked round the attic, too.

  She had always made Miss Minchin feel secretly uncomfortable, and she did so now. She did not speak with rudeness so much as with a cold steadiness with which Miss Minchin felt it difficult to cope-- perhaps because she knew she was doing a heartless and inhuman thing.

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 "You seem to know a great deal about her," the secretary said.<"Look at that sparrow," whispered Sara. "I wish I had some crumbs to throw to him."

  "Do you think," Becky faltered once, in a whisper, "do you think it could melt away, miss? Hadn't we better be quick?" And she hastily crammed her sandwich into her mouth. If it was only a dream, kitchen manners would be overlooked.

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 "He'll like it if I learn anything in ANY way," said rueful Ermengarde. "You would if you were my father."

  Sara sat upon the hearth-rug and told her strange things. She sat rather huddled up, and her green eyes shone and her cheeks flushed. She told stories of the voyage, and stories of India; but what fascinated Ermengarde the most was her fancy about the dolls who walked and talked, and who could do anything they chose when the human beings were out of the room, but who must keep their powers a secret and so flew back to their places "like lightning" when people returned to the room.

<"Why," she said, "we are just the same--I am only a little girl like you. It's just an accident that I am not you, and you are not me!" The Indian gentleman's secretary stood still and looked round him as he thrust his tablets back into his pocket.

  "She's going to cry out loud," thought Ermengarde, fearfully.


<"Well," hesitated Sara, "I don't think it would be good if they stayed always, but I do believe they will be satisfying." She looked as if she was going to cry. And Sara hurriedly consoled her.

  Now Miss Minchin understood, and never had she received such a blow in her life. Her show pupil, her show patron, swept away from the Select Seminary at one blow. She felt as if she had been outraged and robbed, and that Captain Crewe and Sara and Mr. Barrow were equally to blame.





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