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拉斯维加斯e3499点com【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "With all our precautions, you see that we have cut it rather fine,"said Holmes, laughing. He rose, and throwing off the black cassock andhat which had formed his disguise, he packed them away in a hand-bag."Have you seen the morning paper, Watson?"   "God bless you for saying that!" cried Miss Harrison. "If we keepour courage and our patience the truth must come out."

    "But the tracks!" I cried. "I saw, with my own eyes, that two wentdown the path and none returned."

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   "You will ruin no more lives as you have ruined mine. You will wringno more hearts as you wrung mine. I will free the world of a poisonousthing. Take that, you hound- and that!- and that!- and that!"She had drawn a little gleaming revolver, and emptied barrel afterbarrel into Milverton's body, the muzzle within two feet of hisshirt front. He shrank away and then fell forward upon the table,coughing furiously and clawing among the papers. Then he staggeredto his feet, received another shot, and rolled upon the floor. "You'vedone me," he cried, and lay still. The woman looked at him intently,and ground her heel into his upturned face. She looked again, butthere was no sound or movement. I heard a sharp rustle, the nightair blew into the heated room, and the avenger was gone.No interference upon our part could have saved the man from hisfate, but, as the woman poured bullet after bullet into Milverton'sshrinking body I was about to spring out, when I felt Holmes's cold,strong grasp upon my wrist. I understood the whole argument of thatfirm, restraining grip- that it was no affair of ours, that justicehad overtaken a villain, that we had our own duties and our ownobjects, which were not to be lost sight of. But hardly had thewoman rushed from the room when Holmes, with swift, silent steps,was over at the other door. He turned the key in the lock. At the sameinstant we heard voices in the house and the sound of hurrying feet.The revolver shots had roused the household. With perfect coolnessHolmes slipped across to the safe, filled his two arms with bundles ofletters, and poured them all into the fire. Again and again he did it,until the safe was empty. Someone turned the handle and beat uponthe outside of the door. Holmes looked swiftly round. The letter whichhad been the messenger of death for Milverton lay, all mottled withhis blood, upon the table. Holmes tossed it in among the blazingpapers. Then he drew the key from the outer door, passed through afterme, and locked it on the outside. "This way, Watson," said he, "we canscale the garden wall in this direction."

    "'"What do you think?" said he. "We'll make the coats of some ofthese soldiers redder than ever the tailor did."


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   "Now I have told you all. You have yourself supplied the rest. Idid, as you say, after a restless night, set off early from mycottage. I foresaw the difficulty of arousing him, so I gatheredsome gravel from the pile which you have mentioned, and I used it tothrow up to his window. He came down and admitted me through thewindow of the sitting-room. I laid his offence before him. I toldhim that I had come both as judge and executioner. The wretch sankinto a chair, paralyzed at the sight of my revolver. I lit the lamp,put the powder above it, and stood outside the window, ready tocarry out my threat to shoot him should he try to leave the room. Infive minutes he died. My God! how he died! But my heart was flint, forhe endured nothing which my innocent darling had not felt beforehim. There is my story, Mr. Holmes. Perhaps, if you loved a woman, youwould have done as much yourself. At any rate, I am in your hands. Youcan take what steps you like. As I have already said, there is noman living who can fear death less than I do."<  "What were the terms?"

    "Where is he?" he gasped.

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   "'Yes,' said I.

    "Exactly. I should not have known which was The Haven had I notasked a lounger who was smoking in the street. I have a reason formentioning him. He was a tall, dark, heavily moustached, rathermilitary-looking man. He nodded in answer to my inquiry and gave mea curiously questioning glance, which came back to my memory alittle later.

<  "None in the world, Watson. Thank you, I need no help in arrangingthe clothes. You will please keep your distance. Now, Watson, there isone other condition that I would make. You will seek help, not fromthe man you mention, but from the one that I choose."   "It was an empty house, and so he knew that he would not bedisturbed in the garden."

    "I don't quite follow you, Mr. Holmes."


<  "Where was the clue?"   "Look here, Holmes, this is simply impossible. This is a desperateman, who sticks at nothing. He may have come to murder you."I should not be surprised."

    "I am in hopes of getting it. That is why I am here. The more Ithink of the matter the more convinced I am that the letter hasnever left this house."





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