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iOSϵͳַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Yes, you. There is good and holy action to be performed,monsieur, and much money to be gained at the same time."Mme. Bonacieux knew that in talking of money to her husband, shetook him on his weak side. But a man, were he even a mercer,when he had talked for ten minutes with Cardinal Richelieu, is nolonger the same man."Alas!" said Felton, "I can do but one thing, which is to pityyou if you prove to me you are a victim! But Lord de Wintermakes cruel accusations against you. You are a Christian; youare my sister in religion. I feel myself drawn toward you--I,who have never loved anyone but my benefactor--I who have metwith nothing but traitors and impious men. But you, madame, sobeautiful in reality, you, so pure in appearance, must havecommitted great iniquities for Lord de Winter to pursue youthus."

He had been informed at seven o'clock in the morning that a rope ladderfloated from one of the windows of the castle; he had hastened toMilady's chamber, had found it empty, the window open, and the barsfiled, had remembered the verbal caution D'Artagnan had transmitted tohim by his messenger, had trembled for the duke, and running to thestable without taking time to have a horse saddled, had jumped upon thefirst he found, had galloped off like the wind, had alighted below inthe courtyard, had ascended the stairs precipitately, and on the topstep, as we have said, had encountered Felton.


"Well!" said Porthos and Aramis together, as soon as thecardinal was out of hearing, "well, he signed the paper sherequired!"

"To me, to a brother?" said Felton.

But now I am forced to believe in the excess of yourkindness, since not only your letter but your servantassures me that I have the good fortune to be beloved byyou.

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"That is to say, she was there," replied Milady; "but thequeen has obtained an order from the king by means of whichshe has been conveyed to a convent."

"That is true; but this woman is a friend of Aramis--""I know nothing of that."

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"Why so?"

But at the street gate, Porthos was talking with the soldier onguard. Between the two talkers there was just enough room for aman to pass. D'Artagnan thought it would suffice for him, and hesprang forward like a dart between them. But D'Artagnan hadreckoned without the wind. As he was about to pass, the windblew out Porthos's long cloak, and D'Artagnan rushed straightinto the middle of it. Without doubt, Porthos had reasons fornot abandoning this part of his vestments, for instead ofquitting his hold on the flap in his hand, he pulled it towardhim, so that D'Artagnan rolled himself up in the velvet by amovement of rotation explained by the persistency of Porthos.D'Artagnan, hearing the Musketeer swear, wished to escape fromthe cloak, which blinded him, and sought to find his way fromunder the folds of it. He was particularly anxious to avoidmarring the freshness of the magnificent baldric we areacquainted with; but on timidly opening his eyes, he foundhimself with his nose fixed between the two shoulders ofPorthos--that is to say, exactly upon the baldric.Alas, like most things in this world which have nothing in theirfavor but appearances, the baldric was glittering with gold inthe front, but was nothing but simple buff behind. Vaingloriousas he was, Porthos could not afford to have a baldric wholly ofgold, but had at least half. One could comprehend the necessityof the cold and the urgency of the cloak.

<"Give a ball; you know how much the queen loves dancing. I willanswer for it, her resentment will not hold out against such anattention.""You will be served, thus, madame, three times a day," said he."In the morning at nine o'clock, in the day at one o'clock, andin the evening at eight. If that does not suit you, you canpoint out what other hours you prefer, and in this respect yourwishes will be complied with."

"Go to, go to! I must have been mad to allow myself to becarried away so," says she, gazing into the glass, which reflectsback to her eyes the burning glance by which she appears tointerrogate herself. "No violence; violence is the proof ofweakness. In the first place, I have never succeeded by thatmeans. Perhaps if I employed my strength against women I mightperchance find them weaker than myself, and consequently conquerthem; but it is with men that I struggle, and I am but a woman tothem. Let me fight like a woman, then; my strength is in myweakness."


"Very well; and you--what will you do?"





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iOSϵͳɳ벻˹ͬʶ In fact the Rochellais had made a sortie during the night,and had retaken a bastion of which the royal army had gainedpossession two days before. The matter was to ascertain, byreconnoitering, how the enemy guarded this bastion.At the end of a few minutes Monsieur raised his voice, andsaid, "I want for this mission three or four volunteers, ledby a man who can be depended upon." ϸ

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