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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He sidled around, dressing and fidgeting before he arranged tomake his next remark.
2.  "I know what you told me," he said finally.
3.  "It's unfair to let such playing go without earning something,"he said after a time, slipping his finger into the little coinpocket of his coat. "Let's play for dimes."
4.  "Yes, sir."
5.  "Well, I don't," he said, stubbornly, yet nervous and alert forwhat should come next. The finality of the woman's manner tookaway his feeling of superiority in battle.
6.  He wondered at this, not knowing the pathetic figure he hadbecome in her eyes. She restrained herself with difficulty fromshowing a quaver in her voice.


1.  Carrie did not answer this at all. It hurt her.
2.  "I won't," he said, squeezing her hand at parting and giving theglance she had just cautioned against.
3.  "You had better decide, Charlie," she said, reservedly.
4.  "You couldn't have tried so very hard," said Carrie. "I gotsomething."
5.  "Didn't think!" said Carrie, now angered to the core by the man'speculiar attitude. "Of course not. You thought only of whatwould be to your satisfaction. You thought you'd make a toy ofme--a plaything. Well, I'll show you that you won't. I'll havenothing more to do with you at all. You can take your old thingsand keep them," and unfastening a little pin he had given her,she flung it vigorously upon the floor and began to move about asif to gather up the things which belonged to her.
6.  "God damned dog!" he said. "Damned old cur," wiping the slushfrom his worthless coat. "I--I hired such people as you once."


1.  "You probably are not aware of it," he added.
2.  "I'm not mad," she snapped. "I'm merely asking you for a seasonticket."
3.  "Where is that young lady you were going to get for us?" askedthe latter.
4.  "Here," said Drouet, "if you two are going to scheme together, Iwon't stand a ghost of a show. Hurstwood's a regular sharp."
5.   Once there, Hurstwood breathed easier. He felt as if the worldwere not quite so bad with such a good man in it. Others seemedto feel like himself about this.
6.  The latter made progress along Thirteenth and across FourteenthStreet to Union Square.


1.  "Oh, dear," said Carrie.
2.  "I want to see the manager," she said.He ran away and spoke to one of a group of three men who wereconferring together. One of these came towards her.
3.  This white column consisted of some twenty girls, all in snow-white flannel trimmed with silver and blue. Its leader was moststunningly arrayed in the same colours, elaborated, however, withepaulets and a belt of silver, with a short sword dangling at oneside. Carrie was fitted for this costume, and a few days laterappeared, proud of her new laurels. She was especially gratifiedto find that her salary was now eighteen instead of twelve.
4、  As Carrie looked out upon the flying scenery she almost forgotthat she had been tricked into this long journey against her willand that she was without the necessary apparel for travelling.She quite forgot Hurstwood's presence at times, and looked awayto homely farmhouses and cosey cottages in villages withwondering eyes. It was an interesting world to her. Her lifehad just begun. She did not feel herself defeated at all.Neither was she blasted in hope. The great city held much.Possibly she would come out of bondage into freedom--who knows?Perhaps she would be happy. These thoughts raised her above thelevel of erring. She was saved in that she was hopeful.




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      "It is, isn't it?" said Carrie. She felt as if she would like tobe agreeable to this young man, and also there came with it, orperhaps preceded it, the slightest shade of a feeling that he wasbetter educated than she was--that his mind was better. Heseemed to look it, and the saving grace in Carrie was that shecould understand that people could be wiser. She had seen anumber of people in her life who reminded her of what she hadvaguely come to think of as scholars. This strong young manbeside her, with his clear, natural look, seemed to get a hold ofthings which she did not quite understand, but approved of. Itwas fine to be so, as a man, she thought.

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      "I'd tell her to keep it if I were you. She might be here weekswithout getting another one."

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       "At about twenty minutes of five."

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      "Were you at the performance last evening?" she asked of the nextof Hurstwood's friends who greeted her as she sat in her box.

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    {  "Why didn't you?" she asked, without looking up.

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      In the height of this feeling he began to think his luck was withhim. No one else had done so well. Now came another moderatehand, and again he tried to open the jack-pot on it. There wereothers there who were almost reading his heart, so close wastheir observation.}

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      He looked at her with so much of the import of the thing in hiseyes that she caught it. At least, she got the idea that herlook was something which represented the world's longing. Shetook it to heart as a creditable thing, until he added:

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      "Come on, people," said Mrs. Vance, coming in smiling. "Bob,you'll have to look after Mrs. Wheeler."

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       So she went away.

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    {  The poor girl thrilled as she walked away from Drouet. She feltashamed in part because she had been weak enough to take it, buther need was so dire, she was still glad. Now she would have anice new jacket! Now she would buy a nice pair of pretty buttonshoes. She would get stockings, too, and a skirt, and, and--until already, as in the matter of her prospective salary, shehad got beyond, in her desires, twice the purchasing power of herbills.

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      Her cowardice began to trouble her in a way. She turned back,resolving to hunt up Storm and King and enter. On the way, sheencountered a great wholesale shoe company, through the broadplate windows of which she saw an enclosed executive department,hidden by frosted glass. Without this enclosure, but just withinthe street entrance, sat a grey-haired gentleman at a smalltable, with a large open ledger before him. She walked by thisinstitution several times hesitating, but, finding herselfunobserved, faltered past the screen door and stood humblewaiting.