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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Manager
2.  Ah! ah! that would indeed be making free With such distinguished guests.Come, no delay; What liquor can I serve you with, I pray?Altmayer
3.  Faust
4.  (Perceiving the beasts.)
5.  Grim horror seizes thee! The trumpet sounds! The graves are shaken! Andthy heart From ashy rest For torturing flames A new created, Trembles intolife!
6.  In sprang the dog, indeed, observing naught; Things now assume anothershape, The devil's in the house and can't escape.Faust


1.  (Faust exit.)
2.  Would I were hence! It is as if the organ Choked my breath, As if the choirMelted my inmost heart!
3.  Worldling
4.  Altmayer
5.  Frosch
6.  Enough! 'tis granted thee! Divert This mortal spirit from his primal source;Him, canst thou seize, thy power exert And lead him on thy downwardcourse, Then stand abash'd, when thou perforce must own, A good man in hisdarkest aberration, Of the right path is conscious still.Mephistopheles


1.  Once in a cellar lived a rat, He feasted there on butter, Until his paunchbecame as fat As that of Doctor Luther. The cook laid poison for the guest,Then was his heart with pangs oppress'd, As if his frame love wasted.Chorus (shouting)
2.  But, who, I wonder, could the caskets bring? I fear there's something wrongabout the thing!
3.  Burgher's Daughter
4.  The greatest and most representative expression of Goethe's powers iswithout doubt to be found in his drama of "Faust"; but before dealing withGoethe's masterpiece, it is worth while to say something of the history of thestory on which it is founded - the most famous instance of the old andwidespread legend of the man who sold his soul to the devil. The historicalDr. Faust seems to have been a self-called philosopher who traveled aboutGermany in the first half of the sixteenth century, making money by thepractise of magic, fortune-telling, and pretended cures. He died mysteriouslyabout 1540, and a legend soon sprang up that the devil, by whose aid hewrought his wonders, had finally carried him off. In 1587 a life of himappeared, in which are attributed to him many marvelous exploits and inwhich he is held up as an awful warning against the excessive desire forsecular learning and admiration for antique beauty which characterized thehumanist movement of the time. In this aspect the Faust legend is anexpression of early popular Protestantism, and of its antagonism to thescientific and classical tendencies of the Renaissance.While a succession of Faust books were appearing in Germany, the originallife was translated into English and dramatized by Marlowe. English playersbrought Marlowe's work back to Germany, where it was copied by Germanactors, degenerated into spectacular farce, and finally into a puppet show.Through this puppet show Goethe made acquaintance with the legend.By the time that Goethe was twenty, the Faust legend had fascinated hisimagination; for three years before he went to Weimar he had been workingon scattered scenes and bits of dialogue; and though he suspended actualcomposition on it during three distinct periods, it was always to resume, andhe closed his labors upon it only with his life. Thus the period of time betweenhis first experiments and the final touches is more than sixty years. During thisperiod the plans for the structure and the signification of the work inevitablyunderwent profound modifications, and these have naturally affected the unityof the result; but, on the other hand, this long companionship and persistentrecurrence to the task from youth to old age have made it in a unique way therecord of Goethe's personality in all its richness and diversity.The drama was given to the public first as a fragment in 1790; then thecompleted First Part appeared in 1808; and finally the Second Part waspublished in 1833, the year after the author's death. Writing in "Dichtung undWahrheit" of the period about 1770, when he was in Strasburg with Herder,Goethe says, "The significant puppet - play legend . . . echoed and buzzed inmany tones within me. I too had drifted about in all knowledge, and earlyenough had been brought to feel the vanity of it. I too had made all sorts ofexperiments in life, and had always come back more unsatisfied and moretormented. I was now carrying these things, like many others, about with meand delighting myself with them in lonely hours, but without writing anythingdown." Without going into the details of the experience which underlies thesewords, we can see the beginning of that sympathy with the hero of the oldstory that was the basis of its fascination and that accounted for Goethe'sdeparture from the traditional catastrophe of Faust's damnation.Hungarian March from the "Damnation of Faust"Op.24 by HectorBerlioz(1803 - 1869).
5.   The pentagram thy peace doth mar? To me, thou son of hell, explain, Howcamest thou in, if this thine exit bar? Could such a spirit aught ensnare?Mephistopheles
6.  Will none but this old beldame do? Canst not thyself the potion brew?Mephistopheles


1.  The doctor?
2.  What was it?
3.  Altmayer
4、  Wagner
5、  Well, he hath paid the forfeit, and is dead. Now were I in your place, mycounsel hear; My weeds I'd wear for one chaste year, And for another lovermeanwhile would look out.




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      The spirit I, which evermore denies! And justly; for whate'er to light is broughtDeserves again to be reduced to naught; Then better 'twere that naught shouldbe. Thus all the elements which ye Destruction, Sin, or briefly, Evil, name, Asmy peculiar element I claim.

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      What e'er therein is promised thou shalt reap, No tittle shall remain unpaid.But such arrangements time require; We'll speak of them when next we meet;Most earnestly I now entreat, This once permission to retire.Faust

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       Tell me, ye whelps, accursed crew! What stir ye in the broth about?Monkeys

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    {  Mephistopheles

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      Frosch, Brander, Siebel, Altmayer,}

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      Oh of the motley throng speak not before me, At whose aspect the Spiritwings its flight! Conceal the surging concourse, I implore thee, Whose vortexdraws us with resistless might. No, to some peaceful heavenly nook restoreme, Where only for the bard blooms pure delight, Where love and friendshipyield their choicest blessing, Our heart's true bliss, with god - like handcaressing.

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      The holy Roman empire now, How holds it still together?Brander

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       (To Frosch)

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    {  Go, you'll laugh at me!

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      Now to be off in time, were best! She'd make the very devil marry her.(To Margaret.)