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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Of your known juice a goblet we require. But for the very oldest let me ask;Double its strength with years doth grow.
2.  All had gone swimmingly, no doubt, Had he but given you at home, On hisside, just as wide a range. Upon such terms, to you I swear, Myself with youwould gladly rings exchange!
3.  Margaret
4.  Siebel
5.  To see me thou dost breathe thine invocation, My voice to hear, to gaze uponmy brow; Me doth thy strong entreaty bow Lo! I am here! - What coweringagitation Grasps thee, the demigod! Where's now the soul's deep cry? Whereis the breast, which in its depths a world conceiv'd And bore and cherished?which, with ecstacy, To rank itself with us, the spirits, heaved? Where artthou, Faust? whose voice I heard resound, Who towards me press'd withenergy profound? Art thou he? Thou, - who by my breath art blighted, Who,in his spirit's depths affrighted, Trembles, a crush'd and writhing worm!Faust
6.  Coarse beggar's gruel here we stew.


1.  Champagne's the wine for me; Right brisk, and sparkling let it be!(Mephistopheles bores; one of the party has in the meantime prepared thewax - stoppers and stopped the holes.)
2.  They are but mountebanks, I'll lay a bet!
3.  No! No! The devil is an egoist I know: And, for Heaven's sake, 'tis not hisway Kindness to any one to show. Let the condition plainly be exprest! Sucha domestic is a dangerous guest.
4.  It all depends on habit. Thus at first The infant takes not kindly to the breast,But before long, its eager thirst Is fain to slake with hearty zest: Thus at thebreasts of wisdom day by day With keener relish you'll your thirst allay.Student
5.  Faust
6.  Mephistopheles (to Faust)


1.  Margaret (continues)
2.  Grey is, young friend, all theory: And green of life the golden tree.Student
3.  While we can warm our paws she'll stay.
4.  Night. Street Before Margaret's Door
5.   Mephistopheles
6.  The lofty power Of wisdom's dower, From all the world conceal'd! Whothinketh not, To him I wot, Unsought it is reveal'd.Faust


1.  Valentine
2.  What may occur just bear in mind! A fortnight's space, at least, I need, A fitoccasion but to find.
3.  Ay! what 'mong men as knowledge doth obtain! Who on the child its truename dares bestow? The few who somewhat of these things have known,Who their full hearts unguardedly reveal'd, Nor thoughts, nor feelings, fromthe mob conceal'd, Have died on crosses, or in flames been thrown. Excuseme, friend, far now the night is spent, For this time we must say adieu.Wagner
4、  Give a good glass, and straight we'll praise you, one and all. Only let not yoursamples be too small; For if my judgment you desire, Certes, an amplemouthful I require.
5、  But, who, I wonder, could the caskets bring? I fear there's something wrongabout the thing!




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      'Tis sorcery, I vow! Strike home! The fellow is fair game, I trow!(They draw their knives and attack Mephistopheles.)Mephistopheles (with solemn gestures)

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      I am not used to it, nor can myself degrade So far, as in my hand to take thespade. This narrow life would suit me not at all.Mephistopheles

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       I tell thee, from vain tears abstain! 'Twas thy dishonour pierced my heart, Thyfall the fatal death - stab gave. Through the death - sleep I now depart ToGod, a soldier true and brave. (dies.)

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    {  The Sun, in ancient guise, competing With brother spheres in rival song, Withthunder - march, his orb completing, Moves his predestin'd course along; Hisaspect to the powers supernal Gives strength, though fathom him none may;Transcending thought, the works eternal Are fair as on the primal day.Gabriel

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      Thou happy creature!}

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      The Neighbour's House - Martha, Margaret And MephistophelesMartha (alone)

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      A Fourth

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    {  Protophantasmist, Servibilis, Monkeys, Spirits,Journeymen,

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