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黄金系列平台网址【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Yes, sir."   "Farewell, then," said the old man solemnly. "Your own deathbeds,when they come, will be the easier for the thought of the peacewhich you have given to mine." Tottering and shaking in all hisgiant frame, he stumbled slowly from the room.

    "Granting that the letter is genuine and was really written, itwas certainly received some time before- say one hour or two. Why,then, was this lady still clasping it in her left hand? Why should shecarry it so carefully? She did not need to refer to it in theinterview. Does it not seem remarkable?"

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   "I do not know what to think. It is all dark to me."

    Without a word he made off at top speed, and I proceeded to take thematter in hand, while Stackhurst, dazed at this tragedy, remained bythe body. My first task naturally was to note who was on the beach.From the top of the path I could see the whole sweep of it, and it wasabsolutely deserted save that two or three dark figures could beseen far away moving towards the village of Fulworth. Having satisfiedmyself upon this point, I walked slowly down the path. There wasclay or soft marl mixed with the chalk, and every here and there I sawthe same footstep, both ascending and descending. No one else had gonedown to the beach by this track that morning. At one place Iobserved the print of an open hand with the fingers towards theincline. This could only mean that poor McPherson had fallen as heascended. There were rounded depressions, too, which suggested that hehad come down upon his knees more than once. At the bottom of the pathwas the considerable lagoon left by the retreating tide. At the sideof it McPherson had undressed, for there lay his towel on a rock. Itwas folded and dry, so that it would seem that, after all, he hadnever entered the water. Once or twice as I hunted round amid the hardshingle I came on little patches of sand where the print of his canvasshoe, and also of his naked foot, could be seen. The latter factproved that he had made all ready to bathe, though the towel indicatedthat he had not actually done so.

    "That is the lady," said Holmes.

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   "`What, be driven out of our own house by a practical joker?' saidI. `Why, we should have the whole county laughing at us.'"`Well, come to bed,' said she, `and we can discuss it in themorning.'<  "And the boy, having so affectionate a nature, was devoted, nodoubt, to the memory of his mother?"

    "An admirable and unique weapon," said he, "noiseless and oftremendous power: I knew Von Herder, the blind German mechanic, whoconstructed it to the order of the late Professor Moriarty. Foryears I have been aware of its existance though I have never beforehad the opportunity of handling it. I commend it very specially toyour attention, Lestrade and also the bullets which fit it.""You can trust us to look after that, Mr. Holmes," said Lestrade, asthe whole party moved towards the door. "Anything further to say?""Only to ask what charge you intend to prefer?"

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   "You have a clue?"

    "As it happens, he spoke of coming into town to-day upon some mostimportant business. It is probable that he will be away all day, andthat there would be nothing to disturb you. We have a housekeeper now,but she is old and foolish, and I could easily get her out of theway."

<  "'Wonderful!' he cried with his hands up. 'This quite fits in withall that I had heard. My boy, my boy, you are very much too good to bea clerk at Mawson's!'   "The wages of sin, Watson- the wages of sin!" said he. "Sooner orlater it will always come. God knows, there was sin enough," he added,taking up a brown volume from the table. "Here is the book the womantalked of. If this will not break off the marriage, nothing evercould. But it will, Watson. It must. No self-respecting woman couldstand it."

    Holmes laughed at the young giant's naive astonishment."You live in a different world to me, Mr. Overton- a sweeter andhealthier one. My ramifications stretch out into many sections ofsociety, but never, I am happy to say, into amateur sport, which isthe best and soundest thing in England. However, your unexpected visitthis morning shows me that even in that world of fresh air and fairplay, there may be work for me to do. So now, my good sir, I beg youto sit down and to tell me, slowly and quietly, exactly what it isthat has occurred, and how you desire that I should help you."Young Overton's face assumed the bothered look of the man who ismore accustomed to using his muscles than his wits, but by degrees,with many repetitions and obscurities which I may omit from hisnarrative, he laid his strange story before us.


<  "Perhaps I can help you to see that and one or two other things aswell," said Holmes. "Kindly summon your men, and I will try."Five minutes later, three policemen had assembled in the hall."In the outhouse you will find a considerable quantity of straw,"said Holmes. "I will ask you to carry in two bundles of it. I think itwill be of the greatest assistance in producing the witness whom Irequire. Thank you very much. I believe you have some matches inyour pocket Watson. Now, Mr. Lestrade, I will ask you all to accompanyme to the top landing."   "Several."

    "One is enough, Lady Hilda. I know of your visit to Eduardo Lucas,of your giving him this document, of your ingenious return to the roomlast night, and of the manner in which you took the letter from thehiding-place under the carpet."





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