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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, sir. He told me that a gypsy had done it for him whenhe was a lad."
2.  "You never shall know."
3.  "The letter, then, is from a certain foreign potentate who basbeen ruffled by some recent Colonial developments of this country.It has been written hurriedly and upon his own responsibilityentirely. Inquiries have shown that his Ministers know nothing ofthe matter. At the same time it is couched in so unfortunate a manner,and certain phrases in it are of so provocative a character, thatits publication would undoubtedly lead to a most dangerous state offeeling in this country. There would be such a ferment, sir, that I donot hesitate to say that within a week of the publication of thatletter this country would be involved in a great war."
4.  "On what charge?"
5.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
6.  "Exactly. It came by post. 'I send you my temptation. I willfollow your advice.' That was the message. I think, Watson, we canguess the name of the brave woman who sent it."


1.  "Yes," said I. "You have not made it clear what was ColonelMoran's motive in murdering the Honourable Ronald Adair?""Ah! my dear Watson, there we come into those realms ofconjecture, where the most logical mind may be at fault. Each may formhis own hypothesis upon the present evidence, and yours is as likelyto be correct as mine."
2.  (See illustration.)
3.  "Yes. I was surprised to hear that she had it in her hand when shedied."
4.  "Well, I will tell you," he said. "Why should I not? And yet Ihate to think of this old scandal gaining a new lease of life. Did youever hear of Dawson and Neligan?"
5.  "Dear me, dear me, how unfortunate!" cried Milverton, taking out abulky pocketbook. "I cannot help thinking that ladies areill-advised in not making an effort. Look at this!" He held up alittle note with a coat-of-arms upon the envelope. "That belongs to-well, perhaps it is hardly fair to tell the name until to-morrowmorning. But at that time it will be in the hands of the lady'shusband. And all because she will not find a beggarly sum which shecould get by turning her diamonds into paste. It is such a pity!Now, you remember the sudden end of the engagement between theHonourable Miss Miles and Colonel Dorking? Only two days before thewedding, there was a paragraph in the Morning Post to say that itwas all off. And why? It is almost incredible, but the absurd sum oftwelve hundred pounds would have settled the whole question. Is it notpitiful? And here I find you, a man of sense, boggling about terms,when your client's future and honour are at stake. You surprise me,Mr. Holmes."
6.  "You will perceive," he said, "that the clips are lined with tinybands of cork to soften the pressure upon the nose. One of these isdiscoloured and worn to some slight extent, but the other is new.Evidently one has fallen off and been replaced. I should judge thatthe older of them has not been there more than a few months. Theyexactly correspond, so I gather that the lady went back to the sameestablishment for the second."


1.  "The London criminal is certainly a dull fellow," said he in thequerulous voice of the sportsman whose game has failed him. "Lookout of this window, Watson. See how the figures loom up, are dimlyseen, and then blend once more into the cloud-bank. The thief or themurderer could roam London on such a day as the tiger does the jungle,unseen until he pounces, and then evident only to his victim.""There have," said I, "been numerous petty thefts."
2.  There was an agitated knock at the door, and an instant afterwardsDr. Huxtable was in the room. In his hand he held a blue cricket-capwith a white chevron on the peak.
3.  "You would be horribly in the way."
4.  "What should I have done?" I cried, with some heat.
5.   "Well, how do you explain it?"
6.  "Unless we succeed in establishing an alternative theory, this manis lost. You can hardly find a flaw in the case which can now bepresented against him, and all further investigation has served tostrengthen it. By the way, there is one curious little point aboutthose papers which may serve us as the starting-point for aninquiry. On looking over the bank-book I found that the low state ofthe balance was principally due to large checks which have been madeout during the last year to Mr. Cornelius. I confess that I shouldbe interested to know who this Mr. Cornelius may be with whom aretired builder has had such very large transactions. Is it possiblethat he has had a hand in the affair? Cornelius might be a broker, butwe have found no scrip to correspond with these large payments.Failing any other indication, my researches must now take thedirection of an inquiry at the bank for the gentleman who has cashedthese checks. But I fear, my dear fellow, that our case will endingloriously by Lestrade hanging our client, which will certainly be atriumph for Scotland Yard."


1.  The room was as curious as its occupant. It looked like a smallmuseum. It was both broad and deep, with cupboards and cabinets allround, crowded with specimens, geological and anatomical. Cases ofbutterflies and moths flanked each side of the entrance. A large tablein the centre was littered with all sorts of debris, while the tallbrass tube of a powerful microscope bristled up among them. As Iglanced round I was surprised at the universality of the man'sinterests. Here was a case of ancient coins. There was a cabinet offlint instruments. Behind his central table was a large cupboard offossil bones. Above was a line of plaster skulls with such names as"Neanderthal," "Heidelberg," "Cro-Magnon" printed beneath them. It wasclear that he was a student of many subjects. As he stood in frontof us now, he held a piece of chamois leather in his right hand withwhich he was polishing a coin.
2.  "Are you, though!" cried Peters as a woman's voice and heavy stepssounded in the passage. "We'll soon see about that. This way,officers, if you please. These men have forced their way into myhouse, and I cannot get rid of them. Help me to put them out."A sergeant and a constable stood in the doorway. Holmes drew hiscard from his case.
3.  "I am at my wit's end."
4、  Mistress and maid were both staring at Holmes with pale faces andfrightened eyes.
5、  "You say that she must have come back this way?"




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      Count Sylvius threw up his eyes to the ceiling. "And you talkabout bluff!" said he.

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      "One moment," said Holmes. "Where does this path lead to?""To the road."

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       "Did she give references when she came?"

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    {  "Dear me, dear me- the postoffice again!" Holmes sighed, wearily. "Amost urgent telegram was dispatched to you from London by GodfreyStaunton at six fifteen yesterday evening- a telegram which isundoubtedly associated with his disappearance- and yet you have nothad it. It is most culpable. I shall certainly go down to the officehere and register a complaint."

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      "It certainly sounds feasible."}

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      "Not the slightest. We have been on the look-out for him, andthere was some idea that he had got away to America. Now that weknow that the gang are here, I don't see how they can escape. Wehave the news at every seaport already, and a reward will be offeredbefore evening. What beats me is how they could have done so mad athing, knowing that the lady could describe them and that we could notfail to recognize the description."

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      "No, sir, it is a Chubb's key."

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       "Then, what clue could you have as to his identity?"

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    {  "One moment," said Holmes. "Where does this path lead to?""To the road."

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      "What else should it be?"